There are four basic types of vacuum cleaners in the market: bagged, bagless, upright, and robotic.

While some may be two of these at once (e.g. a bagless upright vacuum cleaner), these are its main benefits:

Bagged: Good for homes with pets or with family members who are sensitive to dust. Its disposable bag minimises the release of dust and pet fur back into the room when clearing it. 

Bagless: More economical in the long run, as there's no need for dust bags.

Upright: Handy for quick cleanups, especially for families with pets that shed or kids who are messy eaters. 

Robotic: Best for homes with plenty of legroom, as these automatic machines can't get into corners and tight spots. 

(The Philips Powerpro Aqua Stick vacuums and mops! Click here to read the review.)

TIP! The wattage of a vacuum cleaner is not necessarily an indication of its suction power, says Jeff Peh, assistant manager, product management, at BSH Home Appliances. A better gauge is its suction power or dust pick-up rating (for European brands; ranges from A to G) of the machine. 

This article was originally published in Simply Her February 2015.