EIGHTYTWO is a boutique interior design firm. Our multidisciplinary design practice includes design planning, site/build management with a side of furniture for both Commercial and Residential clients.

At Eightytwo, no project is too small and no design is too big. Our expertise enables us to transform your ideas into reality. We believe the best designs come from successful collaborations between us and our clients. We take pride in our work and maintain the highest standards of both design and customer service.

We practice excellent communication and coordination between our clients and contractors to ensure good time management, accurate project turnaround time and smooth executions. With space constraints as a common challenge, we practise space optimisation to maximise the potential of space in any given project. Our joint collaborative efforts ensure that our utmost is given to create the best concepts and solutions for our clients.

What sets us apart are our holistic and sustainable design approaches. Our out-of-the-box spurs of creativity, pragmatism and project management skills allow us to provide effective solutions to cater to our clients' requirements.

Our most valued clients are individuals who want differentiated design/products. We continually search for fresh and exciting ideas, moulding these inspirations into realistic designs. We strive to create a home that you'll want to run back to, the most talked about retail/F&B store, or the ultimate office that would inspire your employees. These values are what we advocate in our day to day practice.