7 Children's Bedroom Theme Ideas by Kids Haven

Having issues with your little one kicking up a fuss when bedtime draws near? Don’t worry, it’s a common challenge that many parents face.

Fellow parents, siblings Vivien and Jeremy Teo, were in a similar situation and decided to take action by sourcing for items to create a beautiful bedtime space for their children.

Founders of retail outlet Kids Haven, they stock their gallery with plenty of ideas for decking out your child’s room. Here are some inspiration along with other ideas for a stylish child’s room.

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Immerse your little explorer in a world of vibrant colors, playful animal prints, and enchanting jungle murals from children's furniture store, Kids Haven

Safari-Themed Children’s Bedroom

Step into a wild wonderland with a captivating animal safari-themed kids’ room. Immerse your little explorer in a world of vibrant colors, playful animal prints, and enchanting jungle murals.

Oslo ModBed Low House Bed with Pullout bed, available from KidsHaven

Galaxy-Themed Children’s Bedroom

Embark on a galactic adventure in your room. Step into a mesmerising galaxy-themed wonderland, where twinkling stars and colorful planets adorn the walls. Spark your child’s imagination as they explore the mysteries of space while they countdown to sleep time.

Oslo ModBed Ultra High Loft with Long Table and Shelf, available from KidsHaven.

Oslo ModBed Ultra High Loft with Long Table and Shelf, available from KidsHaven

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Children’s Bedroom Ideas by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Discover the boundless possibilities of AI-driven design as we explore four of the latest trends for kids rooms. From the allure of geometric patterns to the calming pastel pink palette, and the enchanting worlds of under the sea and dinosaurs, these AI-created spaces offer inspiration when you are transforming your child’s space into a haven ideal for rest and play.

Using these creations as a moodboard when renovating helps provide you with a better idea of the look you want to achieve.

You can also bring along these pictures when shopping for furniture that you need to realise your child’s dream space!

Dinosaur-Themed Children’s Bedroom

Unleash prehistoric fun and excitement with a dinosaur-inspired room. Roaring T-Rexes, graceful Brachiosauruses, and spiky Stegosauruses bring the Jurassic era to life.

This theme ignites imagination and sparks curiosity about ancient creatures, allowing your child’s room to become a captivating time machine to the land of dinosaurs.

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Pink Princess Children’s Bedroom

Create a dreamy and serene ambiance with a pastel pink palette. Soft hues of blush and cotton candy lend a gentle and calming atmosphere, perfect for nurturing relaxation and creativity.

Embrace this timeless and versatile color scheme to bring a touch of elegance and sweetness to your child’s space.

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Geometric Children’s Bedroom

Infuse your child’s room with energy and style using captivating geometric patterns.

From bold triangles and squares to intricate hexagons, these designs add a modern and dynamic touch, creating a vibrant and stimulating environment for young minds to thrive.

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Sea Ocean-Themed Children’s Bedroom

Dive into a world of wonder and adventure with an under the sea theme. Explore an oceanic realm filled with playful dolphins, friendly sea turtles, and colorful coral reefs. This immersive design stimulates imagination and curiosity, transporting your child to an enchanting underwater paradise.

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Glamping Camping Bedroom

Children enjoy building castles out of pillows and tents out of blankets. Now you can allow them to indulge in a spending nights within a tent without having to weather the elements with a tented bed setting. Not only does it make the room feel cosier, it also helps to create a safe nook to curl up in.

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