Devialet Dione de Paris, $4,490

In the ever-evolving world of home and living, exciting developments continue to shape our living spaces and redefine our lifestyles.

The latest trends emphasize sustainability, technology integration, and personalized experiences.

Smart homes have become increasingly popular, allowing homeowners to control their environment with a few taps on their smartphones. Energy-efficient appliances and eco-friendly materials are gaining prominence, aligning with the global push for a greener future.

Biophilic design principles are transforming interiors, incorporating natural elements like plants and organic textures to create serene and harmonious spaces. Minimalist aesthetics continue to inspire with their clean lines and clutter-free approach, promoting a sense of tranquility and mindfulness.

Customization takes center stage, enabling homeowners to curate spaces that reflect their unique personalities and tastes. From modular furniture to multifunctional spaces, versatility is key, allowing for adaptable living arrangements.

Home and Decor Shopping Finds: August, September 2023

Helinox x Cafe Kitsuné Chair and Table, $380 and $530

Makers of lightweight portable furniture Helinox and specialty coffee retailers Cafe Kitsuné have come together to launch a limited edition duo for creating the ultimate cafe environment wherever your adventures take you.

The collection features a Cafe Chair and a Cafe Table, both enlivened with custom design details. Whilst the former features a durable 600-denier orange polyester fabric inspired by Cafe Kitsuné’s iconic palette, the latter incorporates reversible graphics for different games for the perfect campfire night out.

The Helinox x Cafe Kitsuné Chair and Table retail at $380 and $530 respectively. Get them online at, or from selected Cafe Kitsuné outlets.

pendant light

Mario Tsai Studio lights, $1,999

Modernist in form, award-winning Hangzhou-based Mario Tsai Studio’s lighting fixtures are guided by experimental, flexible thinking. Each minimalistic design draws attention to material characteristics, systematic structure, and the sustainability of its life cycle, bringing them together into subtle, yet striking aesthetics.

The studio is driven by explorations in lighting, furniture, and art installations, with their Electricity and Mazha Lighting soon arriving at Sol Luminaire’s the LAB2.1 project: Radical and Creative.

Mario Tsai Studio lights retail between $1,999 to $5,099 from

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AShley and co candles surrounded by flowers and berries

Bonberry Waxed Perfume, $656

One of three new waxed perfume fragrances from modern scent alchemists Ashley & Co, the Bonberry Waxed Perfume exudes exotic elegance. Imbued with the fragrance of wild berries, nectar-filled musk blossom, and gently stirred steam-distilled davana, the hand-poured candle lends the perfect finishing touch to any home.

Crafted using 100 per cent natural wax with an unbleached cotton wick, the candle burns cleanly, ensuring optimum diffusion of a memorable, abundant fragrance.

The Bonberry Waxed Perfume retails at $65 from


Tito Agnoli’s Aurora Tre bed, Poltrona Frau

The voluptuous lightness of quilting is made corporeal in Tito Agnoli’s Aurora Tre bed for Poltrona Frau. A beautifully padded double-bed headrest echoes aesthetic softness in its smooth enveloping lines, formed by the curvature of its birch plywood structure.

With customisations available across the board – from the colour and material of the headboard upholstery to the make of its iconic trapezoidal base, there’s an Aurora Tre for every bedroom.

Visit Proof Living Gallery at ION Mall to discover the Poltrona Frau collection.

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Playing cards

Exotic Playing Cards by Sumio Kawakami, $35

If you’re in the market for gifts, Sumio Kawakami’s Exotic Playing Cards from Okuno Karuto Ten make the perfect present. Featuring world-renowned woodblock artist Sumio Kawakami’s woodblock print “Torampu-e” from 1939, this 54 card deck is as unique as it is beautiful.

Different themes are assigned to individual suits – Japanese for clubs, Chinese for spades, European for hearts, and Near East for Diamonds, with each number set also featuring a different motif.

