Buying a home is probably the first big-ticket item on your adulting list, and it can be an exciting period while you plan out how your new home will look. But don’t start buying stuff for your rooms yet, because there are some things you need to keep in mind. We asked some homeowners about the mistakes they made moving in and below are the top 5 factors to bear in mind.

1) Can it fit in the lift?

Enjoy the smooth and luxe finishing with a plush layer of pillow top that gives you a hugging feel when lying down on this King Koil mattress.

Living in Singapore, chances are you are probably moving into a condo or HDB flat apartment. The problem with apartment living is trying to get large items up to your home if you live on a high floor. While some buildings may come with a cargo lift that can accommodate large pieces of furniture, deliveries to most HDB blocks have to be done via the common service lifts available. This can be an issue in some newer HDB BTO blocks, where the service lifts are smaller in size. So do take note of the lift space before buying items, such as a large sofa or mattress. Foam mattresses are often shrink-packed and can be rolled up into a box, but for discerning homeowners who prefer quality mattresses that come with a layer of pocketed-springs, such as King Koil’s Grand Glamour King size set from its Hotel Collection, this needs to be delivered unrolled (It’s definitely worth the trouble though, since it comes with pocketed-springs, natural latex, micro-gel and a plush pillow-top encased in damask fabric).

Items that cannot fit into the lift will have to be hand-carried by the delivery personnel, and most companies charge a fee (per floor) for this service.

2) Don’t forget the armchair

This can be used for a big space as a collection or a small home as an independent product. It is elegant and noble. Although Willy is Petite, but the designer behind this do not forget giving you the lumbar support and good back rest.  Designed by Claudio Bellini. Colour choice available.

When it comes to chairs for the home, most homeowners focus on getting dining chairs and a sofa, but not many think about the need for an armchair in the living room. But armchairs are crucial in a home, as they offer a plush and cosy sitting area for you to kick back and relax in after a long day outside. An armchair is usually where you’d find yourself settling into when you come home, because it provides a certain level of privacy and cosiness for you to unwind. Some armchairs also come with ottomans, so you can put your feet up too. Armchairs don’t need to take up a lot of space too, such as this Willy armchair from Ashley Furniture Homestore. Measuring just 70cm(width)×60(depth)×72cm(height), this chair can fit comfortably into an apartment living room along with a sofa.

3) Don’t get an uncomfortable sofa!

Standing tall and with great lumbar support, back and neck rest. Tallanew sofa comes with slim arms and spacious seating. The medium firm seats and tall legs allow easy access when cleaning under the sofa. Available in the latest two colours: Mustard and Jade Green. 

Sofas are a necessity in most living rooms, as they offer ample seating for guests and acts as a casual space for interaction. More importantly the sofa (being the largest item in a living room) also helps to anchor the look of a room and a sense of proportion to the space. Go for a larger sofa if you want to place it against the wall, but if you want to have the sofa closer to the middle of the room, opt for something smaller instead. This is to allow sufficient room around the sofa for movement and flow. With that said, don’t just settle for any sofa that fits the size of your room. A good sofa should not only look good, it must be comfortable to sit in as well. A quality sofa should come in the right size, and still offer deep seating for the users. That means when you are sitting in the sofa, the seat should support your back and bum as well as your thighs, all the way to below your knees. We recommend the Tallanew sofa, as it offers ample back and seat support, while still being appropriately-sized for most apartment living rooms (213cm(width) x 99cm(depth) x 102cm(height)).

4) Frame your floor

Have you ever walked into a room and feel that it looks empty even though it’s filled with so many things? That’s probably because it is lacking a key item that helps to bring the various objects together to create a cohesive look. That’s where a carpet or rug comes into play. Rugs frame the floor area of a living area so items, such as the coffee table, sofa and armchairs can be visually combined to create a seamless look. Many homeowners make the mistake of buying rugs that are too small, and instead of framing the room, the rug becomes another item in the space that’s grabbing its own attention visually. Measure your room and the length of your sofa before deciding on a rug. At the right size, the rug should be able to extend beneath the front portion of the sofa, and cover the space in front of it so other pieces of furniture, like the coffee table or side table, can be placed over it. Head down to Ashley Furniture Homestore to take a look at the various rug designs available, which also come in various sizes.

5) A king size mattress

Many homeowners start out thinking a super-single or queen-sized mattress will suffice in a small home, but come to regret it down the road. The fact is you’ll end up spending a good amount of time in bed in your own home, regardless of whether you’re living alone or with a partner. And as time goes by, your family unit may expand, with some children on board or even pets as well. If your budget allows, always go for the largest mattress possible, especially a king size one. This saves you from having to grapple with the inconvenience of upgrading to a larger mattress, or having to change the layout of your bedroom or bedframe in order to fit a larger mattress in at a later stage. When it comes to mattresses, King Koil is one of the most established names on the market, and offers a large variety of mattress types to choose from. Head down to their showroom for a look to find one that’s ideal for your bedroom.

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