SingaPlural is back!

Singaplural 2019 – Unnatural Phenomena      

SingaPlural 2019 draws on evolution in nature to inspire innovation in design. The theme "Unnatural Phenomena" explores the origins and evolutions of novel new design species, forged by unorthodox collaborations that challenge disciplinary boundaries. Audacious yet grounded, unanticipated yet deliberate: "Unnatural Phenomena" can unexpectedly surprise you.

SingaPlural is a strong advocate for collaborations between brands and creatives, to encourage innovation through test-bedding of ideas, and uncover possibilities through pushing boundaries.

Organised by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) since 2012, SingaPlural is supported by DesignSingapore Council, Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Tourism Board, SingaPlural is also a programme of the annual Singapore Design Week, which is organised by the DesignSingapore Council, a part of the Ministry of Communications and Information.


Date: 4 - 17 March
Opening hours: Daily, 9:00am - 9:00pm
Venue: National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road, Singapore (188969)


Admission is FREE.

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Here are some exciting exhibition highlights!




Inspired by the season of harvest, guests are transported to a perfect glorious autumn morning. As the fan picks up speed, feel cool breeze tickling your hair and embracing your skin. As pinwheels dance in the wind, hear crisp brown leaves waltzing through the air. And with the VR goggles, see warm sunlight cascading through the leaves, painting everything golden. Immerse yourself fully in their installation and ignite your senses. You just might smell the maple leaves bathing in the glowing sun!


Ipse Ipsa Ipsum


This year, ipse ipsa ipsum challenges itself to embrace transformation by looking beyond the familiar. The two collaborations are "Muse" and “The Straits Collection”. More than conversation starters on heritage and artistry, each handcrafted piece from these two collaborations is beautiful furniture you can come home to and treasure for many years to come.




Bo(u)lder is a sculpture involving illusion and laminates. The agenda is to create an illusion of stone at first glance and gradually transforming its perception into something else as one observes closer. Bo(u)lder becomes a symbolical step in transforming the general presumption of what laminates are.