Generally loved for its unique and spacious layout and disliked for the inefficient stairs, walk-up apartments can be a little of a double-edged sword. 

However, for those who know what they are getting themselves into, it’s no wonder why these homes are so elusive within Singapore’s typical skyscraper landscape.

Not only does it have boundless potential to create a novel Pinterest-worthy home, but the generous amount of space is also a definite cookie point.

Walk Up ApartmentSizePrice
86A Jalan Senang2,395 sq ft$2,280,000
266 Eng Watt Street1,400 sq ft$1,900,000
366 Eng Watt Street1,245 sq ft$1,650,000
472 Seng Poh Road980 sq ft$1,380,000
571 Seng Poh Road646 sq ft$950,000

Here are 5 walk-up apartments for sale within the Tiong Bahru and Kembangan neighbourhood that are charmingly renovated and move-in ready. 

Walk-Up Apartment, Jalan Senang ($2,280,000)

Address:Jalan Senang, Singapore 418457
Tenure:999-year Leasehold
Size:2,395 sqft
$PSF:$951.98 PSF

This 3 bed, 3 bath walk-up apartment in Kembangan stands out in terms of its lease. It has a 999-year tenure, as compared to the walk-up apartments in Tiong Bahru that has a typical 99-year leasehold.

Suitable for big families

Furthermore, this 2,359 square feet unit has 3 good-sized bedrooms, a study, a utility room, 3 bathrooms and a roof terrace that is great for big families. It offers many common areas for gatherings without compromising on the privacy of its residents.

Brutalist interior design with Peranakan touches

In terms of design, the choice of Brutalism contrasts tastefully with the Peranakan-oriental touches of the walk-up apartment. The distinction between the concrete materials, limewashed walls and monochrome colour palette bring out a modern and sleek ambience that is pleasant to the eyes.

Undoubtedly, the spiral staircase leading to the roof terrace and the brick-clad walls are some of the design highlights to this unit. But my personal favourite is definitely that pitched roof bedroom!

Filled with natural light

Considering that this unit has a very deep layout, it’s interesting to see how the owners maximised the filtering of natural light throughout the house. 

Unassuming spots like the living room ceiling, glass panels in the kitchen and dining area and glass-sheltered walkways are great ways to bring in more natural light. Additionally, it is situated in a low-rise neighbourhood and offers a rather interesting view.

Nearest Kembangan MRT Station

Kembangan MRT station (East-West Line) is less than a 10-minute walk away, and a 15-minute walk to Ansar Garden HDB, which has two supermarkets and numerous eateries for groceries and food options. Alternatively, Bedok Mall is a 5-minute drive away.

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Walk Up Apartment, 266 Eng Watt Street ($1,900,000)

Address:266 Eng Watt Street, Singapore160066
Tenure:99-year Leasehold
Size:1,400 sqft
$PSF:$1,357.14 PSF

Since this 2 bed, 2 bath walk up apartment in Tiong Bahru is located on the ground floor, owners are spared the trouble of lugging heavy bags up the stairs and is much more accessible compared to the higher floors. 

It spans across 1,400 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but stands out to me due to its interesting design, generous space and nuances in lighting of the various corners of the unit. 

2 Entrances, 2 Open terraces

Like most walk-up apartments, there are two entrances to this unit – one in the front and another at the back. It has two small open-terraces which the previous owners have enclosed using glass panels, which still allows natural light to continue filtering into the home. 

Apart from brightening up the space, the ample light contrasted with the white floors and walls gives the unit a very elegant, chic and modern look. The high-ceilings also plays an important role in bringing out the characteristic essence of a walk-up apartment. 

Loft Bedroom

In one of the bedrooms, the previous owners have created a loft while the bed is located on the upper level and a study is located at the lower floor, just to bring out a bit of distinction within the rooms. 

Nearest Tiong Bahru MRT Station

In terms of location, Eng Watt Street is well-loved for its proximity to some of Singapore’s best cafes, dessert bars and the lively Tiong Bahru Market for affordable dining options and its wet market. Alternatively, Tiong Bahru Plaza is also within a quick walking distance. In fact, the lifestyle within the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood is certainly one of its main selling points. 

The nearest MRT Stations are either at Tiong Bahru MRT (East West line) and Havelock MRT (Thomson-East Coast line), both around an 11-minute walk away. View this property.

