Should you invest in a children’s furniture if they’re just outgrow them in a short time? How do you balance what’s timeless and what’s for “now” when designing their spaces at home?

Here are our top 10 tips and ideas to futureproof your child’s bedroom.

Kids Storage Cabinets

Children at any age – or adults for that matter – always need storage space. Thus, a storage wall will never go out of use. Opt for colours that go together with plenty of themes and design styles.

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Multi-Functional Kids Room

Children’s needs evolve quickly, so think about what they need in the near, and not-so-near future, and plan accordingly. This multifunctional room designed by Wolf Woof is reserved for the family’s granddaughter, who is currently sharing a bedroom with her mother but will need her own room in a few years.

When the time comes, a bed will be added under the arch niche while the study will be moved near the window.

Children’s needs evolve quickly, so think about what they need in the near, and not-so-near future, and plan accordingly

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Convertible Kids Furniture

Get the most mileage from children’s furniture by choosing multifunctional pieces. Think of changing tables that can be repurposed as study desks, height-adjustable desks, benches and bedframes with storage bases.

This Multipurpose Stackable Low Stool from Zhen Feng Object Workshop is a great example as it can serve as a small table for children or a stool as they grow up.

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Plan for Wear and Tear

Learning is inseparable from playing for children. Hence, plan ahead for considerable wear and tear to give the kids as much space to explore their interests. Avoid precious items that will only restrict the child’s activities in the room.

Opt for sturdy items, or go to the end of the spectrum with items that can be easily replaced.

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Variety of Spaces

Children are space explorers, and a variety of spaces in their room does wonders to inspire them. Consider building up with bunk beds, or diversify the sitting options with a bay window reading nook or bean bags, as seen in this shared children’s room by Ehka Studio.

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Future-proof child’s furniture

Keep the big ticket items in the room age-neutral, like bed frames and wardrobes. Super single bed is always a safe bet for growing children, while built-in bed frames in neutral colour by Wolf Woof, can be easily accessorised according to the child’s changing taste.

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Portable Kids Furniture

Make sure that the age-specific items, like a playpen, jungle gym, novelty rugs and so on, are portable or easily disassembled and stowed away. These items have a shelf date as the kids grow, and their portability means they can be passed down to others or donated easily when your child needs the space for something else. 

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Interactive Child-Friendly Surfaces

Children doodle and scrawl, it is known. So why not facilitate this with a writable surface. Having a dedicated scrawl wall will not only allow them to be creative but will also contain the visual clutter. This writable surface from Formica is a wonderful option.

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Custom Made Kids Furniture

Every child is unique, and what better way to cater to their growth and development than something specially designed for them? When you can’t find something specific in the stores, it’s best to co-create them with your interior designer. This foldable space-saving desks by Akihaus is an excellent example of a custom element for your kid’s room.

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Involve Child in Room Design

Every designer will tell you that the users of the space are the most important stakeholder in any project, so involve your children in the design and curation process of their own room and discuss the compromise and reasons behind the decisions. You can also consider involving them in the execution, like letting them help paint a wall mural, for example, which will create a family bonding time.

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