Looking for some crazy gadgets to add to your kitchen? You've come to the right place. We've found some very interesting gadgets that would make work in the kitchen a breeze! Now, we're not saying these gadgets are the most essential… more on the fact that they make mundane activities more fun!

apple corer, apple peeler,
1) Peeler and Corer Machine
It might LOOK like a torture device, but it really just makes peeling your apples really easy. Also, it helps you make one of those delicious potato tornado things you find at night markets!
Available at Tott Kitchen

garlic, chopper, gadget, kitchen,
2) Garlic Chopper on Wheels
For the absolute laziest people. You don't even have to lift this product, just roll it along your counter top for freshly chopped garlic.
Available at Crate and Barrel

banana, gadget, tool, handy, kitchen,
3) Banana Slicer
Check out this handy tool for banana slicing. It cuts the fruit up into tiny, even slices!
Available on Lazada.com here.

4) Bread Cutting Guide
In case your loaf hasn't been cut up, and you need even slices of toast.
Available at Tokyu Hands

cupcake, core, cutter,
5) Cupcake Hole Cutter
Want to stuff your cupcakes with some yummy goodies? You need this tool!
Available on Lazada.com here.

aztech, lollieegg, egg, omelette,
6) Egg Roll Maker
This makes little rolled up omelettes for you. It's really simple to use too! Just beat an egg, pour it in, add whatever ingredients you want and stuff a stick in! 
Available from Aztech here.

7) Soda Dispenser
Let's be honest. You can just as easily POUR the coke from the bottle, but it wouldn't look as cool would it? 
Available on Qoo10 here

8) Strawberry Huller / Stem Remover
Those green leafy bits at the top of strawberries are easily pulled off this this colourful huller! You could use a knife… But it wouldn't be as cute would it!
Available at Crate and Barrel.