The Exotic Playing Cards by Sumio Kawakami retail for $35, and is available from

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dark brown and black fan with light

AeroAir Hugger ceiling fans, $278 – $388

In answering the wants of consumers, AeroAir presents the Hugger Series of economical ceiling fans. Featuring a sleek, three-bladed design and imbued with the soft light of a 24W tri- colour LED, these fans pack a punch in looks and function alike. Despite a slimmer profile that makes it the perfect pick for HDBs and homes with lower ceilings, these fans offer the perfect breeze with six speeds powered by a DC Brushless Motor. Choose from three different sizes and six different colour configurations: matte black, matte white, frappe, latte, black with light wood, and white with light wood.

AeroAir Hugger ceiling fans retail between $278 and $338 for matte black and white variations, and between $328 and $388 for frappe, latte, and wood-look variations from

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IKEA Nytillverkad

IKEA celebrates 80 years of iconic designs with a colourful splash! The Nytillverkad collection pays tribute to designs of yore from the LÖVET side table to the DOMSTEN stool. Matching the vivacious outlook of the next generation, these classics are reimagined in bold colours and new materials for a fun and fabulous refresh.

While this first Nytillverkad launch is characterised by clean, graphic lines and vibrant colourways, longtime IKEA fans can look forward to more reimagined home furnishing classics in coming years!

IKEA Nytillverkad collection is available in IKEA Singapore stores and online at

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Maison 21G Demi Lune candle, $80

Can’t seem to find the right scent for your living room? Why not concoct your own with the help of trained specialists at Maison 21G. The local perfumerie also has a unique duo-scent candle design, allowing you to layer the scents to create an unforgettable fragrance.

When combined, the two candles form a circle inspired by the sight of a full moon, perfect for a housewarming gift.

Maison 21G Demi Lune candle retails for $80 each, $150 for a pair, and is available from


Duravit Bento Starck Box

A playful homage to Japanese lunchboxes, the Bento Starck Box bathroom series from premium sanitaryware pioneers Duravit is ‘the start of an elegant serenity’.

Thus described by French designer Philippe Starck, the series draws inspiration from the partitioned internal compartments of Japanese lunch boxes and features distinct demarcation between wet and dry spaces.

Intelligent designs within the Bento Starck Box collection lend clear separation between washing areas and bathtubs, allowing for personalisation with countless options available!

View at the Duravit Singapore showroom at 63 Tras Street.

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Diabla Patoso Pouf

Paying homage to world’s extreme landscapes, Diabla’s Winter Collection invites us to explore the architecturally stunning landscape of Lake Baikal’s shores through its unique and nonconformist designs, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces.

To this end, the PATOSO pouf plays on comfort and lightness with colourful legs that draw the eye, just as it draws inspiration from the elements themselves.

Visit for more information.

Orange sofa chair

Cassina Soriana 3-Seater Sofa, $20,770

An iconic display of plushness and comfort, Cassina’s Soriana 3-seater Sofa by Scarpa features impeccable craftsmanship that bridges the formal and informal. Promoting sustainable design, the internal padding is made using 100 per cent recycled PET recovered by the Plastic Bank, making the piece truly worthy of its 1970 award of the Compasso d’Oro as a masterpiece of complexity achieved through simple tools.

The Cassina Soriana 3-Seater Sofa retails at $20,770 from W. Atelier. Get a close up look at W. Atelier’s main showroom at 201 Henderson Road, #01-01 and #03-01.

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MAD et LEN Scented Candles, $49 – $309

Iconic Parisian perfumers MAD et LEN are bringing their collection of hand-poured scented candles to Sol Luminaire. Crafted of vegetal wax, each exquisite candle comes in a hand-hammered iron case with a removable lid in a black fume finish.

Available in nine exotic scents – the musky warmth of Black Afghan’s frozen pine, crystallised amber, and old burned wood, and the deep earthiness of Vetyver Bucolique’s dark brown vetyver, green tobacco, and black honey among others – there’s a scent to suit every mood and emotion.

MAD et LEN’s range of home fragrances retail between $49 to $309 from

Air purifier side table

LG PuriCare AeroFurniture, $499

Style meets functionality in LG Electronics’ brand new LG PuriCare AeroFurniture, a revolutionary air purifier that doubles up as a side table. Outfitted with a 360°C HEPA filter, the stunning piece eliminates up to 99.9 per cent of airborne bacteria and ultrafine dust particles, further enhanced by LG’s UVnano technology.

Aesthetics-wise, the purifier comes in three vibrant colours and features ambient lighting options, wireless charging, and plenty of display room.

