Children typically transition out of their baby crib and into a children’s bed from as early as 18 months old. A children’s bed is smaller in size as compared to a regular bed, and they will usually come with child-safe features like sides all around, or an extendable function that enables you to convert it to a regular bed easily. Of course, the design of a children’s bed will have to appeal to your child as they will be first-hand users.

As homes are getting smaller with greater space constraints, a kid’s bunk bed will be perfect, where extra storage for play and learning needs can all come together in a single setup. Ideally, a designated children’s bedroom help in encouraging good habits such as taking care of their belongings and tidying up after themselves.

Children grow up faster than you can imagine. Before you know it, they are in their tweens (ages between 8 to 12 years old) with different requirements on how a bed should function and look. Therefore, it is good to take into account the total number of years a children’s bed can get its use and how much you are willing to spend.

10 Best Children’s Bed Frames

Here are the 10 best children’s beds that are suitable to meet the different needs and wants of a child.

Children’s bedPrice
FurnitureSG Sports Car Bed$329
IKEA KURA Reversible Bed$319
IKEA BUSUNGE Extendable Bed$329
KidsHaven Montessori Floor Bed$959
Fortytwo Frost Teepee Trundle Bed$539
Fortytwo Quinlan Kids Bed Frame$639
Piccolo House Natty Bedside Bed$649
Addin Children Bed with Slide & Storage$839
Kids Haven Maxtrix High Loft with Slide$2,445
House of Anli Double Treehouse Bed$5,995

FurnitureSG Sports Car Bed, $329

Is your child big on Lightning McQueen? Having a bed in the shape of a sports car would instantly add a touch of wow and fulfill your child’s dream of living in the coolest bedroom ever. As the hardwood car frame structure is upholstered in leather all around, it creates a safe space for your child to play and sleep in. 

Additionally, your child will be able to choose between their favourite colour in red or blue for their sports car bed.

FurnitureSG Sports Car Bed is on sale from $329, with colour options of red and blue at FurnitureSG.

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IKEA KURA Reversible bed, $319

Bunk beds allow the usable space in a room to be expanded, where you can fit up to 2 beds to have your children co-share a room together. The flexibility of KURA bed is in its reversible feature, where the bed is intended for younger children to be sleeping on the lower deck first, before moving to the upper deck and leaving the lower deck open as an area for play.

To further enhance the KURA bed experience for your child, you can also adorn it with bed tents and bed curtains that allow for more imaginative play and make your children’s bedroom much more cosy.

KURA reversible bed is available at $319 from IKEA.

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IKEA BUSUNGE Extendable bed, $329

With its minimal look and rounded curves in the headboard and foot of the bed, this bed is beyond just a regular children’s bed as the design is modern and stylish, and I don’t mind having it as an adult too. The rounded edges will save your playful child from painful knocks and scratches as the ‘busunge’ translates as little rascal in English. 

The BUSUNGE bed has a pull-out feature, where it can be extended up to a regular single-sized bed. Your child can grow with the bed up till their teenage years.

BUSUNGE extendable bed retails at $329, with colour options of white and pink from IKEA.

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Kids Haven low floor Montessori bed with roof

KidsHaven Montessori Floor Bed, $959

Montessori beds are designed to be low to the ground, allowing children to access and exit their beds independently. This promotes a sense of freedom and encourages children to take charge of their own sleep routine.

The low height of Montessori beds reduces the risk of injury from falls. It enables toddlers and young children to climb in and out of bed safely without the need for additional barriers or assistance.

Montessori beds often come without elaborate bed frames or barriers, promoting a sense of order and simplicity. This aligns with the Montessori principle of creating an environment that is conducive to concentration and calmness.

KidsHaven Montessori Floor Bed is available from $959 on KidsHaven.

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Fortytwo Frost Teepee Trundle Bed, $539

Since young, I always loved the idea of being in a teepee, it is one of my bucket listss to go on a teepee glamping stay as an adult too. However, setting up a teepee in a compact home is a challenge when large furniture pieces take up most of the available space. Therefore, a teepee bed is brilliant for your little explorer to play pretend as though they are outdoors and sleeping with the animals.

The fabric cut-out windows ensure good air ventilation and the under-bed trundle makes sleepovers possible with their BFFs.

Frost teepee trundle bed is available at $539, and comes in pink, blue, and white tent colours on FortyTwo.

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Fortytwo Quinlan kids murphy bed frame with wooden house headboard

Fortytwo Quinlan Kids Bed Frame, $639

Another bed frame in the shape of a car? Absolutely adorable! The legs of this wooden car bedframe are rounded and in the form of a wheel, and you will also be able to find a faux wooden car plate at the foot of the bed. Behind the leather padded headboards is hidden shelf storage, a convenient spot for bedtime storybooks. 

Haefen bed frame also comes with matching bedside tables that you can purchase separately.

Fortytwo Quinlan kids bed frame is retailing from $639 on Fortytwo.

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Piccolo House Natty Bedside Bed, $649

As a mom to a newborn, I know how a guarded bed is important for nighttime safety since children tend to roll around unknowingly in their sleep. The last thing you want is to be greeted by an injured kid in the morning, hence guards and rails are essential for younger kids. What’s great is you will be able to remove the guards once your child gets older and no longer requires them.

Aside from beds with sides all around, you will also find various options of cot beds, bunk beds, loft beds, and single beds for every stage of your child’s needs in the Natty bed series. Furthermore, there are matching accessories like step stools, toy cabinets, and bookshelves that are in the same lovely Scandinavian style too.

Natty bedside bed is available from $649 at Piccolo House.

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Addin children bunk bed with storage and slide

Addin Children Bed with Slide & Storage, $839

I was very practical as a child since I remembered wanting one of these storage beds that can do it all. The steps on the side are fitted with storage drawers to neatly keep away any clothing and daily items. 

Your child can even hang out with their friends on the pull-out bed that comes with extra storage drawers too. The slide on the right will (hopefully) make your child’s mornings easier.

Addin children’s bed with slide and storage is available from $839 on Addin.

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Kids Haven Maxtrix High Loft with Slide, $2,445

Loft beds are great at carving out a designated area for play. If giving the best to your child meant being free from any space and budget limitations, then let them have a slide in their room to create the best childhood they can ever have. 

The Maxtrix loft bed with slide allows you to choose the position of the slide between a side or front slide platform. As they are modular in configuration, you can even lower or raise the bed according to the bedroom space and your child’s requirements. The bed size goes from single, super single, and even up to a queen size for families with the luxury of space.

Maxtrix high loft with slide is available from $2,445 from Kids Haven.

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House of Anli Double Tree House bed

House of Anli Double Treehouse Bed, $5,995

Do you know that some treehouses are built for protection against wild animals, while treehouses are also intended as children’s play areas too. Though treehouses are not common in Singapore, you can opt to have a treehouse bed as a space for your children to go wild in. 

A treehouse bed provides a safe sanctuary for your child to retreat and drift into their lala-lands.

House of Anli Double Treehouse bed retails at $5,995.

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