Less is more when it comes to these simple furniture and accessories!

vitra, bird, ornament, home interiors, accessories
Image: Space Furniture

1. Vitra L’Oiseau ornament, $180, from Space


arketipo, inkas, sofa, minimalist, cushion
Image: Xtra

2. Arketipo Inkas Sofa, $$9,900, from Xtra


flou ermes, mirror, home decor, interior design, minimal
Image: Xtra

3. Flou Ermes mirror, $3,239, from Xtra


menu, afteroom, coat hanger, minimalist, simple, home decor
Image: Grafunkt

4. Menu Afteroom  coat hanger, $215, from Grafunkt


hug chair, foundry, minimal, home decor, seat
Image: Foundry

5. Hug chair, $498, from Foundry


treku, sideboard, grafunkt, home decor, minimalist
Image: Grafunkt

6. Treku Aura sideboard, $3,770, from Grafunkt


rug, space, home interior, decor, minimalist
Image: Space

7. Nanimarquina Luna rug, $3,510, from Space