The LG PuriCare AeroFurniture retails at $499 and is available from official LG online storefronts Shopee, Lazada and KrisShop, and from authorised retailers Best Denki, Courts, Harvey Norman, and more.

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Commune and Bynd Artisan

In collaboration with Commune, Bynd Artisan has released a magical new range of upcycled products. Made with leather off-cuts leftover from Commune’s sofas, these small, but impactful accessories will breathe sustainability into your surroundings, adding contemporary luxe to any home ambiance. The simplistic, and yet stunning collection comprises a leather tray, beverage tags, coasters, a coaster holder, a desk holder, star-shaped charms, and a lampshade – all perfectly made to order.

  • Set of 6 Leather Beverage Tags retail at $30
  • Set of 4 Leather Charms at $45
  • Leather Desk Holder and Leather Tray at $50
  • Set of 10 Leather Coasters at $70
  • Leather Lampshade at $495

Available for purchase online and in-store at Bynd Artisan and Commune.

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Ruhens Quint Water Dispenser Purifier, $2,599

RUHENS’ latest flagship purifier is making waves! The RUHENS Quint features a lead-free filtration system and patented Acuva IntenseBeam technology to achieve 99.999% microbial inactivation.

Convenience is perfectly balanced alongside sustainability, with 5 temperature settings and a quantity control feature to avoid wastage.

The Quint also features self-sterilising nozzles and filters, child-safe dispensing, and low electricity consumption to maintain eco-friendly ratings – all while guaranteeing clean and safe water to keep your family hydrated.

The RUHENS Quint is priced at $2,599 and available for purchase at RUHENS Studios.

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Pininifarina and Calligaris Orbital Table

Italian connoisseurs of design Pininfarina and Calligaris presented a restyling of their iconic Orbital table for the latter’s 100th Anniversary. Perfectly balanced extensions are maintained by way of metal arms, bearing an elliptical structure with ease.

Newly restyled to highlight cleaner and lighter lines, the Orbital allows for customisation in materials, with its base available in new metal, wood, or regenerated leather coverings and its top in glass, ceramic, or bronze.

The Orbital table price differs across custom options. Check for a quote at Calligaris Store Suntec and XZQT stores nationwide.

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Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine, $1,299

Dyson’s very first Submarine Wet Roller Head, now available with the Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine vacuum, is impressive in both form and function. Outfitted with an eight-point hydration system, these roller heads deliver even water distribution for a pristine finish, effectively tackling spills, stains, and small debris to keep your home sparkling clean.

Use for pesky spots under furniture, deep cleaning carpets and rugs, and capturing stray hairs and revel in the joys of spotless floors!99.999 per cent of fine dust.

The Dyson V12s Detect Slim Submarine retails at $1,299, and is available at all Dyson Demo Stores.

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Akzo Nobel Dulux Wash & Wear Wall Paint

Say goodbye to stained walls with Akzo Nobel’s Dulux Wash & Wear interior paints! The updated range incorporates a new matt finish, providing peace for busy

homeowners requiring low-maintenance wall paints that can withstand the messes of toddlers and pets alike. And provide it does, with hassle-free cleaning and innovative Silver Ion Technology that protects against certain viruses, bacteria, and mould. How’s that for a wash of paint?

Over 2,000 colours are available from your nearest Dulux provider.

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Duravit Zencha Bathroom Collection

Pioneers of premium sanitaryware Duravit joins hands with designer Sebastian Herkner (below) to present the Zencha bathroom collection, bridging Japanese inspiration and German technology. Drawing inspiration from the tranquil, ritualistic nature of Japanese tea ceremonies, the collection features distinctive forms: bathtubs, above-counter basins, and minimalistic modular furnishings.

Crafted from DuraCeram and DuraSolid, the sanitary fittings offer durability and elegance, while wood and textured glass furnishings provide ample storage and a pleasing tactile experience.

For more information, book an appointment at the Duravit Singapore showroom at 63 Tras Street.

