Urban farming is all the rage – you can have indoor plants for your office – but it is still pretty difficult to find stores that provide all your necessary seeds, seedlings and tools you need. So we thought we’d help you out – here are 4 online stores in Singapore where you can buy a cheap plant nursery, gardening accessories, indoor plants and more!

Small Space Sprouts

Run by Catherine Cheung, a lovely Canadian who now lives in Singapore, the store provides everything from DIY kits to eco-friendly fabric containers for your plants. Her own home is decked out in beautiful plants that make use of her products, so you can rest assured the products you buy are tried and tested.

Some products:


The retail arm of Edible Garden City, they aim to bring the “grow your own food” movement closer to the community. They sell a variety of products including seedlings and fertaliser like chicken manure for the experienced urban farmer and basic edible garden essentials for beginners. We especially love their self-watering planters, perfect for busy home owners.

Some products:


Eco City Hydroponics

With a big focus on the lesser-known hydroponics, (where they grow plants without soil) Eco City Hydroponics conducts classes and courses to help educate folk on how to grow food without soil. Instead of soil, plants have their roots soaking in a shallow bath of nutrient water, so most products are to help monitor and improve this nutrient bath. Try out their Hydroponic Hobby Kit if you’re unsure if this is the form of urban farming for you!

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Noah Garden Centre 

Alright, Noah Garden Centre doesn’t have many plants that are good for urban farming, but we love their pots! They have extremely stylish pots and holders that would be great for keeping your urban farm both functional and beautiful. You can also spruce up the area with the artificial turf and decking!

Some products:


The Plant Story 

This group here calls themselves plant storytellers! They have a great passion for greenery and conduct workshops for urban farmers. (Head down to one to meet like-minded farmers!) They have a great variety of supplies for an urban farm as well as other cute plant things like marimo (Japanese water moss) and holders for air plants! We love how gorgeous the glass holders are, check them out below!

Some products:


Images taken from online stores' websites.


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