Having a refrigerator has become a household staple since its creation. But because of its ubiquity, shopping for one can be harrowing at best with so many options in the market.

These days, refrigerators share common functionality and aesthetics – sturdy shelving and compartments made of tempered glass with sleek, easy-to-clean exteriors usually made of metal and/or glass.

The difference then lies in the technologies that power the fridge, energy efficiency (seen by the number of ticks, up to a maximum of four), storage capacity that best suits your lifestyle and fridge size that will fit the nook in your kitchen it will inhabit forever.

And of course, there are visual and practical concerns – the aesthetics of the appliance, the number of doors, whether the freezer is top or bottom mounted and whether it is equipped with nice-to-have functions such as automatic ice makers and cold water dispensers.

Dizzy yet? We’ve simplified matters with our rundown on the best fridges in Singapore and where to buy them.

8 Best Refrigerators in Singapore

Here are the eight best refrigerators in Singapore, their prices and what we think they are best for.

Mitsubishi 3 Doors Refrigerator$1,829Daily Use Fridge
Panasonic Prime+ Edition 4D Refrigerator$2,623French Door Fridge
Hitachi 2 Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator$1,349Bottom Freezer Fridge
Sharp 2 Door Refrigerator$1,210Top Freezer Fridge
Samsung Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator$1,405Four Ticks Fridge
Smeg Fridge$3,080Single Door Fridge
LG Side-By-Side Fridge with Linear Compressor Fridge$2,805Double Door Fridge
Miele Freestanding Fridge-Freezer$8,200Luxury Fridge
*Last updated on 9 March 2023

Mitsubishi 3 Doors Refrigerator MR-CGX56EP, $1,829

Best Daily Use Fridge

For those who live with multiple people, having a fridge with multiple doors can make it easier to compartmentalise and create order. There are fridge options with more doors in the market, but we reckon three doors are a good in-between without getting confused over which drawer holds what.

This Mitsubishi fridge has a net capacity of 362 litres with three out of four ticks. It is available in black and white colourways.

The fridge has the Vitamin Factory, Supercool Freezing and Supercool Chilling technologies installed. The former uses LED lights to stimulate the photosynthesis process to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer while the latter two promise to keep the other perishables such as meat and fish fresh.

You don’t have to fuss with making ice too as there is a washable automatic ice maker that does the work for you. Finally, Mitsubishi’s Neuro Inverter and Multi Airflow systems cool efficiently throughout with minimal energy consumption.

Mitsubishi 3 Doors Refrigerator MR-CGX56EP is priced at $1,829 from Harvey Norman

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Panasonic Prime+ Edition 4D Refrigerator NR-YW590YMMS, $2,623

Best French Door Fridge

This Panasonic fridge has a capacity of 537 litres with three out of four ticks.

Here, the Fresh Safe spec ensures that the humidity is kept at an ideal condition to keep vegetables from wilting prematurely. Similarly, the Prime Freeze and Prime Fresh functions ensure that proteins are frozen rapidly and kept chilled at -3 degree celsius respectively to minimise nutrition and taste loss.

Want cold water or ice on demand? Then depending on the water dispenser and auto ice maker to keep you cool on a hot Singapore day. Worried about odour? The nanoe X technology is proven to inhibit 99.99 percent of bacteria while deodorising and neutralising pesticides with trillions of hydroxyl radicals. Lastly, smart sensors maintain optimal temperatures and save energy at the same time.

Panasonic Prime+ Edition 4D Refrigerator NR-YW590YMMS is priced at $2,623 from Shopee

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Hitachi 2 Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator R-B570P7MS, $1,349

Best Bottom Freezer Fridge

This Hitachi fridge has a capacity of 470 litres with three out of four ticks.

Hosting a cheese party or cooking up a feast soon? The refrigerator has multiple drawer storages within to help organise produce. What’s more, you can adjust the temperature in each compartment with the select levers and toggle between Vegetable and Dairy/Meat modes to optimise the conditions for whatever is stored within.

