Ezbuy (Formerly 65daigou)

Commonly used as a third-party Taobao shopping and shipping agent, Ezbuy also offers the lowest shipping cost from US to Singapore. Do note that the service works on a self-collection basis, but you can opt for home delivery for a small fee.

Ezbuy also has a Prime service, which gives unlimited shipping at S$2.99 per checkout. This service is available at S$9.90 for a 1-month trial, or S$99.90 for a year. It may be worth using this option if you shop online frequently


An overseas forwarding services from Singapore Post, VPost lets Singaporeans access shops from the US, China, Taiwan, and Europe. Although VPost charges a repacking fee, it will only repack your item if there’s a difference of 2 kg or more between the volumetric weight and dead weight of your parcel. Don’t worry though, the S$6 fee is lower than the savings you’ll get from repacking.

For now, VPost is offering it’s VPost4U concierge service for free, handy if your US merchant only accepts American credit cards.


Borderlinx lets Singaporeans shop at online stores in the US, UK, and Europe. While they don’t disclose their rates, there’s a calculator on the website to help you estimate your charges. Do note there are three levels of service for shipping from the US – Express, Standard and Economy – so you can pick the one most suited to your budget.

One advantage Borderlinx offers is the lack of a time limit for holding your parcels, which is useful if you buy from the US infrequently.


The creme de la creme of all US forwarding services, Comgateway charges premium prices for speedy shipping and great service. Comgateway offers a sales tax-free address, allowing you to save anywhere between 5.5% to 9.45% off your shopping.

They charge US$13.57 for first 0.5kg and US$3.57 for subsequent 0.5kg. If you’re looking to spend less on shipping costs, there’s also a Standard service, which ships your package in 5-8 business days.

Because of its detailed tracking and speedy shipping, Comgateway is a good option for high-value items that need careful handling. If you’re looking for more affordable shipping for lower-value items, Ezbuy, VPost, and Borderlinx have you covered.

This article was originally published in Singsaver.