1. This cute ice cream bowl and spoon set, shaped to look like a waffle cone, is not just the perfect one for home, but for parties too!

Rainbow ice cream bowl and spoon, $8, from Tickle Your Senses

2. Paired perfectly with a mini wooden spoon, this glass dish is great for serving your favourite ice cream.

Glass ice cream bowls, $6, from Little House of Dreams

3. Your treat would even be more irresistible with this adorable udders ice cream bowl.

Boston Warehouse Udderly Cow ice cream bowls, $16.48. from Amazon

4. These elegant bowls are for any ice cream lovers.

Parlour ice cream dish, $5.95, from Crate and Barrel

5. Don't get carried away and eat this waffle cone cup together with your ice cream!

Waffle cone ice cream bowl, $23.10 for a set of two, from eBay

6. A vintage-style bowl great for your frozen delight!

Available in blue and amber, $14.90, from Serafina Living

7. Wood is a good insulator of heat so this wooden bowl will keep your ice cream from melting fast. Great for serving ice cream!

Wooden bowl, $18, from Zakkahome