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Nespresso Vertuo Pop, $249

Summer just got breezier with Nespresso’s limited edition Vertuo Pop in Pacific Blue! The smallest Vertuo is also the most stylish – and packs a fantastic punch to boot. This little powerhouse has quick start and power saving features, and can brew your favourite beverages with a single touch! Don’t forget to augment your dreamy coffee rituals with Nespresso’s Californian Dream Summer Collection pods, featuring crisp, refreshing flavours best enjoyed over ice.

The Nespresso Vertuo Pop in Pacific Blue retails at $249. Get yours at all Nespresso boutiques or online.

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Sharp Purefit Plasmacluster Air Purifier

Sharp has launched their latest in air quality technology! Their new Purefit Plasmacluster Air Purifier aims to achieve unparalleled air purification, incorporating plasmacluster ion technology which eliminates airborne substances like viruses, mould, bacteria, pollen, and dust.

Collaborative studies with numerous Japanese universities have also unearthed other benefits of air purification through plasmacluster technology: most notably the reduction of stress, improved concentration, and even enhanced athletic performance!

The new Sharp Purefit Plasmacluster Air Purifier will be available in September 2023.

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LG PuriCare 360° Hit Air Purifier, $399

Keep your home safe from harmful bacteria with LG’s latest launch. Despite its compact size, the PuriCare 360° Hit Air Purifier packs a punch with its multi-filtration system and 360-degree design, providing optimum air purification by removing bacteria, viruses, allergens, harmful gases, and 99.999 per cent of ultra-fine dust particles.

Convenience becomes the PuriCare 360; it can also be accessed remotely via the LG ThinQ app, allowing for seamless control wherever you are.

The LG PuriCare 360° Hit Air Purifier retails at $399, and can be found at LG official brand stores and authorised retailers Amazon, Audio House, Best Denki, Courts, Gain City and Harvey Norman.

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High Cloud Armchair, Diesel Living with Moroso

At the recent iteration of Milano Design Week, Diesel Living unveiled “Diesel Living with Moroso”, a pop-up showroom featuring new collections. Chief among them: the High Cloud armchair, designed and produced in collaboration with Moroso. The design incorporates versatility, with an adjustable backrest and armrests for comfort and structure alike. A raised base and large, generously frilled seat cushions further fuel the High Cloud’s embrace of cleaner, contemporary lines, whilst still recalling the charms of the preceding Cloudscape armchair.

Price on enquiry. Diesel Living with Moroso collections are available at Xtra in Singapore.

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Aesop Bronze Incense Holder and Aromatique Incenses, $210 and $53

Ease yourself into calm quietude with Aesop’s Bronze Incense Holder, an elegant design with serene curves that echoes both subtlety and gravitas. The work of Fabio Vogel of Vogel Studio, the solid bronze piece is crafted in Germany, abstractly reflecting the shape of a giving or supporting hand. It comes second in Aesop’s line of home design objects to bear with pride the brand’s Aromatique incenses – Murasaki, Kagerou, and Sarashina, all available separately.

The Aesop Bronze Incense Holder and Aromatique Incenses retail at $210 and $53 respectively.

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Home and Decor Shopping Finds: July 2023

As the home becomes a sanctuary for work, relaxation, and entertainment, these emerging trends redefine the way we live, inspiring creativity and a renewed appreciation for our living environments.

Jottergoods Plane Shelf, $1,290, from Star Living
Jottergoods Plane Shelf, $1,290, from Star Living

Best Bookcases

Trying to find a way to store your growing library? Check out these svelte shelving designs for holding and displaying your favourite titles. Who says bookworms can’t be stylish!

IKEA Eket wall-mounted cabinet combination, $330, from IKEA
IKEA Eket wall-mounted cabinet combination, $330, from IKEA
Bleu Kostia console table from Meillart, from $15,685
Bleu Kostia console table from Meillart, from $15,685

LG G3 OLED Evo Television

LG’s new G3 OLED evo televisions offer impressive brightness with their proprietary Brightness Booster Max technology – increasing brightness to a staggering 70 per cent.

The TV’s pixel-by-pixel control enhances image sharpness and realism while its ultra-seamless One Wall Design integrates seamlessly into any living space. These TVs are made lighter with composite fibre material, and the A3 and B3 models provide budget-friendly options without sacrificing quality as well.

