The design of a bed frame is a deciding factor in determining the style of a bedroom, as your eyes immediately get drawn to the bed once you step into a bedroom.

When choosing a bed frame, space and practicality are often the main considerations, with the bed frame design taking a back seat as plain and uninspiring most of the time.

9 Best Bed Frames

We have listed some of the best bed frames that are anything but ordinary, with functions like floating nightstands and adjustable headboards too! It is time to look beyond boring and choose something bold to make it a statement piece with character.

Bed FramesPrice
Urban Mood Abigail Victoria Bed Frame$374
Emma Sleep Signature Bed Frame$659
HipVan Addison Platform Bed$699
Urban Mood Play Modern Teepee Bed Frame$890
Cellini Gaze Bed Frame$1,650
Castlery Claude Performance Fabric Bed$1,699
JotterGoods Jotter Bed$1,890
EtchandBolts Wellington Tropical Bed Frame$2,399
King Living Bellaire Bed$2,990

Urban Mood Abigail Victorian Bed Frame, $374

Have you fantasized about living in the set of The Great Gatsby, with an extravagant and lavishly decorated bedroom that screams glamourous? How about starting with a touch of art deco style, a movement that is synonymous with vivid and highly contrasted colours, strong symmetrical and geometric shapes, yet sleek with its straight line work. 

The Abigail Victorian bed frame features a bold and beautiful velvet headboard in a cool rectangular design. You can choose from 5 luxurious metallic frame colours of black, white, gold, purple, and green.

Abigail Victorian bed frame is retailing from $374 on UrbanMood.

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Emma Sleep Signature Bed Frame, $659

Looking for something more classically Scandinavian and neutral? Add Emma Sleep’s Signature Bed Frame to your list. Made of solid wood with a sleek and minimalist design featuring nice clean lines, this bed frame can be easily styled to suit most spaces.

The bed frame also comes with a removable and washable top cover making it a breeze to keep it clean and fresh for better sleep – and for those who prefer being able to clean under your bed regularly, this bedframe features legs giving you easy under-bed access.

Emma Sleep’s Signature Bed retails from $659 on their website.

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HipVan Addison Platform Bed, $699

We love a good mid-century modern bed frame that is beyond the usual teak and nostalgic designs. On the Addison platform bed by HipVan, you will be greeted by the light fabric-upholstered headboard in a visually pleasing chevron pattern. The mattress sits on a walnut wood piece that beautifully frames the bed. 

Addison platform bed retails at $699 on HipVan.

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Urban Mood Play Modern Teepee Bed Frame, $890

If you are like me and you have always wanted to have a teepee bed since you were a child, then this is your sign to make those unfulfilled childhood dreams come true! 

The Play modern teepee bed frame is made up of a sturdy wrought iron frame structure that resembles a lodge tent. The beam located at the top comes with a mini swing that is hanging by some rope, which I think is both fun and functional as a temporary side table to possibly do your daily journal on. The teepee bed frame comes in both black and white, and you can also choose if you would like to go with legs for easy cleaning or not.

Play modern teepee bedframe is priced from $890 on UrbanMood.

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Cellini Gaze Bed Frame, $1,650

Made up of adjustable headboards that are built with a tilting mechanism, the Gaze bed frame features a modern contemporary design with minimal and clean lines. Rather than going back and forth with stacking pillows to get the comfort and back support that you need for bedtime reads, try adjusting the personal headboard on each side that looks just like oversized pillows, but in a sturdy leather material.

The Gaze bed frame by Cellini comes in 4 leather colour tones of iceberg, smoke, dark brown, and black.

Gaze bed frame retails from $1,650 on Cellini.

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Castlery Claude Performance Fabric Bed, $1,699

Furniture pieces adorned with belted elements lend a charming touch. On the Claude performance bed, you will be drawn to the headboard that has a couple of brown belts for embellishment and adjustable purposes, as you can position the heights as you wish. 

Upholstered in the dune material as part of Castlery’s performance fabric series, it is tested as a spill-resistant material that enables fuss-free maintenance. The extended headboard paneling also comes fitted with wooden floating nightstands that have smart cutouts at the back for easy cable management. 

Claude performance fabric bed is available from $1,699 on Castlery.

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JotterGoods Jotter Bed, $1,890

Designed with a wingback headboard by JotterGoods, Jotter Bed is charmingly constructed in a solid walnut frame with a fabric upholstered bed frame that is ready to catch the hearts of modern classic, mid-century style lovers.

Do you know that furniture with a wingback design like an armchair or a headboard was intended to safeguard its users from the external cold air, it has evolved to add an interesting layer of character to a standard furniture piece.

JotterGoods Jotter Bed is on sale at $1,890 on StarLiving.

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EtchandBolts Wellington Tropical Bed Frame, $2,399

Fancy, lively, and vibrant tropical printed fabric on the Wellington bed frame will be sure to exude life and energy in an otherwise dull bedroom. It offers peaceful nature vibes while adding splashes of colours with the flora and fauna of the tropical print design.

Wellington tropical bed frame is retailing from $2,399 on EtchandBolts.

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King Living Bellaire Bed, $2,990

What are those antennas-looking objects, you may be wondering. The Bellaire bed by King Living is a customisable bed that gives you the option to add on bed lights known as Lume Lights and smart swivel nightstands in a round shape.

The low-profile padded headboard is contrasted with sleek angular legs that you can select between polished stainless steel or black powder coat. As a customisable bed, you can also have the luxury of picking out your favourite colours for the cover and bed base separately.

Bellaire bed retails from $2,990 on King Living.

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