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Home & Decor Singapore is available in the digital edition, on your PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone.
Single issue: S$4.80* (Save 20%, U.P. S$6)
12 issues: S$36.00* (Save 50%, U.P. S$72)
*Prices stated are updated as of 25 Oct 2016 (Magzter platform). 


Download Home & Decor Singapore onto your mobile and tablet devices through these platforms: 

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      Also available on Magzter and Zinio (Zinio Single Copy / Zinio Subscription).


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I subscribe to the digital version of Home & Decor Singapore?
Users who wish to purchase Home & Decor Singapore can do so either by subscription or single-copy purchase.

2. How much is the digital magazine (single issue and subscription)?
Each digital copy will retail at a rate of S$4.80 (Save 20%). A full year subscription of 12 issues costs S$36.00 (Save 50%). There are slight variations of pricing on various platforms due to exchange rate differences.

3. I'm a current subscriber of the print edition of Home & Decor Singapore. Can I convert my subscription from the print version to a digital version?
Current print subscribers will not be able to convert their subscription to the digital edition.

4. I'm a current subscriber of the print edition of Home & Decor Singapore. I will like to start on the digital subscription after my print subscription expires. When should I subscribe?
As your digital subscription will commence instantly from the current issue, you should subscribe to the digital magazine after your print subscription ends. For instance, if your last print issue is in June 2016, you should subscribe to the digital edition in July 2016.

5. Who should I contact if I wish to check on the expiry date of my print subscription?
Please contact the Circulation Department at (65) 6388 3838 or email circs@sph.com.sg.

6. Is there a difference in the content of the print and digital editions?
Yes, there are additional contents in the digital edition on Magzter platform only, that are not available on the print edition. The additional contents may include exclusive videos, bonus articles and exclusive pictures which differs in every digital issue.

7. What devices does the digital edition support?
It supports Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone and all Android devices. In addition, it is readable on your PC / Mac browsers via Magzter and Zinio.

8.  Are past issues of Home & Decor Singapore available in digital version?
Yes. The earliest issue available on Magzter and Zinio is the April 2012 issue.

9. Am I able to enjoy the print edition's subscription gift / offer with my digital edition as well?
No, the subscription gift/ offer differs between the print and digital editions. However, you can participate in the promotions and contests on the digital edition as long as you fulfill the terms and conditions stated.

10. Will I be able to receive the cover card or gift item that is attached to the magazine (print edition) with my digital edition?
No. The cover card and gift will not be available for the digital edition.

11. Will I be able to change or refund my online subscription?
As the purchases are performed directly through the various external platforms, we are unable to offer changes to your subscription or refunds.

12. If I'm having technical issues accessing or downloading the magazine from the Apple Newsstand, Google Play, Magzter or Zinio platform, who can I contact for assistance?
You may contact our support team at support@sphm-newmedia.biz.
Updated on 09 Feb 2017