Tan Boon Liat Building, Marina Square, and Cluny Court aside, there are many furniture hot spots in Singapore. In the far West is the ever-popular IMM shopping mall, which has an entire floor dedicated to furniture, home accessories, mattresses, interior design companies, aircons, and home furnishings.

Here are all the furniture stores in IMM at a glance:

  • Aartical
  • Aventi Living
  • Eurotex
  • Little Kingdom by Unisprings: Children’s furniture
  • Star Living Mondi Lifestyle Gallery
  • Mr Decor Furniture Gallery
  • Rattan Pacific
  • Red Apple: Custom furniture
  • Star Living
  • Daiso: Home organisational accessories

Bed, mattresses, bed linens:

  • Absolute Bedding
  • Dreams Studio: Mattresses, sofas, occasional furniture
  • Dunlopillo Suite
  • Linen Gallery Outlet
  • Sealy Sleep Boutique
  • Serta
  • Silentnight Signature
  • Simmons Gallery
  • Sintex
  • Sleepnight Mattress Boutique
  • Slumberland
  • Tempur
  • Unisprings

Bathroom fittings, toilets, wash basins, accessories:

  • Asia Excel
  • Hansgrohe
  • Hoe Kee
  • REGA
  • Sim Siang Choon
  • Song-Cho

Home appliances, kitchen appliances, electronics:

  • Best Denki
  • Challenger
  • Mayer Outlet
  • Ogawa Outlet
  • OSIM Outlet
  • OTO Outlet
  • OWELL Bodycare
  • Aircon Gallery by Best Tech (Aircon)
  • All Best (Aircon)
  • Gain City (Aircon)

Interior design firms:

  • Artis Interior
  • Edgeline Planners
  • Kingsley Interior
  • Outlook Interior
  • Posh Living Interior Design
  • Space N Living
  • Spacious Planners
  • U-Home Interior Design
  • Ultimate Design Station
  • Weiken

IMM Furniture Shops

There are ten furniture and homeware stores in IMM, most of them located on Level 3 for easy shopping. Expect to see a variety of mid-tier furniture at Aartical, Star Living, and more accessible furniture from Aventi Living, Eurotex, Star Living Mondi Lifestyle Gallery, Mr Decor Furniture Gallery, and Rattan Pacific.

You will find custom furniture and carpentry at Red Apple, and children’s furniture at Little Kingdom by Unisprings. Finally, for some smaller homeware and home organisational accessories, visit the massive Daiso.

IMM Bed and Mattress Shops

Amongst the 14 bed, mattress, beddings, bed linens shops in IMM, you should definitely make a trip to the global mattress brands’ sleep boutiques. You’ll find Dunlopillo, Sealy, Serta, Silentnight, Simmons, and Tempur showrooms where you can just try out their beds and do some window shopping.

Come year end or sale season, these sleep showrooms often display discounted prices on their doors.

Finally, pop by AKEMI for good quality Japanese bedsheets and curtains for great discounts.

IMM Bathroom Shops

Most new homeowners will, at some point in their furniture shopping journey, make a trip to either IMM or Balestier road to shop for bathroom fittings, toilets, wash basins, bath tubs, shower sets, and bathroom accessories.

In IMM, there are six bathroom shops, namely: Asia Excel, Hansgrohe, Hoe Kee, REGA, Sim Siang Choon, and Song-Cho.

You’ll want to visit Hansgrohe to see the luxury bathroom fittings, rain showers, and fancy steam room set ups. However, most shoppers end up at Hoe Kee or Sim Siang Choon where you’ll get to buy a variety of bathroom fixtures at bundle discount prices.

Remember, you can (and should) bargain for better prices with the sales associates in these shops. If they’re telling you the price is fixed, walk away. Well, I’m telling you this because I got several good discounts there before.

IMM Home & Kitchen Appliances, Electronics, Aircon Shops

There are 10 home and kitchen appliances, electronics, and air-conditioner shops in IMM. Two of them are multi-label home and electronics departmental stores, Best Denki, and Challenger.

Home appliance brand, Mayer, has an outlet store here with clearance stock and discounts.

If you’re in the market for a massage chair, most of the massage chair brands’ outlet stores, Ogawa Outlet, OSIM Outlet, OTO Outlet, and OWELL Bodycare are all located along the same floor in IMM. Finally, there are three air-conditioner specialty shops, namely Aircon Gallery by Best Tech, All Best, and Gain City (aircon only).

IMM Interior Design Companies

All that shopping got you curious about how much a minor renovation or home upgrading might cost? Just pop into any of the 10 interior design companies in IMM for a quote. These interior design firms are open during shopping mall hours, and are always open to walk-ins for questions and quotations. There’s always a staff or two hanging around, so just pop in to ask for quotes.

When you’re done browsing through the furniture floor, you’ll find lots of food and restaurants in IMM. For West-siders, IMM is a favourite food haunt, most popular for Haidilao Hot Pot.

IMM Restaurants

These are just a few of the restaurants you’ll find in IMM. On the ground floor, you’ll find food booths (without seats) as well:

  • Ajisen Ramen
  • Andes by Astons
  • Bali Thai
  • Burger King
  • Cafe O
  • Crave
  • Fu Lin Fried Yong Tofu
  • Gong Yuan Ma La Tang
  • Haidilao Hot Pot
  • Hainan Second Street
  • Hei Sushi
  • Ichiban Sushi
  • Kopitiam
  • Lake View Golden Seafood
  • Lao Huo Tang
  • Long Beach Seafood Restaurant
  • McDonald’s
  • Red Ginger
  • Seoul Garden Hotpot
The Fu Lin Fried Yong Tau Foo is a pretty popular store in IMM. You get Hakka-style fried Yong Tau Foo dishes, along with a gravy-soaked bowl of noodles or rice. Note that the gravy contains meat, and is not vegetarian nor halal.

IMM Parking Charges

For those of you who drive, IMM has a massive multi-storey carpark and is pretty well-loved by West-siders for their free parking programme. On weekdays, you get:

  • First hour: Free
  • Second hour: $1.20
  • Third hour onwards: $0.40 per 15 mins (or $1.60 per hour)

Parking is even cheaper on weekends at:

  • Two hours: $1.35
  • Subsequent: $1.35 per entry