singapore perfume with orchid scents from singapore memories

Scents have the power to evoke a certain mood or remind us of a special time in our lives. So what kinds of smells would you associate with life in this jungle city?


Singapore Memories is a series of perfumes dedicated to flora, culture and leaders of Singapore. Brought to you by the Je t’aime group, this collection seeks to revive old and iconic perfumes from singapore’s past including Singapore Girl and Reves De Singapour.


The 6 fragrances include Aranda 1965, Vanda 1981, One Degree North, Orchids By The Bay, Peranakan Oud and The Orient. Fully concocted and produced locally, the base notes of these perfumes comprise notes from local orchid varieties and manufactured at a perfime facility in TaiSeng.


Cost ranges from $28 (18ml EDT) to $168 (100ml EDP), and are available at Cruise Center, Isetan, MegaFash, MBS Hotel, Naiise and Sentosa.

Below are descriptions about the range from the makers of the perfume.


About Peranakan Oud

singapore perfume with orchid scents from singapore memories  

Peranakan Oud” is inspired by the Peranakan culture and takes its base notes from Oud combined with soft Tonka bean, Praline and Green Tobacco leaves.


It touches the heart and speak directly to the senses, with sobriety and intensity. As someone told us, “The scent of refined, tender, warm and woody Oud can only be experienced, not explained.” Oud oil is distilled from Agarwood, and is one of the most expensive ingredient in perfumery. Perhaps it is also the most mysterious. Oud forms in the trunk of a Aquilaria tree, when resin-feeding beetle infects it. In response to the infection, the tree produces this material in self-defence in order to suppress the “infection”. The infected wood starts to change colour, going from pale beige to yellow, orange, red, dark brown or black. Often 70Kg of Agarwood will produce only 20 ml Oud oil.


About Vanda 1981

singapore perfume with orchid scents from singapore memories

Vanda Orchids are the most natural choice for perfumery notes, because of its soft, haunting, and feminine fragrance. Vanda Mimi Palmer and hybrids can smell from sweet-jasmine to powdery, sometimes almost like a baby-powder. 1981 is a symbolic year in Singaporean history. and significant in many ways, but most especially because by this time Singapore was clearly on its way to become a 1st world city. Changi airport had opened its doors; Traveller’s Palms were in full bloom; Singapore River was almost clean; The port was already the 2nd busiest in the world; And a “courtesy campaign” had been started, which today is called “The Kindness Movement”.


About Aranda 1965 

singapore perfume with orchid scents from singapore memories

Aranda Orchids are beautiful, but tough for perfume application. We had to add top notes of Bergamot, Kafir Lime and other Citruses to ‘Aranda Peng-Lee Yeoh’ to come up with a beautiful, almost perfect masculine scent. The base was made heavier and long lasting by adding masculine musk, Amber and woody notes. Singapore’s own Aranda Chocolate Orchid: Aranda Peng-Lee Yeoh was registered in 1966 and has a distinct vanilla fragrant that children often identify as chocolate, making this the ‘chocolate orchid’. This strong-masculine perfume is the scent of natural born leaders, of achievers, of visionaries and yet compassionate souls.


About One Degree North

singapore perfume with orchid scents from singapore memories

The Equatorial Rain and Fresh Breeze daily reminds us of our location – Beautiful garden City, located “One Degree North”. This has inspired art, pubs, clubs, drinks and now a perfume. This perfume has timeless notes of variety of orchids, combined with refined new-age notes of Sea-Salt and Aqua, topped with joyful Citrus.



About The Orient

singapore perfume with orchid scents from singapore memories

It’s a mindful immersion in Nature. It’s the calming scent of still water. It’s the beauty of Asia. The pure balance was created by adding Agarwood, Sandalwood, Neroli, Rose, Champaka and other Asian flowers. 



About Native Orchids of Singapore & Fragrant Orchids

singapore perfume with orchid scents from singapore memories

Some of them are lost to time, but about 80 of them have been resurrected, recreated or replanted. Almost all orchids have a natural routine for scent release, especially in the wild where they need to be pollinated by bees or flies. Bee attracting orchids smell wonderful and perhaps the most common example is Vanilla Planifolia. This is one of the main source for natural vanilla favours. Fly attracting varieties can come in variety of nasty smells, ranging from flesh to garbage. One of the worst smelling Orchid is Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis. Most of native Orchids of Singapore were fragrant because they needed to be pollinated naturally. The hybrids often lose their scent to scientific manipulation, because the pollination is done by man.