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Walk Up Apartment, 366 Eng Watt St ($1,650,000)

Address:366 Eng Watt Street 160066
Tenure:99-year Leasehold
Size:1,245 sqft
$PSF:$1,325.30 PSF

What can I say, if you are looking for a well-designed walk-up apartment, Tiong Bahru is definitely the first place to look. Though they might share the same amenities and location, it has a rather different interior since the previous owners have reconfigured its layout.

This 3 bed, 1 bath walk-up apartment is 1,245 square feet and has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It also has two entrances which is found at the front and the back for easy access into the house.

Open concept kitchen with kitchen island

The previous owners have opened up one of the bedrooms to create an open-concept kitchen, which is a great way to ensure more natural light to filter into the space. Moreover, the kitchen island (which is a great focal piece to the room) serves as a dining spot and additional counter space for food prep. 

The original kitchen has been converted into a spacious laundry area that doubles as a vanity for the bathroom, which is a practical decision, considering that there’s only one bathroom in this apartment.

Interiors inspired by Wes Anderson

The design of the unit draws very strong inspiration from the famed Wes Anderson interior design style. There are many curves, pops of contrasting colours and arcs found throughout the house. Overall, I appreciate how spacious every corner of the apartment is.

Nearest Tiong Bahru MRT Station

Similar to the previous unit, it is within a 11-minute walk away to Tiong Bahru MRT Station (East-West line) and Havelock MRT Station (Thomson-East Coast line). Residents can enjoy the superb cafe scene within the neighbourhood and affordable grocery and dining options at Tiong Bahru Market too. Tiong Bahru Plaza is located nearby as well.

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Walk Up Apartment, 472 Seng Poh Road ($1,380,000)

Address:72 Seng Poh Road 160072
Tenure:99-year Leasehold
Size:980 sqft
$PSF:$1,408.16 PSF

Another pick within the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood, this 2 bed, 1 bath walk-up apartment is found within a conservation block along Seng Poh Road. 

3 Bedrooms hacked into 2 bedrooms

Originally, this 980 square foot unit came with three bedrooms, but two of them have been hacked down to allow for more natural light and ventilation into the house. Instead, these two rooms have been converted to fit the needs of the previous owners, which is a living space and a yoga room.

Monochrome colours, minimalist design

Although its monochromatic colours and minimalist designs looks great, I appreciate that the previous owners kept the original tiles in the balcony. Not only does it add a touch of character to the space, it retains its endearing history as well.

Similar to most walk-up apartments, there are two entrances to this unit, which can be found at the front and the back.

Nearest Tiong Bahru MRT Station

Set within the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood, residents are able to enjoy the lively ambience of the community and delicious cafe options just around the block. Tiong Bahru Market is also located within a walking distance for a variety of food options and shopping at the wet market. Otherwise, Tiong Bahru Plaza is around a 10-minute walk away for more food and shopping options. 

The nearest MRT stations are Havelock MRT (Thomson-East Coast line) and Tiong Bahru MRT (East-West line), which are a 11-minute and 9-minute walk away respectively. View this property.

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Walk Up Apartment, 571 Seng Poh Road ($950,000)

Address:71 Seng Poh Road 160071
Tenure:99-year Leasehold
Size:646 sqft
$PSF:$1,470.59 PSF

Found along 72 Seng Poh Road, this 1 bed, 1 bath walk up apartment is a small unit, which gives it the title of “The Secret Hideout”, since it’s perfect for a bachelor’s pad. At 646 square feet, it has 1 good-sized bedroom and 1 bathroom.

1 Bedroom, 1 bathroom only

This unit also has two entrances, which can be found in the front and at the back for convenient access. The layout is efficient, with a generously-sized living and dining area and functional kitchen that links to the back entrance of the home.

Frosted glass doors for natural sunlight

Since lighting can be a common issue within these older developments, the previous owners have installed frosted glass for all doors and white walls to brighten up the space and maximise natural lighting. It generally has a simple monochromatic design to the house which future owners can easily add on to without much changes needed.

Nearest Tiong Bahru MRT Station

It is around a 9-minute walk to Tiong Bahru MRT (East-West line) and a 11-minute walk to Havelock MRT Station (Thomson-East Coast line). One of the biggest draws to this apartment would also have to be the lifestyle offerings within the neighbourhood. There are many well-known restaurants, cafes and bakeries within the vicinity, and Tiong Bahru Market is also located nearby for more local and affordable eats and groceries at the wet market. View this property.

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This article first appeared in StackedHomes.