Sterilux Aurra Pro 2, $2,888

Touted as Singapore’s Smartest Water Purifier, the Sterilux Aurra Pro 2 is powered by Snaptec Technologies and offers a modern 7” touchscreen display, customisable water temperature, and captivating themes.

With the Snaptec Connect app, track your water consumption, optimise maintenance, and earn rewards. The quadruple nanofiltration system ensures clean water, along with features like unlimited hot and cold water as well as an energy-saving mode.

Priced at $2,888 from Steriluxe

Ariston Wi-Fi Storage Water Heater

Ariston’s latest range of WI-FI electric storage water heaters is integrated with smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing users to easily control the water heater, adjust the temperature, and receive temperature information through voice commands.

Additionally, Ariston ANDRIS2 TOP 30 WI-FI and SL2 20/30 LUX-D WI-FI are equipped with a patented full-titanium heating element that comes with a lifetime warranty, energy-saving Smart ECO EVO function and AG+ technology that inhibits bacteria proliferation for better hygiene.

Ariston Wi-Fi storage water heater is priced from $399

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5 by GramFratesi, $1,499

The portable Beosound A5 speaker by Bang & Olufsen, designed in collaboration with renowned Danish/Italian designers GamFratesi, speaker combines immersive sound, meticulous craftsmanship, and product longevity.

With a Scandinavian aesthetic and distinct design signature, Beosound A5 is a versatile speaker that can be used at home or taken outside. It features a solid oak handle, IP65 water and dustproof rating, and over 12 hours of playtime. Despite its diminutive size, the powerful four-way driver setup and digital amplifiers deliver 280 watts of dynamic 360-degree sound.

The Beosound A5 retails from $1,499

Sol Luminaire Boba, from $89

Sol Luminaire’s latest Boba series are globe luminaires inspired by the beloved boba drink. Available in 100mm and 135mm sizes for commercial and residential spaces, these can also be upgraded to a gold finish.

The sandblasted globe emits a nuanced glow reminiscent of iridescent pearls, adding a captivating quality. The Boba Series illuminates at 3000K warm white and offers dim to warm technology that can be adjusted from 3000K to 1800K for a cosy sunset ambience.

Prices start from $89, available at Sol Luminaire, 395 Guillemard Road, Tel: 6612-1221, and Galerie 5 (50 Craig Road), Tel: 6610-7221.

Samsung The Frame TV

A stylish addition to Samsung’s Lifestyle TV lineup, The Frame offers exceptional visual quality and customisable bezel designs (which is how the TV gets its name). It can be wall-mounted or placed on the Simple Stand or Studio Stand for versatility.

The updated Art Store provides a wide selection of global artworks to display, including pieces from Singaporean and Southeast Asian artists. The Frame can also display personal photos through the My Photo feature. With a Matte Display, Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, and Quantum Processor 4K, The Frame delivers vivid details and eliminates glare.

Prices start from $1,599

Marvel Swarovski Limited Edition Collection

Marvel and Swarovski have joined forces to introduce a home collection inspired by iconic Marvel characters. The crystal brand’s meticulous craftsmanship brings each Super Hero to life with incredible detail and authenticity.

A limited-edition collection, figurines of Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Hulk showcase the characters’ distinctive attributes. These exquisite collectibles, adorned with thousands of sparkling crystals and facets, embody the strength and heroism that define Marvel’s beloved characters.

Roborock S8 Series, $1,739

Makers of intelligent home robots, The Roborock adds to its fan favorite Roborock S8 Series with the S8 Pro Ultra. The S8 Series features the VibraRise 2.0 Mopping System, which utilises high-frequency micro scrubs for efficient floor cleaning and boasts powerful suction up to 6000Pa and dual rubber roller brushes to prevent hair tangles and enhance dirt pickup.

The S8 Pro Ultra comes with the advanced RockDock Ultra system, offering automatic mop cleaning, dust emptying, refilling, and self-cleaning features, along with a warm air-drying function to maintain cleanliness.

Prices start from $1,739.90

Mistral Greenleaf Fan, $128

Mistral’s new Greenleaf collection prioritises affordability, accessibility, and environmental sustainability. The collection includes three models of fans made with eco- friendly materials and 100 per cent recyclable packaging.

