Design by U-Home Interior Design

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a student, having a conducive workspace is important. Here are five tips, and a long list of suitable brands from IMM, Singapore’s largest outlet mall that will help you achieve a personalised and stylish home office at an affordable price point.

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#1 Decide on the best location

Design by Posh Living

Regardless of your home size, there are plenty of clever ways to incorporate a study into the space. Design a wardrobe with a concealed desk, or turn an unused room into a study-cum-display room to showcase your collectibles and souvenirs. No extra room to spare? Interior design firm Posh Living (#03-28B) designed this large kitchen counter to function as extra food prep space, a dining table, as well as a work desk.

Design by U-Home Interior Design

An interior designer will be able to assess your home plan and carve out the ideal place for you, no matter your budget. Check out U-Home Interior Design (#03-02A); the team seamlessly incorporated an office into the living room for one of its projects. “A home office with an elegant atmosphere is a sum of its functional and decorative elements,” says the team.

#2 Choose the right study desk

The Monza writing desk from Aartical

Once you have chosen the best spot for your home office, it is time to equip it with essentials. For instance, you should pick an ergonomic chair that is comfortable to sit in for long hours, as well as ensure there is adequate power outlets for your laptop, printer and other gadgets.

The desk, however, is the most important factor. A good desk is one that fits your space perfectly, provides adequate storage, and matches the style of your home. Here are a few you can choose from.

The Bilbo study table from Mondi Lifestyle Gallery & JotterGoods

The Scandi-style Monza writing desk ($590, U.P. $690) from Aartical (#03-21) is compact and comes with a pull-out drawer to keep clutter away. The rounded silhouette can soften the look of a usually plain office. If you use a desktop, opt for the Bilbo study table ($290, U.P. $455) from Mondi Lifestyle Gallery & JotterGoods (#03-25); it comes with a raised platform for the monitor, and can conceal the bulk of wires.

The Crimson Writing Desk from Commune Outlet

Love the mid-century modern offices seen in the popular television series Mad Men? Create a similar look with the Crimson Writing Desk ($639.20 this GSS, U.P. $799) from Commune Outlet (#02-06). It features slim tapered legs and a walnut finish.

#3 Make your home office conducive by equipping it with stylish essentials  

The Topsy Easy roller blinds from Akemi Factory Outlet

Lighting is an important factor when creating a conducive home office. If your room receives too much sunlight, you might want to install the Topsy Easy self-fit roller blind (prices range from $7 to $16.60, U.P. $29 – $69) from Akemi Factory Outlet (#02-20) on your windows. It also has a blackout version that allows you a power nap without the hindrance of sunlight. The roller blinds come in a wide selection of colours.

Task light from MINISO Outlet

If your work requires precision, such as sewing or even drawing, you may need a task light. MINISO Outlet (#01-61) is one store where you are able to find a variety of lighting, from LED table lamps with a touch sensor to night lights. One point to note is that MINISO products are priced from as low as $3, which won’t leave a dent on your budget. Other accessories such as Bluetooth speakers, wastepaper bins and stationery are also available at affordable prices.

Excelsior bookshelf from Commune Outlet 

Apart from the right lighting, you will also need a place to store your files and books. Check out the Excelsior bookshelf ($959.20 this GSS, U.P. $1,199) from Commune Outlet (#02-06). Inspired by furniture from the mid-20th century, this solid American walnut bookshelf features clean lines and a geometric silhouette.

Customisable bookcase by SmartBox

Are you in the creative industry and have more art and craft tools or even movie props than files and documents? It is good to tuck them away neatly and yet in an accessible manner. Shelves by SmartBox (#03-26) is an ingenious solution for a stylish workspace; customise a bookcase with an assortment of pigeon holes – in a number and size that fits your needs – so that you have both closed and open shelving. This way, you can display your prettier items and keep the functional yet plain-looking items away. Perfect for a #shelfie!

#4 Personalise your space according to the work you do

Design by weiken.com

Every office is different, because every homeowner uses it differently. Feel free to jazz up your space by showing off your personality and work. Make a living out of selling clothes? Opt for wardrobe organisers. Have friends come over frequently to brainstorm ideas for the next big campaign? Have a blackboard where you can hash out all your ideas.

Last but not least, if you are in the fitness industry, find a way to incorporate your interest in your workspace. Interior design firm, weiken.com (#03-28F), did exactly that for its fitness enthusiast client, when it designed a bachelor pad equipped with a dance pole.

#5 Don’t forget to decorate

Wallpaper by The Wall Story Outlet (#02-67)

Home offices need not look boring. One fuss-free and space-saving way to transform the look of your home office is with wallpapers. Clad all four walls with a subtle yet textured design that will not distract you from your work, or pick one or two walls to feature an eye-catching design. Wallpapers make the ideal backdrop for photoshoots, too!

Sofa by Red Apple (#03-19)

You can also create a cosy ambience by including an armchair or sofa. Their rounded silhouettes and generous seating softens the look of your office – a visual break from the usually linear bookcase, study tables and cubby holes. A sofabed is also great for quick naps, or when you have guests over. This modern grey piece ($1,888 onwards, U.P: $2,888) by Red Apple (#03-19) features adjustable headrests and is available in various configurations. The brand has a diverse range of seating options in fabric.

You can visit these stores and interior designers at IMM. Here are some promotions that can help you achieve your dream home office:

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