A sleek and discreet kitchen hood, two-in-one fan and air purifyer and smart mirror are just some of the practical and stylish things you need at home!

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1) Miele DA6890 Levantar Hood

If your kitchen design is all about minimalist clean lines, Miele’s downdraught hood will fit right into the picture. The slim, vertical canopy rises up to a height of about 65cm with three power settings, and can be retracted into your countertop when not in use. Better yet, pair it with a Con@ctivity 2.0-compatible Miele hob – the hood will whir into motion and turn off automatically when your hob does.

Miele DA6890 Levantar Hood, $5,900, from Miele Boutique and Harvey Norman Millenia Walk


2) Dyson Pure Cool

Cool your room and purify the air with the Dyson Pure Cool. Its patented glass HEPA filter is said to trap tiny particles, and there’s a layer of activated carbon granules to keep odours and harmful toxins such as paint fumes at bay.

Dyson Pure Cool, $999, from major electrical stores 


3) Sense

Get insights into your sleep patterns and the environmental factors affecting your rest with the Sense sleep analyser-cum-smart alarm. It comes with ambient light, temperature, humidity, sound and particulate sensors. Attach the disc to your pillow to track your sleep quality, and place the meshed sphere on your bedside table to wake up to calming music at the optimal stage of your sleep cycle.

Sense, US$129 (S$175.90), from www.hello.is


4) Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

Let’s face it – natural light is best when it comes to putting on makeup, but when you do not have that luxury, this extraordinary mirror that comes with a light system that simulates sunlight is your next best bet. This mirror by Simplehuman lights up when you approach it, and turns off automatically when you’re done. And with a five-time magnification, it’s super useful for putting on eye makeup. Charge it with a USB cord and adaptor (included); each charge lasts up to five weeks.

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror, $289 (5”), $329 (6.5”), and $399 (8”), from major department stores, Home-fi x and Howards Storage World


5) Tempur Zero G Prestige

You’ll probably never want to leave this Tempur bed once you’ve tried it. Turn on the built-in massage function or switch easily between four preset positions – Flat, TV, Relax and Zero G – right from your smartphone or tablet. Zero G, said to create the best posture for a good repose, gives you the feeling of weightless sleep by gently elevating your legs. 

Tempur Zero G Prestige, $21,999, from Robinsons The Heeren


This article was first published on Simply Her.