6 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Singapore: Plus Creative DIY Xmas Tree Ideas for Your Home

by Home and Decor  /   November 17, 2022

Foldable fake Christmas trees cost $39 to $178

Christmas is less than a month away! Have you set up your Christmas tree?

If the thought shopping for, and setting up a real Christmas tree makes you giddy, don’t fret.

Who’s to say that we all need a real Nobel Fir Christmas tree in the home to get into the mood for Christmas?

Here, we’ve gathered the best artificial Christmas trees that you can use, fold and stow away in your storage, and re-use it again come 2023 Christmas.

  • Ihoming Christmas Tree
  • National Tree Company
  • Sunnyglade Christmas Tree
  • IKEA Vinterfint
  • Night-Gring Christmas Tree
  • Paper Christmas Tree

But if you’re not into real or fake Christmas trees at all, scroll on for a list of ten alternative DIY Christmas tree-like creative decor ideas too:

  • Ribbons “Christmas tree”
  • Chalkboard hand drawn “Christmas tree”
  • Mini Christmas tree in a jar
  • LED Fairy lights “Christmas tree”
  • Memories “Christmas tree”
  • Baubles “Christmas tree”
  • Barren “Christmas tree”
  • Mini wooden “Christmas tree”
  • Cupcake cups “Christmas tree”
  • Christmas advent calendar

Artificial Christmas Tree Singapore (Dec 2022)

Artificial Christmas trees are aplenty in Singapore. You will find them available for sale in pretty much every single shopping mall or heartland mall.

However, most of these are unfortunately single-use artificial Christmas trees. Most of the plastic Christmas trees were not designed to be flat-packed or folded, which means it’s going to be difficult for you to stow your Christmas tree away in your HDB’s bomb shelter store room.

In the interest of the environment, we’ve found six artificial foldable Christmas trees in Singapore.

Price of Artificial Christmas Tree with Fold Up Branches

While real Christmas trees cost $216 to $2,790 in Singapore, artificial Christmas trees cost $39 to $178. Here, prices of the six best artificial Christmas trees in Singapore:

Artificial Christmas TreePricePrice with Delivery
Ihoming Christmas Tree 6ft$178.09$300
National Tree Company 4ft$65.41$134.11
Sunnyglade Christmas Tree 6ft$97.44$97.44
IKEA Vinterfint 170cm$39.90$54.90
Night-Gring Christmas Tree 5ft$45.87$45.87
Paper Christmas Tree $109.90$109.90

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Whether a real or fake Christmas tree, know that the bulk of your cost will go to the decoration – accessory poinsettias, the star, doves, fairy lights, baubles, gifts, gift wrappers (under the X’mas tree!), tree stand, tree stand cover, and glitter ribbons.

1. Ihoming Artificial Christmas Tree with Lights, $178.09

This is a 6 ft (182cm) artificial Christmas tree with foldable branches and foldable metal tree stand. Its 860 branch tips are made of flame-retardant plastic, and are split into tree major sections – base, middle, top – to facilitate assembly and “fluffing”.

Unique thing about this artificial Christmas tree is that it’s pre-lit – meaning 400 LED lights have already been curled and fixed evenly around the branches for you. The LED lights also come with eight flash patterns, so your children, nieces, nephews, and cats can entertain themselves all Christmas night.

Do note that delivery for this tree is pretty expensive due to its sheer size and volume. It will cost you $122 in delivery (as a guest Amazon user without Amazon Prime), which brings the total cost of this Christmas tree up to $300.

Ihoming Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree is available on Amazon at $178.09.

2. National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree, $65.41

Standing at 4 ft (122cm) and weighing 2.9 kg, this North Valley Spruce artificial Christmas tree by the National Tree Company sports “hundreds” of branch tips – lesser than the higher-tier Christmas trees with 800 or 900 branch tips.

6 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Singapore: Plus Creative DIY Xmas Tree Ideas for Your Home
6 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Singapore: Plus Creative DIY Xmas Tree Ideas for Your Home

The branches are hinged and foldable, and the base measures 31 inches (79cm). There’s no mention of the tree base being foldable, so you should be prepared to have 80cm worth of space in your store room to keep this post-Christmas.

This tree will be shipping from the US, and delivery will cost you $68.70 (as a guest user without Amazon Prime). That will bring your total cost up to $134.11.

National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree is available on Amazon at $65.41.

3. Sunnyglade Artificial Christmas Tree, $99.90

Here’s an artificial Christmas tree with the holy grail 1,000 branch tips – fuller, more leaves, more lush looking, and you can hang a lot more ornaments. In the same vein, it will require two or three persons over an evening to fluff up and decorate a 1,000 tip Christmas tree. It’s hard work!!

At 6 ft (182cm), Sunnyglade’s tree is made of plastic but there’s no mention of it being flame-retardant.

All 1,000 branch tips are split into three major sections – base, middle, top – for easy assembly and folding. Supporting the dense tree is a metal base. However, this metal tree stand is not foldable and you will need to have sufficient space to store it.

Delivery is free (as a guest Amazon user).

Sunnyglade Artificial Christmas Tree is available on Amazon at $97.44.

