These clever designs will help you maximise the use of precious space in your home – plus they look great too! Without further ado, here's our handy list of ideas for space saving furniture in Singapore.

1. The Mobile by Raumplus is an all-in-one furniture item that includes a desk, closet area, shelves and drawers for storage. When the sliding doors are pulled out on the left and right side of the 'wall', it can be used as a partition to enclose a space within the living room. Pull out the tabletop when you need it, and it tucks neatly away when you don't. 

Raumplus, The Ewins Home, storage, partition

Raumplus, The Ewins Home, storage


2. Pamper your guests with this full size bed – that folds out from your sofa! The Slumbersofa by Spaceman even has extra storage space within the sofa for pillows and blankets. 

sofa, bed, sofa bed, space-saving

sofa, bed, sofa bed, space-saving, storage


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3. No room or need for a sofa? You can store an extra bed upright behind a vertical panel as well! The Slumbershelves by Spaceman will let you do just that. And you won't even need to remove the items on the shelves. 

bookshelves, storage, murphy bed, space-saving

bookshelf, bed, murphy bed, space-saving


4. You don't need floor space for this shelving unit, as the Uno interior system by Raumplus is a suspended system with height-adjustable shelves and cabinets, which gives it a feeling of lightness.

The Ewins Home, shelf, storage, space-saving 


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5. Here's a great way to move your dining area into the kitchen, to free up sapce in the living room! Atim's transformable furniture lets you hide a good-size table which seats 2-3 people, under your kitchen countertop. Its patented aluminium system from Italy integrates all the parts within the element itself, and the systems come in various sizes (in table lengths of up to 1540 mm) that can be mounted within a standard drawer.

space-saving, kitchen, extendable table

space-saving, kitchen, dining, extendable table

All the products shown above are available from The Ewins Home.