Mirror, mirror, on the wall — who’s the smartest of them all?

The mirror of the future is here, and it can tell you not only the time and weather, it’ll remind you of your appointments and tasks, too. (Sorry, it can’t quite compliment you just yet, but the team promises that more user-suggested features will be coming in the future.)

Image: Cloon

The Cloon, designed by architect and industrial designer Joan Rubio, is a smart mirror that doubles as an additional screen to keep you updated even as you’re getting dressed or applying makeup. It’s voice-activated, can work together with Alexa, and requires only a smartphone and WiFi connection to run.

What we really like about the Cloon is its minimalist Scandinavian design. It comes in three colours — mint, white, and anthracite — so it’s a beautiful piece of tech that blends into the aesthetic of the home without being obtrusive. The display is also simplicity itself, so it doesn’t distract from its main function of being a mirror.

Image: Cloon

Do we really need another screen in addition to the ones we’re already staring at most of the time? Not really. But perhaps the magic of Cloon is in its potential as a home command centre — one unified screen where you can see your spouse’s reminder to pick up milk, or check your children’s schedules for the day, all while getting ready to head out. When paired with Alexa, it’s another step closer to a smart home.

The Cloon retails for €379 (about S$600) on Kickstarter. Click here for more information.