4. IKEA Vinterfint Artificial Christmas Tree, $39.90

The easiest artificial Christmas tree to get in town must be IKEA’s Vinter plastic Christmas trees. They’re packed in nifty boxes, so you can even pop by one of their IKEA Alexandra, Tampines, or JEM stores to purchase and Grab or Gojek home.

Otherwise, you can order it online and top up all your decorations at once. You’ll, however, need to pay a flat $15 delivery fee.

IKEA’s artificial Christmas trees stand at 170cm, and are pretty sparsely fitted with branches and tips. So, you really do need to go above and beyond when decorating the tree to ensure it looks plush and abundant. Either that, or you can swing the other way and leave it loosely decorated, sparse, and barren for a minimal and white Christmas theme.

This tree is split into three segments and a base. You will get an assembly manual as usual. Keep it safely in the box. It will come in handy post-Christmas when you need to disassemble the tree.

IKEA Vinterfint Artificial Christmas Tree is available online at $39.90.

5. Night-Gring Artificial Christmas Tree, $45.87

This gorgeous slim colourful sequins and glitter Christmas tree will be a stunning addition to your Christmas home decor. It stands at 5 ft (150cm), and comes with sparkly plastic tinsels instead of the usual green tree branch tips.

6 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Singapore: Plus Creative DIY Xmas Tree Ideas for Your Home
6 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Singapore: Plus Creative DIY Xmas Tree Ideas for Your Home

For a more traditional look, you can opt for a green tinsel tree. Otherwise, you can choose from colourful (pictured), red wine, rose gold, bright white, or golden yellow.

This tree also comes pre-fitted with 10-metres worth of LED lights (you have to choose one of the pre-set colours listed above).

Assembly and tear down is supposedly pretty fuss free. This tree comes with a pull-up mechanism that pops the tree up and out. Perhaps, like an umbrella? Note that this tree currently comes with free delivery for non-Prime users too.

Night-Gring Artificial Christmas Tree is available on Amazon at $45.87.

6. Foldable Mini Paper Christmas Tree, $109.90 for a set of two

The most-space saving option is, perhaps, this desktop paper Christmas tree that comes with an inner-lit USB LED light as well. You get to choose between green, red, or white to fit your home’s Christmas theme.

For $109.90, you get a set of two paper Christmas trees – a larger 52.5cm height by 40cm base, and a smaller 23cm height by 18cm base.

6 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Singapore: Plus Creative DIY Xmas Tree Ideas for Your Home
6 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Singapore: Plus Creative DIY Xmas Tree Ideas for Your Home

You’ll also get complementary decor for your paper tree – a set of hanging pines, snow balls, coloured baubles, glitter baubles, one large gold bauble, ribbons for draping, and the golden star for the tree top.

Mini paper foldable Christmas Tree is available on Qoo10 at $109.90 for a set of two.

10 Creative Alternative Christmas Tree DIY Ideas

1. Ribbons Christmas Tree

Create a 2D Christmas tree with coloured ribbons or sticky tape. Jazz it up with garlands and ornaments buy sticking them to the wall.

2. Chalkboard Hand Drawn Christmas Tree

Got a chalkboard wall? Put your drawing skills to the test by designing your own Christmas tree.

(Image: A Legg Up)

3. Mini Christmas Tree In A Jar

Pick a branch with many “limbs” and use charms or jewellery as ornaments. Encase it in a bell jar for a unique table centrepiece.

4. LED Fairy Lights Christmas Tree

Add some sparkle to your living room. Put up strings of LED lights on the wall and shape them into the form of a Christmas tree. 

(Image: A Merry Mishap

5. Memories Christmas Tree

We love this “knick knack” wall Christmas tree idea from Brit + Co. It’s so simple, child-friendly, and meaningful.

It’s basically a wall formation of memories. You could gather your spouse, elderly parents, and children, get everyone to bring a favourite item or picture, ornaments, photo frames, cards, jewellery, stickers and other small items to stick them to the wall with tapes or 3M hang tags.

Creative DIY Ideas Christmas Tree Alternatives (Image: Brit+Co)
Creative DIY Ideas Christmas Tree Alternatives (Image: Brit+Co)

This is one great way to bond as a family, spend quality time together, and create a meaningful art piece for your Christmas decor.

6. Baubles Christmas Tree

Not keen on having a tree? Cluster and dangle baubles of different colours and textures from the ceiling.

7. Barren Christmas Tree

A barren tree would channel that winter wonderland look into your home. Just decorate; no maintenance needed.

(Image: Hege In France)

8. Mini Wooden Christmas Trees

If the lack of space is an issue, these miniature Christmas trees (TH woodland trees, $15.95 (set of 5), from Made With Love) will still add to the mood of Christmas. Perfect for table decor during parties. 

9. Cupcake Cups Christmas Tree

Need to decorate at the last minute? Put up cupcake wrappers or paper plates to get this look!

(Image: Vonblum)

10. Christmas Advent Calendar

Make the countdown to Christmas more exciting with an advent calendar. A great craft project for the kids!

Wishing a joyous festive season to all of you Home and Decor readers! – Home and Decor team.