About a third of our lives is devoted to sleep, and that’s why the bedroom is one of the places where we spend a lot of time. Turn your bedroom into a restful haven with these five tips, which you can follow easily when you shop at IMM, Singapore’s largest outlet mall.

1) Start with a comfortable mattress

The one thing you absolutely must have in the bedroom is a plush mattress. Not only will it ensure comfort, but seeing it will instantly signal to the brain that the space is meant for rest.

Despite that, heat can still disturb our sleep and wake us. This has likely happened to some of us, as our body heat gets trapped in the mattress. Mattresses from Serta’s (#03-48) Sertapedic collection offer the perfect solution. Sertapedic mattresses help keep users cool throughout the night with their state-of-the-art Adaptive Dynamic Cooling System, so you won’t wake up hot and sweaty.

Sertapedic mattress from Serta

Are you someone who suffers from disturbed sleep because of allergies? If you do, then a latex mattress is a necessary aid to helping you get better sleep. Made with 100% organic latex, the Havenly Supreme mattress by Sleepnight Mattress is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mould and dust mites. Built with an extensive spring system that encompasses both individual pocketed and mini pocketed springs, the mattress’s coil on coil system provides better support for sounder sleep.

Havenly Supreme mattress by Sleepnight Mattress

Love the feel of five- and six-star hotel room beds? Get your very own from the Sealy Posturepedic Hotel Collection at Sealy Sleep Boutique (#03-05). Available in three variations from firm to plush, enjoy a pampered sleep every night with the patented SRx Titanium coils which are designed to sense your body’s weight and motion to provide the optimal support that your body needs.

Posturepedic Hotel collection mattress from Sealy

2) Get comfortable bedlinen

Aside from a quality mattress, soft and durable bedlinen is also essential to creating a conducive sleeping environment. Prime your senses for dozing with soothingly soft sheets, such as the Abella quilt cover set from Akemi factory outlet (#02-20). Made of 100% cotton sateen, the bedlinen from Akemi’s Affluence collection may be extra soft, but also equally durable. Its pleasant pink and floral prints will also give your bedroom a welcome pep of colour.

Affluence collection Abella quilt cover set from Akemi


3) Find the perfect pillow

No bedroom is complete without pillows and cushions. Find the right pillow to support your head, from the NeckCare and NextGen range by Simmons (#03-04). Non-allergenic and bacteria-free, the pillows are designed to support sleepers in all possible sleeping positions.

NeckCare pillow from Simmons

NextGen pillow from Simmons

If you are a hot sleeper, look for pillows that feel cool and are designed to efficiently expel the heat transferred from our bodies. Bedgear’s Storm series pillows from Lotus Sleep Studio (#03-54) feature cool-touch fabric and patented Air-X air flow technology that keep them cool all night long for your comfort. Available in four different heights from 12 to 16cm, each pillow has a solid foam crown on one side for firmer support, and a softer give on the other. 

Bedgear Storm series pillows from Lotus Sleep Studio


4) Optimise your bedroom space with a functional and compact bed

You don’t have to compromise on the design of your bedroom because of its small dimensions. Opt for space-efficient designs such as this space-saving bedroom suite from Smartbox (#03-26) that folds away when not needed, or a dual function bed such as the Gwenn storage bed from Aartical (#03-21) that hides a spacious storage compartment under the mattress.

Space-saving bedroom suite from Smartbox

Gwenn storage bed from Aartical


5) Go for cosy furnishing touches

Besides a space for rest, a bedroom is also a private space where we get dressed and do a myriad other routines and activities. Equip your bedroom with cosy furnishings such as the Yucca standing mirror from Aartical (#03-21), which lets you check your appearance before you head out. Minimalist and Scandi-inspired, the Lykke-N-My night table – also from Aartical – is a stylish yet functional side table to hold your knick-knacks.

Yucca standing mirror from Aartical

Lykke-N-My night table from Aartical

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