A mattress, a sofa, a dining table and dining chairs – these are some of the big ticket, essential furniture pieces for one’s home. Today, in a world where Working From Home (WFH) and Home-Based Learning (HBL) have rapidly become the norm, we have one more item to add to the list: an office chair.

Built to sustain the ideal sitting position for a long time, an office chair is must have centrepiece in your work space or learning space at home. Sure, you can always drag a chair from the dining room to sit on as you work, or plonk yourself on a sofa or a bean bag with a laptop to study, but these are emergency, short-term solutions for your long term need of a proper work chair at home that will not cause back pain, neck pain, and general fatigue that diminish productivity at home. It’s time to get off those temporary seats and invest on an ergonomic work chair.

Speakin about investing in ergonomic office chair, Ergomeister’s FAEZ8ERG Series 8 Ergonomic Office Chair offers has it all: the look, the technology and the price point. Designed to provide maximum comfort and promote the correct posture all day long, anywhere you might be working. Orthopaedics and chiropractors swear by it. And it had been voted by more than 60,000 users worldwide as the #1 office chair in the market. Here are out top five reasons to invest on the chair.

Stately Versatility

We always want a cohesive look in our home. FAEZ8ERG Series 8 may have Office Chair in its name. But as today’s office can be anywhere, so can the chair, thanks to its design.

Featuring a slim silhouette, with sturdy and sleek black finish frame made from lightweight aircraft aluminium, FAEZ8ERG Series 8 Ergonomic Office Chair looks equally at home behind a stately marble desk at your home office, amongst the colourful lights of your hi-tech devices in the gaming room, or sitting unobtrusively in a makeshift corner study overlooking the greenery outside.

It pairs well with a broad range of interior styles, adding a techie element to industrial, minimalist and modern-contemporary looks and lending a modern juxtaposition to classic and eclectic spaces. The chair’s castor wheels glide smoothly on even surfaces, translating to easy portability – simply drag it to another room if you need to switch up the view and furniture arrangement.

Maximum Breathability

Working at home in the hot and humid Singapore is ideally done in a space with adequate flow of fresh air or air-conditioned room. Even then, often, at the end of working day, we often find our clothes stick to our sweaty back. That’s because the backrest of your chair does not provide enough ventilation.

Leather upholstery or solid cushioned back may look and feel great for a few hour’s work, but any longer that that, they will feel stuffy (and side note: do you want to sit on a sweaty chair if you have to take turns using the study?).

FAEZ8ERG Series 8 Ergonomic Office Chair features German-engineered patented Premium Air-scape Mesh, which prevents heat from being trapped between your body and the chair. This trademarked mesh has been engineered to conform easily to the contours of the sitter’s body while providing enough support and firmness to prevent aches.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

One cannot call a chair ergonomic without a superb lumbar support and FAEZ8ERG Series 8 Ergonomic Office Chair’s support is better than ever. Its Lumbar+ Extra Response technology automatically react to the sitter’s body movement, ensuring you can stretch out comfortably and switch sides to lean on while you’re sitting on it, as the chair compensates the change in weight distribution. Even the most fidgety users would find it comfortable.

The chair also features adjustable armrests and headrest; the later not only adjustable in height, but also in angle, a boon for your neck when you plan to pull an all-nighter of studying, working or gaming.

And have we mentioned the chair’s state-of-the art 3 Wired Line Control mechanism? It comprises a tilt mechanism that allows users to choose between locking the chair in any desired position, or to let it be in a dynamic mode where it will auto-adjust the recline according to the tension create by the user’s body against the chair. The chair also enables users to adjust the seat depth and the position of the armrests.

Return on Investment

One of the reasons homeowners are reluctant to invest in a proper home office is because of its relatively higher price point compared to regular multipurpose or dining chairs. We’ll argue that this is apple to oranges. FAEZ8ERG Series 8 Ergonomic Office Chair is, essentially, a machine designed for sitting. It is at once a furniture piece and a mechanical gadget designed to promote wellness in working spaces. And your wellness deserves considerable investment, don’t you think?

At $899, the chair is an incredibly worthy investment for your health. Imagine having to go to chiropractors or physiotherapy for neck and back pains multiple times in a year – that could easily fetch a four-digit billing, all for a reparative procedures. Buying a sleek chair to prevent all this is the smart thing.

Have mentioned it’s available to purchase in interest-free instalments too? And we haven’t even talked about the excellent warranty yet.

Return and Warranty Policies

We get it – deciding to finally buy big ticket items is hard. What if you don’t like it? Or if it doesn’t fit the space? Ergomeister understands this, and has made it easy for us by offering same-day free delivery and a 60-day risk-free trial.

After at least 30 days of using the chair, should you like to return the chair (After all that comfort, why would you? But the brand will not judge you if you do), simply fill out a form and and the Ergomeister team will respond with a pick up date within 30 days from the request date, and refund will be credited within 45 days from the pick up date.

Should you love the chair (like us!), rest assured that it will stay with you for a long time, as it comes with a 15-year limited warranty coverage that covers hydraulics and manufacturing defects.

Our new normal comes with a unique set of challenges, like the immediate need of an office chair when you suddenly have to relocate your workstation at home or elsewhere. For this, Ergomeister offers Free Same Day Delivery & Assembly service. Place your order today and receive the chair on the same day, with free delivery and fully assembled. What are you waiting for? Get your ergonomic chair now!

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