1. Window Shutters

Choose the right sun shading and window treatment systems, which help to keep the heat out by shielding against harsh sunlight. Wooden shutters from Sunleaf Shutters can do just that, while filtering sufficient light through the louvres. The hardwood material acts as a natural insulator against the heat, so your home will be kept cool.

2. Window films

If you don’t fancy drawing your blinds and curtains as this blocks out views of the surrounding or makes your home look dark and gloomy, apply anti-glare films to your windows. They help maintain openness, without you having to worry about heat and harmful rays entering the home. 3M Prestige window films feature a multi-layer optical technology that’s designed to reflect heat, ultra-violet and infrared rays, thereby decreasing the temperature within the home, while allowing natural light to pass through.

3. Glass that shields against heat

Local glass fabricating company Singapore Safety Glass has created a thermochromic glass called Varishield. The glass panes tint when exposed to heat from the sun, helping to reduce glare and heat entering the home by 65 per cent. This lightens the load on air-conditioning systems, too, as heat does not get trapped in the home.