A security system to keep your home safe

The Netgear Arlo is one of the best DIY security systems you can get. The base package gets you two Arlo cameras and a base station.

All you need to do is connect the base station to your home router, sync the cameras and download the Arlo app, and you're up and running. Adding additional Arlo cameras (which are purchased separately) is just a matter of syncing the new additions to the base station.

The Arlo cameras are wireless and run on batteries, so you'll need to have a couple of rechargeable ones handy. The cameras are weatherproof, so if you stash one of them outside your house, you can see activity outside your door without even opening it. The 720p cameras also have night vision, motion sensors and can pan and zoom. The system also comes with free cloud storage that saves anything recorded up to seven days prior.

If your home security needs beefing up, the Arlo Security system starts from S$599 for the base package (pictured above), with a single Arlo camera costing S$229.

A remote to control 15 devices and keep your home clutter-free

With all the electronic hardware at your disposal, you're going to want something that can control them all. That something is the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home Touch Screen remote.

It can control up to 15 different entertainment devices, including video game consoles like the PS4, as well as an unlimited number of compatible smart devices. On top of that, the remote works with the Harmony app so you can use your smartphone as a control device as well.

The remote comes with an included base station, which sends commands from the remote to whatever devices you're connected to.  The base station works via IR, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which means that you don't require line of sight (as in you can stash the base station in the drawer) for commands you send to register.

The MSRP for the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home Touch Screen remote is US$349.99, though it can be found cheaper at various online retailers. We spotted it going for US$224.95 at Amazon, so if you're interested, you might want to shop around before committing.

A tray that shows you which egg has gone bad

The Quirky Egg Minder is a smart egg tray, which connects to the Wink app. The app tells you how many eggs you have in storage, which egg you have is the oldest (and thus should be used immediately) and best of all, which egg has gone bad and in need of replacement. It can even notify you when you're running out of eggs, so you don't have to wonder if you should grab some eggs while you're out.

It might sound like a simple thing but the Egg Minder is an incredibly useful device considering the egg is a major part of our diet, unless you're vegetarian that is.

The Quirky Egg Minder costs US$49.99 but it's US$11.44 on Amazon right now, so you might want to shop around first for the lowest price before you hit the buy button.

This was first published on Hardware Zone.