Equipped with long-lasting and energy-efficient DC motors, these fans comprising of two stand fans and one table fan, come with a 10-year warranty. Each product goes through rigorous monitoring processes and adherence to high environmental standards like BSCI and ISO Framework.

Ranging from $128 to $209

Master Tseng and Trudon Candles

Trudon’s new collection, Master Tseng x Trudon is a collaboration by creative director Julien Pruvost, with legendary tea master Yu Hui Tseng, to create candles that embody the richness and beauty of tea. The collection explores the journey of water, highlighting its connection to tea as its spirit with elements of earth and sky.

Capturing the tea’s natural magic and spiritual depths, the trio include Sous un Ciel de Pétales (Under a Sky of Petals), L’Esprit de L’Eau (The Spirit of Water) and Terre à Terre (Earth to Earth).

Royal Selangor Inspire 2023 Collection, from $210

Royal Selangor’s latest collection comprises a gathering of beautifully designed pieces for enhancing all aspects of daily living, from the beautifully embellished Woodland shaving set to the intricate details of the Panther Hip Flask. We particularly like the look of the Java Coffee Dripper and mugs, which exude a sleek Art-Deco vibe. Get them to reward yourself for a life well lived.

Inspire 2023 collection retails from $210 for the hip flask to $620 for the Woodland Shaving Set, from Royal Selangor.

Miele Triflex HX2 Handheld Vacuum, $1,199

Touted as Miele’s most powerful cordless vacuum, the Triflex HX2’s patented 3-in-1 PowerUnit design, consisting of a motor assembly, a rechargeable battery, and a dust box, can be reconfigured in just a few seconds.

If the PowerUnit is fitted at the top, the unit lends itself to vacuuming under furniture or along the ceiling. When fitted close to the floor, the centre of gravity shifts, providing the perfect balance for vacuuming large areas without experiencing fatigue. In this configuration, the Triflex can also stand upright unsupported. Pet owners will also find the Triflex HX2 Cat&Dog model particularly useful.

Miele Triflex HX2 retails for $1,199, available from the Miele showroom

Smeg Omnichef, $9,380

You may know Smeg for its iconic retro-style fridges, but did you know the brand also offers a whole suite of stellar kitchen equipment ranging from hobs to ovens?

The Omnichef oven, from the Galileo collection, impresses with its multicooking technology, combining traditional, steam and microwave cooking. Different cooking methods can be programmed and triggered to operate one after another or simultaneously without the need to reset temperature and duration parameters.

Less time managing your cooking means more time for your family at meal times!

Smeg Omnichef (All-in-One) oven range retails for $9,380.

Home and Decor Shopping Finds: June 2023

EKRAR hat and coat stand (white), $34.90, from Ikea.
IKEA EKRAR hat and coat stand (white), $34.90
ClassiCon Nymphenburg, $5,080, from Space Furniture
ClassiCon Nymphenburg, $5,080, from Space Furniture
Bamboo Clothes Hanger, $49, from Star Living
Bamboo Clothes Hanger, $49, from Star Living
Living Divani Ceiba, from $3,765, from Space Furniture
Living Divani Ceiba, from $3,765, from Space Furniture

Coat Stands

Tired of rummaging through piles of clothes strewn all over the room? These elegant stands will help keep your key essentials in order. Not only are they great for the entranceway, these elevated beauties can also be placed in the bedroom or any space that could do with some tidying up.

Reunion, National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore’s first purpose-built dedicated social space for seniors in a local museum, in partnership with Lien Foundation.

The space, which comprises a cafe and an activity space, was conceptualised as part of a collaboration between both organisations to support the health and well-being of seniors, including those living with mild cognitive impairment and dementia. The activity space features a group activity area, an immersive projection cave, a Quiet Room, and music booths, to encourage group activity during the museum’s programmes for seniors and also enhance their museum-visiting experience.

Admission is free.

Curiousa Wave Chandelier, $8,743

Looking for a contemporary chandelier to match your sleek interiors? You’ll want to take a look at Curiousa’s Wave chandelier, designed by brand founder Esther Patterson.

The sculptural lit forms making up the Wave include Curiousa’s horizontal Ripple Beams alongside vertical Crest & Cascade pendants. Each piece intersects with the other creating a feeling of effortless interplay and suspension. The textures and colours are reminiscent of weathered glass found on a sea shore.