The fridge also uses an Inverter and Dual Fan Cooling system controlled by the Eco Thermo Sensor to circulate the cold air to the fridge and freezer while promising to save energy and be as quiet as a mouse. Finally, the Touch Screen Controller lets you control the settings of your fridge, allowing for greater customisation to your personal needs and lifestyle.

Hitachi 2 Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator R-B570P7MS is priced at $1,349 from Hitachi

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Sharp 2 Door Refrigerator SJ-U47P-SL, $1,210

Best Top Freezer Fridge

This Sharp fridge has a capacity of 469 litres with two out of four ticks. It is available in black and silver colourways.

Users of Sharp air purifiers would be familiar with the brand’s Plasmacluster Ion technology. Coupled with the Ag+CU Nano-Deodorizer, this refrigerator is made for those who are especially sensitive to smells and odours.

The J-Tech Inverter uses a 36-step controlled compressor to precisely monitor the temperature in accordance with your usage to reduce electricity wastage. This is complemented by the ActiFresh Hybrid Cooling that ensures cold air and moisture are moved throughout the fridge and keeps food from drying out as fast.

Sharp 2 Door Refrigerator SJ-U47P-SL is priced at $1,210 from Shopee

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Samsung Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator RB34T6054B1/SS, $1,405

Best 4 Ticks Fridge

Those looking to maximise their savings on electricity and minimise their carbon footprint should look for a refrigerator with a four-tick rating, which indicates that it has the highest rating for energy efficiency (among fridges).

This Samsung fridge has a capacity of 325 litres with four out of four ticks.

Despite having one of the smallest capacities in this round-up, the fridge promises to maximise real estate with its SpaceMax technology. That allows the walls to be thinner without losing insulating prowess as the Digital Inverter and All-Around Cooling System monitor and emit cold air in multiple directions to prevent temperature fluctuations and save energy at the same time.

Foods are also kept in tip-top condition with the combination of the No Frost, Power Cool/Power Freeze, Optimal Fresh+ and Humidity+. Finally, the Clean Back feature means that coils and cables are kept neatly and safely covered, making it easy to clean and less likely to trap dirt unlike traditional ones that bulge at the back.

Samsung Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator RB34T6054B1/SS is priced at $1,405 from Shopee

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Smeg Fridge FAB28RRD5U, $3,080

Best Single Door Fridge

This Smeg fridge has a capacity of 281 litres with two out of four ticks. It is available in multiple colourways and capacity sizes.

Besides being the best single door fridge, the Smeg model is likely one of the most striking with its ’50s inspired design that have become emblematic for the brand.

Looks aside, the fridge is newly equipped with a Multi-Flow System to offer optimised temperature distribution. in addition, the Life Plus 0°C Drawer aims to keep food fresh.

Smeg Fridge FAB28RRD5U is priced at $3,080 from Smeg

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LG Side-By-Side Fridge with Linear Compressor Fridge GS-B6472MC, $2,805

Best Double Door Fridge

This LG fridge has a capacity of 647 litres with three out of four ticks.

This refrigerator aims to keep food fresh and save electricity at the same time with the LinearCooling (thanks to the Linear Compressor) and DoorCooling technologies. The former prevents temperature fluctuations while the latter cools the interior from the door to aid even cooling.

Speaking of the interior, the fridge has been made with a large capacity in mind to maximise its utility.

LG Side-By-Side Fridge with Linear Compressor Fridge GS-B6472MC is priced at $2,805 from Shopee

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Miele Freestanding Fridge-Freezer KFN 15842 D edt/cs, $8,200

Best Luxury Fridge

This Míele fridge has a capacity of 413 litres with two out of four ticks.

Say goodbye to the days of dealing with frost thanks to the NoFrost circulation cooling system that prevents ice from developing along the walls. Moreover, the DynaCool system evens out temperature distribution as a fan prevents air from stagnating.

And if you ever struggled with opening fridge doors, the EasyOpen lever handle aids the opening as the SoftClose prevents items from falling out as the door quietly closes itself.

Miele Freestanding Fridge-Freezer KFN 15842 D edt/cs is priced at $8,200 from Míele

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