Sinks are a necessity in every home kitchen, but it’s hard to find the right one when all the sinks on the market look the same. With more home kitchens being integrated into an open-living concept, it is essential for homeowners to search for a sink that not only fulfils their needs, it also fits in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen design as well.

hansgrohe, the trusted name in kitchen and bathroom fixtures, offers the perfect solution with its SilicaTec granite sinks range, which are made in Germany. Made with high quality quartz and acrylic resins, these sinks are extremely durable and come in different sizes and colours. Here are 5 reasons why hansgrohe’s SilicaTec granite sinks are the latest must-have item in every stylish home.

1) Beautiful surface that’s easy to clean

SilicaTec is a composite material made from quartz and acrylic resins, which produces a unique texture that looks natural and is pleasing to the touch. What makes hansgrohe’s granite sinks different from other composite quartz sinks, is that only the hardiest, rounded quartz particles are used in its production. This creates an extremely durable and non-porous surface that is dirt-repellant. All it needs is a wipe-down to keep the sink clean. SilicaTec also provides a subtle grainy feel that is so reassuring and alluring that you’ll not be able to keep your hands off it.

2) The beneficial qualities of SilicaTec

Good looks aside, the SilicaTec granite sink is also capable of standing up to the rigorous demands of a busy domestic chef. Its odourless, UV-stable and food-safe properties mean you enjoy peace of mind when using it as part of your daily food prep. hansgrohe’s granite sinks are also impact, heat and stain resistant, freeing you from having to worry about accidental spillage or leaving dents or marks while you’re busy in the kitchen. Go ahead and leave your coffee mugs and red wine glasses or hot pots and pans to cool in the sink while you spend quality time with your family or guests.

3) Sensual minimalist look with functional urban design

The contemporary look of hansgrohe’s sinks is conceived by Phoenix Design, an established German design studio that has won over 800 awards to date, including the coveted Red Dot: Design Team of the Year in 2018. The stylish silhouette of the range, whether built-in or surface-mounted, is underscored by a minimalist linear design and broad-rim surface. The range is also available in different sizes, ensuring that you’ll find the ideal size for your household. Homeowners can also choose for the sinks to come with draining board, so you have more space to work on while you’re cleaning up or preparing your meals.

4) Seamless look of the overflow

Want an uncluttered look in your kitchen? You’ll be glad to know that there are no sharp points jutting out from the SilicaTec granite sink. Even the overflow hole is cleverly concealed within the design on the right side of the bowl. At a glance, all you’ll see is a beautiful sink area that adapts to the rest of your kitchen island or counter.

5) Easy access with plenty of options

You may not realise it but there’s a lot of ergonomics that went into the design of hansgrohe’s SilicaTec granite sink range. The design ensures that using it is as effortless and user-friendly as possible. All the models in graphite black can be paired with a choice of two intuitive controls. The central control unit on the first model is a lever handle on the front right-hand side of the sink. It can be switched and turned to select precise water temperature and volume. Once selected, these settings remain constant. Water flowing from the tap can then be turned on or off by simply pressing the Select button strategically positioned on the high spout. On the second model, the Select button, which turns water from the multi-spray kitchen tap on and off, is located on the right sink rim. Both models allow you to control the flow of water using the back of your hand or elbow; for instance, when your hands are dirty.

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