Architology Interiors Pte Ltd was founded in 2010 by Bu Shukun & Terrence Quah. The duo firmly believe that luxury is not about whether you can afford to fill a space with expensive materials or opulent pieces, but rather, the ability to see the crafted story of a place.
As architecture graduates, they adopt an architectural approach towards the crafting of homes, which is evident in the way spaces are articulated. There is a clear definition of home, layered with an experiential story. And at the heart of every home and every story lies the intended interactions of the homeowner with his dwelling. This user interaction is well-defined and intimate, and it is achieved through material compositions, purposeful objects, artistic statements and taking delight in function. This applies across
all project genres, from high-end residential, to hospitality and commercial. Every project is unique and is carried out with the same rigour in order to formulate new compositions and create new spatial relationships.

Year of establishment: 2010
Address: 111 Devonshire Road, Singapore 239877
Tel: 6284-1011
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