Keeping the interiors cool is key to a comfortable living space, especially when you’re living in a tropical climate. Aside from installing air-conditioning units or fans, the right sun shading and window treatments – such as shutters – will help to block out harsh sunlight while allowing for natural ventilation to create an inviting ambience.

Sunleaf Shutters, a well-established manufacturer of premium window shutters, explains why choosing the right window shutters will keep your home looking and feeling cool. 

  1. Sunleaf Shutters manufactures imported American hardwood window shutters, which are made to be more durable — they last for decades — than conventional fabric curtains or blinds, which typically need to be replaced after three to five years.

  1. Solid wood acts as a natural insulator against heat; installing shutters behind glass windows will shield the home’s interiors from harsh natural light and heat.

  1. Louvres of the window shutters can be adjusted to specific angles to allow more or less light in, and provide privacy while maintaining views of the surroundings.

  1. Sunleaf Shutters offers many types of window shutters — including bi-fold panels, bi-fold tracks, roller shutters and sliding shutters — colours, and handles or knobs to choose from. There’s even a colour matching system so you can pick the hue that best complements your interior style!

  1. Window shutters act as safety and security features for the home, too, as homeowners can add locks and latches to the systems.

  1. Easy to clean and maintain as compared to curtains, which need to be removed for washing, shutters can simply be dusted or wiped with a damp cloth.


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