The end-of-year festive season will look a little different this year. Smaller in scale, with a maximum of five guests allowed (eight if the government decides to ease the regulation – soon, hopefully), celebrating festivities will be a much more intimate affair centred at home. And of course, you would want everything to be perfectly memorable.

What’s your holiday persona?

  • Are you a perfect host who plans for meals and activities at your home?
  • A bargain hunter who knows the best shopping deals and gives the best gifts?
  • A homebody who wants to carve some me-time to chill and decompress?
  • Or perhaps you are an avid gamer who prefers to socialise through immersive online gaming experiences?
  • Or maybe you’re a multitasker who can juggle work-from-home and holiday cheers?

The definition of a perfect festive season may differ according to your holiday personas. But if there is one thing that all types should absolutely get right, it is the broadband internet connection. Here’s why:

Being a perfect host needs prepping

Grocery shopping has taken a sharp turn to online, especially when you are cooking for family and friends. Food delivery options have also flourished online, with options ranging from hawker food and home catering business to Michelin-starred meals and fine dining kits curated by award-winning chefs.

And the secret to having it all? A great, uninterrupted internet connection. It is also important to get the same speed in different parts of the house so you can cater to everyone. Imagine festive cooking happening smoothly in the kitchen thanks to a step-by-step Youtube video while the kids are enjoying Netflix uninterrupted in the living room.

The de facto #1 network provider when it comes to Netflix streaming speeds and Steam download speeds in Singapore, MyRepublic is offering attractive festive bundles to take care all your festive year-end needs for connectivity. And your gift guides too, because, pssst, these bundles make for fantastic (and amazingly useful) gifts.

The best tool to snipe the best deals for bargain hunters

There always seems to be a flash sale and special deals happening leading up the end of the year, be it discounts, sample sales, or special and limited edition product drops. Hunting for these online deals requires a process akin to real hunting: camping (waiting for the product to drop on the web), and sniping (putting the items you want in your cart and checkout). A three-second lag could mean missing out on the items you had your eyes on for yourself or your loved ones.

Finding the connection lagging in some parts of the house? Get that speed and stability justice with the Deco X60 WiFi Mesh 1Gbps bundle. The bundle includes three mesh networking nodes that ensure you’ll still get to enjoy speedy connections throughout your whole home. Space out the TP-Link mesh networking nodes across the house, so you can hunt for the best bargains from anywhere at home, even from the bathroom.

A boundless me-time for the homebodies

The quality of your me-time is as great as the facilities available at the place you spend that time in. For homebodies, this me-time can be enhanced exponentially by adding multi-sensorial elements at home like music, scent, lighting and film screening.

You can control these elements manually, or leave it to your smart home system, which needs a great internet connection, of course.

MyRepublic’s Google Nest Audio Bundle is a dream deal for techie homebodies and budding smart nesters who always wanted to start outfitting your home with smart features. It offers an ultra-fast 1Gbps connection with a free Google Nest Audio worth $139.

It is the lifeline for avid gamers

Online gaming is a great way to connect and bond with your loved ones, especially when you can’t be in the same place due to travel or quota restrictions. And what would your PS5, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo consoles, and your VR sets be without a great internet connection?

The problem with multiple gamers in one household, especially during festive gatherings, is that you are all vying for the same fibre connection. MyRepublic’s Dual GAMER 1Gbps x 2 Broadband bundle saves you the trouble by offering double the bandwidth – no players left behind!

Psst, fancy a fabulous gaming chair? MyRepublic also offers a special Secretlab Bundle, which includes Secretlab Omega gaming chairs with attractive discounts. This bundle is available with 1Gbps broadband and the GAMER 1Gbps broadband.

Need to juggle work and celebration at home? No problem!

Like it or not, our work life has spilled into our home life and for some people, they have become inseparable. This could spell family strife when you need to share your Zoom video presentation with the Netflix watch party over in the next room. Keep the peace and get the Dual Ultra 1Gbps x 2 Broadband so you can have a work and entertainment can have its own bandwidth.

Find out more about MyRepublic’s festive offers here.

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