Get ready, Dream has an exciting 50 on 50 sale prepared just for you. The team at Dream has picked 50 of your favourite furniture pieces and will be selling just a few of each model at 50 per cent off! This one-time, limited sale is truly exciting because it features brands such as Cassina, Cappellini, De La Espada, and Sancal.

Due to the limited number of pieces available, we suggest studying the collection before deciding which one you truly want to own. Check out our infographic on all 50 pieces.


To help you make your decision, we’ve picked out 15 pieces we think would fit into three of Singapore’s most popular interior styles. Check them out below!

Sleek, structured shapes in bold colours and made of eye-catching materials. Those are pieces that fit best in a contemporary home. Here are five we believe will really create an impression in your home!

1) Utretch Armchair, from Cassina.
Designed in the 1970s by Gerrit Rietveld, this piece fascinates us with the unique way its seat slants upwards. Balancing on two arms and the edge of the back seat, and upholstered in bold colours, it makes a striking feature in the living room. 

2) Moov two-seater sofa, from Cassina.
Sporting strong, clean lines, this modular sofa fits perfectly into any contemporary home. Despite its boxy frame and thin metal legs, the leather-upholstered sofa still looks extremely comfortable.

3) Nori extendable table, from Kristalia.
Functional and fashionable, the Nori extendable table is a practical option for homeowners who love to entertain! 

4) Smoke low table, from Cappellini.
We love how the sleek panels of the Smoke low table, designed by Marcel Wanders, seemingly fade from view when seen from the side. It adds a subtle touch of class and keeps the home looking uncluttered.

5) Candy bookshelf, from Cappellini.
What’s more versatile than this bookshelf? The shelf comprises of steel bars and natural wood partitions. The simple structure, together with the contrast of soft wood and steel, make it a beautiful addition to any home. 

Ever soothing, the Scandinavian style is all about keeping a home looking clean and uncluttered. These pieces help you do just that with trademark Scandinavian features such as peg legs, light wood and simple, organic structures.

6) Copla sofa, from Sancal.
While the brightly coloured fabrics scream contemporary fun, the structure, shape and wooden peg legs of the sofa is all Scandinavian. We love the cosy elegance of this set.

7) Sharky chair, from Kristalia.
This seat embodies the clean and fun spirit of Scandinavian style, made stylish with the help of smooth curves and solid wood.

8) Peg Column, from Cappellini. 
Kept simple and functional, the triangular-shaped shelf is a versatile piece perfect for odd corners! 

9) Corliss chair, from Studio Dunn.
The aluminium backing of this chair gives it a utilitarian touch. We love how the studio played around with two different styles to create a standout piece! 

10) Butterfly chair, from Ercol.
With a moulded seat and back, you can bet this chair is extremely comfortable! First launched in 1958, its name comes from the back of the chair, which resembles the profile of a pair of butterfly wings.


This style is all about keep things cosy and comfortable, and while these pieces are definitely not shabby, they exude a plush, cosy elegance. Upholstered in luxurious fabrics, these pieces are perfect for curling into on a cold day. 

11) Cuba sofa, from Cappellini.
You might think this sofa is a simple two-seater, but pull the seat up and out and you’ve got a sofa bed! The slip covers are fully removable and come in fabric or leather.

12) Eloro sofa, from Cassina.
Two things caught our eye – first, the slouchy cushions that create the perfect contrast against the angular timbre frame, and, second, the curious slant of the legs!  

13) Elysia Lounge chair (on the right), from Nichetto for De La Espada.
We love how the handcrafted frame, made of solid timber, cradles a cocoon of plush cushions. It looks so comfortable!

14) Peacock chair, from Cappellini.
This majestic piece was realised with crumpled sheets of felt, folded to form the seat and back of the chair – what’s not to like about it?

15) My World sofa, from Cassina.
Just one look should give you a clue as to how comfortable this piece is. Described as a nest, its not just soft seats to slouch into, but an all-in-one solution for the quintessential couch potato. Attached is a box-cupboard equipped with an electrical charging station, a USB charge and a Duracell Powermat wireless charging solution. Also, there’s a handy foldable table on the right arm of the sofa!

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*All images are merely for reference purposes. Due to limited stock, items might not be available in the exact material and colour as shown in the images.

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