Parenthesis Studio sees itself as a design community of multi-faceted disciplines with a single purpose- to create thoughtful and tailored solutions through an integrated design process and a transformative experience. The studio’s philosophy revolves around exploring the relationship of space, material and object in an immersive interior environment, threading cultural context and lifestyle aspects through a modern lens.

With the key members of the design team hailing from backgrounds in high-end residential and showflat design, as well as hospitality design, clients can expect tastefully executed designs that go beyond a single, definitive style. The team believes in diversity and collaboration, and recognises that there is always two sides to a story. Hence, every project should have a unique outcome where creative thinking meets function.

Projects by Parenthesis Studio are underscored by an inimitable sense of style, which have come to be a signature of the team. More than just designing interiors, the creative concepts also inject flair and understated elegance, making each home feel different and one-of-a-kind.

Year of establishment: 2018
Address: 201 Henderson Road #06-15, Apex at Henderson, Singapore 159545
Tel: 6803-8753
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Project 1: Corner terraced home at Jalan Seaview (3,800 sq ft)

The key to the successful design of this project lies in how it is minimalist without being stark or bland, while still achieving a cosy ambience for a family home that the client couple shares with their two toddlers and a dog.

A light-filled interior, along with a neutral colour and material palette comprising light wood, marble and glass convey a clean design with some distinctly beach-house vibes. Copper elements integrated into some of the built-ins, such as the living room feature wall cabinets, kitchen island and kitchen cabinets, add a subtle accent without being overpowering. Terrazzo vanity tops in the children’s bathroom inject an element of fun.

Due to the pandemic, issues relating to material availability, pricing variables and manpower restrictions were inevitable. Over and above the design, the Parenthesis team went the extra mile to review the proposal and exercise some value engineering in order to ensure that the project can still be completed with the best possible outcome.

Project 2: Four-bedroom condominium in Geylang (1,700 sq ft)

The French owner wanted a contemporary, French-inspired interior for him and his wife and the wall beadings throughout the home achieve just that. Most of the carpentry is decked out in warm white hues, with an accent colour restricted to only the kitchen cabinets according to the client’s wishes.

Aesthetic preferences aside, the design for this home was also very much driven by practical considerations. As with apartment units located on the first storey, water seepage is a common issue and the design team exercised utmost caution in ensuring that the waterproofing was properly executed not just in the bathrooms, but for the entire unit.

As the unit is directly in front of the ground floor lift lobby, which experiences heavy traffic, a full-height unit for coffee and wine glass storage appropriately located beside the kitchen that is right next to the main entrance helps to partially shield the kitchen from public view.

Project 3: Four-bedroom condominium at Holland Road (1,450 sq ft)

This apartment underwent a complete overhaul involving demolition of walls and reconfiguration of the layout. The homeowners love textures and colours, and the lady of the house is particularly fond of the laid back, Australian style.

The Parenthesis team incorporated these preferences into the design in the form of raw textures, subtle play of soft colours and trying to connect with the outdoors as much as possible. These are expressed through the carefully curated palette of materials, such as the mural wallpapered door panels of the television console and Kit-Kat mosaic wall tiles in the dry kitchen and powder room.

Full-height built-in cabinets around the home and a walk-in wardrobe-cum-study area elevated on a platform with pull-out drawers provide plenty of storage for the growing family. The challenge was for the storage elements to not come across as overly utilitarian. This was achieved through the use of different textures, materials and wallcoverings.