To create this sea-worn feel, each glass element is carefully shaped by hand, then part sand-blasted. Its customisable nature means you can combine as many beams and pendants as you wish to create your own unique Wave.

The Ripple Beam retails for $8,743 each, while the Crest & Cascade pendant retails for $6,411 each, both available from Curiousa UK.

Aesop Gloam, $255

Consider Aesop’s latest fragrance the ‘AI of scents’ since it was conceived based on an imaginary landscape. Rich, warm and spicy middle notes are interwoven with lighter spice and floral top notes to create a mesmerising and enchanting fragrance, which works just as well when used to scent up your room as it does on your body.

Aesop Gloam retails for $255, and is available from Aesop stores.

Gangzai trays retail from $56, and are available from the Journey East showroom
Gangzai trays retail from $56, Journey East
Gangzai trays retail from $56, Journey East
Gangzai trays retail from $56, Journey East

Gangzai Trays, $56

Perfect your flatlay game on your social media posts with these adorable trays from French design brand Gangzai. Inspired by 19th-century illustrations, surrealist imagery, as well as a healthy dose of humour, these trays serve up plenty of fierce style and vintage-inspired aesthetic that will definitely get you the attention your home deserves. Best in a group setting, get trays of different sizes and shapes for an uber-cool layered effect.

Gangzai trays retail from $56, and are available from Journey East

Fallen Chandelier, $1,490

Add a tinge of cosy gothic elegance to your den with the Fallen chandelier, a wireless rechargeable lamp designed by Studio Job for Qeeboo. Influenced by 19th-century Thonet classic curves, this object projects poetic imagery with its attention-grabbing silhouette while offering just the right amount of ambient illumination to create an intimate atmosphere.

The Fallen chandelier retails for $1,490 and is available from Journey East

Royal Arabian Nights Soap, $40

Elevate your personal cleansing experience with Herbal Pharm’s artisanal Royal Arabian Nights soap. Handmade in Turkey, the soap comprises natural ingredients, such as olive and laurel oil, as well as a blend of Oriental essential oils extracted from ambergris, musk, saffron and rose. The combination promises to moisturise your skin, leaving you with a smooth finish and a delicate aroma.

The Royal Arabian Nights soap retails for $40, and is available from Herbal Pharm

Pietra Kode Grigio, Cosentino

Leading producer of sustainable surfaces Cosentino launched its Italian-inspired ultracompact stone collection for Dekton, designed by architect Daniel Germani. Pietra Kode reinterprets the timeless beauty of three classic Italian stones: Vicenza, Travertine and Ceppo di Gre.

Each of these antique natural stones is decoded and then recoded within three Dekton concrete series, enhancing their properties and the many possibilities for architecture and design. From the Vicenza Kode series, Grigio boasts a grey colour scheme and warm nuances. Grigio draws its inspiration from Grigio Alpi, made popular by the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, who used it in his villas and palaces in the Veneto region. It blends perfectly with creams, woods and taupe colours.

Pietra Kode Grigio can be viewed at the Cosentino City Showroom, located at 5 Straits View, West Tower, #01-16/17 Marina One. Call 6990-5896 for an appointment.

Speco+ Ion, $850

If you’re worried about the air quality inside your home, you’ll be glad to know that cleaning expert Speco recently launched the world’s first smart sanitiser and air purifier designed for residential interiors as well as offices. The Speco+ Ion combines several air purification technologies into one, such as ultraviolet light purification, ionic clusters and carbon-filtering for germs and volatile organic compounds. Built-in sensors monitor the air quality, while working to filter out impurities and sanitise the room.

The Speco+ Ion retails for $850, and is available from Speco Singapore

Thermos Local Design, $49

Show your support for mental health with Thermos’ latest local design for its Make Life Better series, depicting artistic expressions of hope and optimism in shades of calming pastels with gold accents. Comprising a one-push tumbler, mug with handle and lid, and food jar with folding spoon, The heartwarming designs are conceived by three artists from the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH).

