Wolf Woof’s design ethos very much aligns with Carmen’s philosophies towards life- “Be anything but mediocre”, and “Your home, your rules”. With a marketing and graphic design background, she approaches interior design with what she calls a “so-far-out-of-the-box-you-cannot-even-see-the-box” approach. She firmly believes that every home should be as unique as its owners, filled with personal touches while still ensuring functionality and liveability.

With her creativity, she endeavours to take homeowners where they have not gone in their renovation journey. Cookie-cutter homes are a no-no and she is versatile enough to execute a plethora of diverse styles with ease, from the popular Scandinavian and minimalist, to Hamptons, regal and debonair, or fun and quirky. She is always after that WOW factor, which need not necessarily involve over-the-top gestures. The most important thing is that the home must capture the essence of the homeowners and must make their hearts skip a beat.

She is comfortable working with a budget starting at $50k. In her opinion, this base line ensures that the end result will not be compromised.

Year of establishment: 2017
Address: 23 New Industrial Road, #08-04 Solstice Business Centre
Singapore 536209
Tel: 9842-1730
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Project 1: Five-bedroom penthouse in Siglap (3,000 sq ft)

With the right chemistry, magic happens. Like Carmen, the homeowners are non-conformists who love pop art and who have an appetite for bold designs. Drawing upon these similarities, Carmen was given full artistic license to create a hip and cool home for the clients.

A uniquely-shaped and brightly-coloured false ceiling makes quite the visual statement, along with a pop art wall mural. A one-of-a-kind sneaker gallery provides a proper showcase for the homeowners’ sneaker collection. Faux rock walls in the living room and master bedroom bridge the disparity between pop art and Wabi-sabi styles to create a seamless transition.

Ingenious storage solutions are either concealed from plain sight or serve a dual, or even triple purpose. Floor-to-ceiling shoe cabinets are discreetly tucked in a corner. The television feature wall in the master bedroom is also a storage cabinet and room divider. A laundry cabinet doubles up as a backdrop for the LED-illuminated bar counter in the balcony

Project 2: Four-room HDB BTO flat at Northshore Straitsview (1,216 sq ft)

This is a Scandinavian home, but with a quirky twist. A bear and rabbit living room feature wall represents the homeowners. Their polygonal forms are filled with artificial grass to complement the clean, Scandinavian feel and light wood carpentry without being overly kiddie. A display wall in the living room provides a place for the husband’s bicycle. Bread boards with the alphabets “N”, “O” and “M” make for an interesting feature in the dining room. All these come together to create a home that oozes personality while making a strong visual impact.

Project 3: Four-bedroom condominium in Bukit Panjang (1,636 sq ft)

The homeowners wanted their home to feel like the Mauritian beach resorts that they love, hence the Hamptons coastal resort style. A neutral colour palette comprising primarily white complemented by shades of black and grey, along with the use of glass, give the spaces a bright and breezy quality characteristic of the coast. The generously-sized patio, which also serves as the family’s semi-outdoor dining area with a bar counter overlooking the condominium pool is modelled after the semi-alfresco verandahs that can be found in beach houses in the Hamptons.

Practical considerations are just as important as being on theme. Storage was something that the couple needed, especially with three young children in the house. New weather-resistant, white, shaker-style cabinets that are synonymous with the Hamptons style have been added to one side of the patio behind the bar counter.

Project 4: One-bedroom condominium in Tanjong Pagar (624 sq ft)

With its dark interior and a predominantly black-and-gold theme, this CBD apartment looks every bit like Batman’s city cave. Like Bruce Wayne, the homeowner is a bachelor who wanted a conversation starter in his home and he definitely got one.

A life-sized, black horse sculpture takes centre stage in the dining room. To justify its footprint within the pint-sized apartment, Carmen cleverly incorporated a dining table in place of a horse torso and hind legs, which gives the ornamental piece a functional purpose. Viewed head-on, the horse superimposes onto a pair of angel wings mounted on the wall of the bar behind the dining room, which visually transforms it into a Pegasus that further heightens the WOW factor.