Do you have a cat that meows and scratches at your door at 4am if it needs its litter box cleaned? Although felines are fastidious creatures by nature, it can still be a pain having to clean out their litter box frequently, especially when it’s not clean enough for your fussy kitty.

The Aimicat, developed by a team of robotics engineers, is the next-generation smart litter box that aims to save you both time and money with its automatic cleaning system. Shaped like a sleek ball, this futuristic-looking litter box can detect when your kitty’s done its business and automatically rotate itself so that only clean litter is left behind.

Photo: Aimicat

It does this with an infrared sensor to detect your cat’s presence and a litter filter plate. At the bottom, a deodorising system — which includes a little fan — ensures that smells are removed as well. When it’s time to clean up, all you have to do is pull out the drawer beneath and replace the lining. The parts are also easily dismantled and washed down.

Photo: Aimicat

It’s good news for your wallet as well. The system claims that it can save up to four times the amount of kitty litter compared to a traditional litter box, resulting in savings of around $600 a year.

With its sleek, minimalist design and promise of odor neutralisation, the Aimicat litter box can be placed in your living room or hallway without looking out of place or requiring frequent cleanup. Pretty purrfect, we say.

The Aimicat litter box retails for US$229 here.