Top of the Class 20/21 is an honour roll of Singapore’s most notable design firms for the year 2020 and 2021.

About Wolf Woof

Wolf Woof is synonymous with a creative and holistic approach to interior design. The boutique design studio does not believe in the standard practice of designing cookie-cutter homes. Neither does it go for simply creating picture-perfect spaces. The team believes in crafting personalised spaces that reflect their owners. 


Design director: Carmen Tang
Address: #08-74 Midview City22 Sin Ming Lane
Tel: 9842-1730

Three-bedroom condo in Upper Serangoon

While this home can be categorised as being of Nordic influence, Wolf Woof’s Carmen Tang was determined to not let it turn into just another Scandi-style home. Instead, she adopted a light-hearted approach to its design. A series of built-in cabinets with handles comprising wooden birds peeking out of a hedge injects an element of fun to the living room as does the feature wall with its old-school TV frame with antennas that houses a flatscreen TV.

In the dining area, concrete alphabets, complete with a fake salad in a wooden bowl and serving utensils, spell “EAT”. Even the dining room oozes a cheerful vibe with a pendant lamp that allows the owners to add to their decor. And humorously emblazoned across her walk-in wardrobe doors is line art featuring the quote “Quit saying you have nothing to wear. Your wardrobe is full.” The overall result is a home that exudes a carefree vibe and reflects the homeowners’ philosophy in life.

Two-bedroom condo in Hillview

Inspired by the vibes of Regent Singapore’s Manhattan bar, the client wanted to create a personal gentleman’s club-style loft bar in his new home. The predominantly black interior with brass and gold accents as well as a touch of vintage brown set the tone for an elegant, masculine environment. Access to his bar is via a spiral staircase between the living room and kitchen, giving the cosy space an air of exclusivity and mystery. Unique fixtures, furniture and ornamental pieces – including a knight’s full suit of armour by the staircase, a framed lion’s head, a driftwood pendant lamp above the master bed as well as a custom-made barn door to the master bedroom with the same black laminate as the rest of the interior – add to the overall gentleman’s club vibe. 

HDB executive apartment in Tampines

The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that it is not style-driven and its aesthetics are derived from the practical considerations of a three-generation family. Carmen’s strategy was to go for a clean, cohesive and comfortable design rich with character that celebrates every family member’s individuality and style and caters to their respective needs while injecting unexpected quirkiness and loads of character.

Examples include the one-of-a-kind faux fireplace TV console and a distinctive arch that frames the bed the mother and daughter share.

Also a highlight is the foyer that was under-utilised by its previous owners and is now dubbed “Garden of Eden”. It has been transformed into a chill-out spot where the family and visitors can also slip on and remove footwear in comfort.