A common misconception when buying or renovating an HDB is that certain luxuries have to be surrendered because of space constraints. One of the first things people are most willing to sacrifice for more space in the bathroom is the bathtub.

After all, the impression is that these take up a lot of space, are expensive and aren’t always necessary. But that isn’t always the case.

“I realise we made a mistake during our renovation when we decided against having a bathtub,” says homeowner Lynn Tan, 38. “When we had kids, we realised that having a bathtub would have been useful for them, and also more relaxing for me!”

When choosing a tub for your HDB flat, there are a few things to consider in terms of size, fit and functionality. Do you want to stretch out and soak? Or is a seated, walk-in bathtub more suitable for your needs? Do you need a cheap bathtub option? Or do you want to splurge?

HDB Bathtub Size

A typical bathtub is about 1520mm by 800m, which can easily fit into most bathrooms of five-room and executive flats, but it is possible to get even smaller ones that will suit smaller HDB flats.

It’s also important to note that bathtubs can only be installed in the original bathroom space of an HDB – meaning should you choose to enlarge your bathroom, the bathtub can only go within the original spacing, this is to ensure that water damage is not a problem for you or your neighbours.

HDB Bathtub Weight

Finally, it’s also important to make sure your bathtub doesn’t weight more than 150kg per square metre (or a total of 400kg). Usually that means that heavy materials like marble or tubs featuring heavy cast iron legs won’t work. Ultimately your best options would be acrylic tubs or those made of fibrelgass-reinforced plastic. 

8 Best Bathtub for HDB Small Bathroom

Here are the 8 best bathtubs for your HDB in Singapore taking into consideration price, size and design. 

Bathtub for Small BathrooomPriceBest for…
INOVO Luxury Lyon Deep Soak Bathtub$1,150Best overall small bathtub
HERA Bathtub 1017 with Seat$1,080Best small bathtub for relaxing
DURAVIT White Tulip$3,454Best luxury small bathtub buy
INOVO Luxury Jürgen Panel Walk in Bathtub$1,150Best walk-in bathtub for the old and young
ROZ Thin Rim Portable Bathtub$1,180Best sleek design
Hera 1001 Freestanding Bathtub$2,000Best compact bathtub
MESSINA PRESTIGE BathtubOn requestBest deep-soaking bathtub
Lazada Foldable bathtub$79.80Best non-permanent bathtub
small bathtubs for HDB and condos

INOVO Luxury Lyon Deep Soak Bathtub, $1,150

Best Overall Small Bathtub

Frequently recommended as one of the best and most practical options for an HDB bathroom, the Luxury Lyon Deep Soak bath tub by INOVO measure just 80cm in length, which is a perfect space-saving option. Sleek and simple, it is made of high-quality acrylic and is easy to install.

The width of the tub comes as both 59cm or 68cm to give you options for your design. The height for its smallest 80cm option stands at 69cm which is a relatively decent amount of space to soak.

While the length of this tub will not allow you to stretch out, it is still a comfortable option for a little relaxation at home while also conserving space in your washroom. Also to note, this model does not come with a faucet which has to be purchased and installed separately.

The Inovo Luxury Lyon Deep Soak Bathtub is priced at $1,150, buy from Inovo online here.

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HERA Bathtub 1017 with Seat, $1,080

Best Small Bathtub For Relaxing

Local brand Hera’s 1017 bathtub is perfect for small spaces like your HDB bathroom and comes with the unique option of having a seat as well. In terms of installation, nothing is easier with its plug and play system that requires no hacking and no plumbing required. It even has a flexible outlet so that it can work with any kind of bathroom.

Made of acrylic with fibreglass, its stainless steel structure ensures that its long-lasting and durable.

The smallest option of this range comes in 90cm in length so once again it’s not a “stretch your legs out” type of bath but the seat does promise some added comfort. For those who have the option, the size for this tub type can go up to 130cm.

The HERA Bathtub 1017 with seat is priced at $1,080, buy it from Saniguo here.

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Duravit White Tulip, $3,454

Best Luxurious Small Bathtub

This luxury model by Duravit designed by the famed Philippe Starck is a freestanding, small bathtub with seamless acrylic panel and support frame. Part of the brand’s sustainable White Tulip range, it would match seamlessly with the other products in the line such as freestanding toilets or mirrors.

The basic model is a round, 140cm in diameter which makes it comparable to other small models in this list. But this is definitely a luxe purchase with a price tag of $3,454.

But for some who want that sleek, rounded aesthetic for their bathroom, this might be the choice to make. It most certainly would be a standout centrepiece and a relaxing place to take a soak in.

The Duravit White Tulip is priced at $3,454, buy it from xTwostore here.

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small bathtubs for condos with seat

INOVO Luxury Jürgen Panel Walk in Bathtub, $2,900

Best Bathtub for elderly and children

This walk-in tub mixes it up when it comes to form and function, with a jacuzzi whirlpool built-in for the luxe factor plus a door that makes it easy to enter and exit the bath safely – which can be an added advantage for the elderly or for children.

It’s built with an extra thick body to help with heat insulation to ensure that a soak in this tub is always relaxing and destressing. It’s very compact size of 1 metre length means it’s perfect for a small HDB bathrooms.

The Inovo Luxury Jürgen Panel Walk In Bathtub is priced at $2900, buy it from Inovo online here.

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ROZ Thin Rim Portable Bath Tub, $1,180

Best Sleek Bathtub Design

A longer but still compact bathtub that will work in your HDB Bathroom, the Roz Thin Rim Portable Bathtub available from homeware stalwart Hoe Kee is sleek and slim.

The thin rim helps in terms of space conservation but still allows you to have a longer, more relaxing length for the bath. Perfect for those looking for a sleek and minimalist look for their bathroom.

The Roz Thin Rim Portable Bath Tub can be bought from Hoe Kee here.

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Hera Bathtub 1011 Portable Corner Bathtub, $1,260

Best Compact Bathtub

Definitely one of the smallest and most compact bathtubs on the market. The added advantage of this local brand’s small bathtub is the corner design that slots subtly into a room, without taking up too much space.

The smallest design measures just 80cm by 80cm and works great as a standalone bath or over a shower making it both functional and luxurious at the same time.

The Hera Bathtub 1011 Portable Corner Bathtub is priced at $1,260, check it out at Saniguo here.

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luxury small bathtubs for HDB and condos

Messina Prestige Freestanding Bathtub

Best Deep Soaking Tub

Available from Singapore Baths, the Messina Prestige is a freestanding, acrylic tub with a unique, oval shape that allows for deep soaking despite its compact size (the smallest comes in at just 120cm).

The tub is designed to be extra deep so you can submerge fully in and relax in its ergonomic design that enhances your comfort. Its premium look makes it perfect for any modern designed homes and works well as a centrepiece to the bathroom.

The Messina Prestige Bathtub’s price is available on request, check it out at Singapore Bathtubs here.

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foldable bathtub for hdb and condos

Lazada Foldable Bathtub, $79.80

Cheap portable bathtub

If you’re looking for the option of a good soak but aren’t looking to commit to actually building a bathtub into your bathroom as a permanent fixture, one solution is to look at a foldable tub.

With many options available online Lazada or Shopee, these tubs offer full-length (if shallow) soaking and fold up to just 21cm thickness after use. You can easily store them away until you feel the need for another soak.

Great for both kids and adults alike. Some even come with a lid if you should decide to try converting it into a steam option.

There are many options for a foldable bathtub, which are priced around $80, check it out at Shopee or Lazada here.

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