Apart from selling women's clothing and accessories from the three large American-based departmental stores, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Macy's, She Shops is an online store that has some amazing home products we love! We're looking at their list of kitchen accessories and these are some of our favourites – unique and useful! 

1. Pancake pen
pancake pen, cook, kitchen, food, sheshops

You'll be able to design your own pancake now! Get it here

2. Cooking prep stand
cook, home, kitchen, stand, preparation

With a rotating base and splash guard, you can bring your cookbooks, ipads and tablets into the kitchen and whip up some delicious meals easily! Get it here. 

3. Salad dressing shaker
salad dressing shaker, unique, she shops, kitchen, accessories, home
We've heard about cocktail shakers, but salad dressing shakers? Mix and make different sauces and store your marinades in this leakproof glass. Get it here. 

4. NFL engraved cheese board and knives
knives, cheeseboard, kitchen, accessories, home
Calling all NFL fans: this cheese board with knives set has engravings of various NFL logos on them! Get it here. 

5. Mandoline slicer
home, mandoline slicer, kitchen, accessories
You'll look like a professional cook at home with this mandoline slicer that features three different blades for three types of cuts, crinkle, straight and julienne! Get this tool here.