The Local Design series is exclusively available in Singapore, and retails from $49 for a mug with handle and lid

Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar, $13,000

Samsung unveiled the new Bespoke Infinite Line, which includes three freestanding products – a wine cellar, fridge, and freezer, featuring timeless design, refined lines with high-quality panels and finishes. The wine cellar is the brand’s first full-height wine storage appliance designed for serious collectors.

Think triple-glazed glass door to prevent UV light from damaging the wine, natural wood racks crafted from natural oak wood that reduces quality-diminishing vibrations, three discrete temperature zones and enough space for storing up to 101 bottles of your cherished tipple.

Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line Wine Cellar retails for $13,000

Home and Decor Shopping Finds: May 2023

Alright, all you shopaholics who love buying random stuff for your home – here are some of the best home accessories and homeware finds for the month of May 2023.

TWG Always Sakura Teapot. $126

Instead of getting one that matches the rest of the decor, try opting for something radical or fanciful and turn it into a talking point of the room.

Not sure if you’re able to make it to the cherry blossom season in Japan this time of the year?

Imbibe the flower’s delicate fragrance from the comfort of your home with TWG’s limited edition Always Sakura Tea brew instead. The green tea, infused with notes of wild Rainier cherry and sweet blossoms, yields a fresh and elegant infusion enveloped by soft lingering hints of floral sweetness.

TWG is also offering a traditional Japanese cast iron teapot featuring sakura motifs to provide an all-round sensory appreciation of the well-loved dainty pink blooms.

The Always Sakura Tea retails for $49 and the Sakura teapot (600ml) retails for $126

Seletti Gummy Working lamp, $440, from Journey East.
Seletti Gummy Working lamp, $440, from Journey East
Chevalier Mid-Century Pedestal Table Lamp, $439, from Finn Avenue
Chevalier Mid-Century Pedestal Table Lamp, $439, from Finn Avenue

Playful Table Lamps

Playful or chic, simple or elaborate, a table lamp can speak volumes about the homeowner’s taste and character.

Transloetje table Lamp, $170, from Soul and Tables
Transloetje table Lamp, $170, from Soul and Tables
Solskur LED table lamp, white and brass, $34.90, from IKEA
Solskur LED table lamp, white and brass, $34.90, from IKEA

Disney Chip n Dale Planter, $45.90

Amp up the cuteness of your home garden with Disney’s lively planter designs featuring some of its most popular critters.

The Critter Chaos collection features Thumper the bunny (from Bambi), along with chipmunk duo Chip and Dale, to help liven up your indoor greenery. Lifelike as they look, you won’t have to worry about any of them nipping on your foliage though.

The Chip ‘n’ Dale planter retails for $45.90, while the Thumper Figural planter (above) retails for $39.90 from Shop Disney.

IKEA Gokvalla Collection, $9.90 to $49.90

Let Ikea’s latest collection whisk you away on a magic carpet ride this Ramadhan. The festive Gokvalla collection features tableware and textiles adorned with intricate gold and silver geometric shapes inspired by the Ottoman tiles from the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

The muted palette makes the designs easily adaptable to any home interior, adding depth and character to your living spaces.

Prices range from $9.90 for a cushion, to $49.90 for sheer curtains

Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot, $1,599

Multi-cookers have been around for a while, but Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is giving new meaning to the term with a smart cooking robot that promises to automate your cooking entirely with this chic-looking device.

Not only can the stainless steel main pot be used for stews, steaming and mixing, you can also use it to rinse your vegetables and fruits before cooking, as well as mince meats, grind, knead, chop and stir-fry.

Armed with a hefty eight- inch screen for easy navigation, the device can intelligently cook recipes you’ve chosen from its extensive library on its own, as well as helping to measure out your ingredients prior to starting the cooking process.

Busy home cooks can also stack on a steamer and mesh basket to prepare up to three dishes and one soup for the whole family at the same time.

Xiaomi Smart Cooking Robot retails at $1,599, with limited quantities available for sale, and is available at Xiaomi Jurong Point, 63 Jurong West Central 3, #B1-16/17

WMF Sentic 30-piece cutlery set, $599

Elevate your dining experience with WMF’s Sentic cutlery set. With its unique rounded contours and diamond-shaped pattern on the handles, the award-winning cutlery set offers a firm grip and modern, sophisticated finesse.

The subtle textural highlight is eye-catching and enchanting, giving your meal time a touch of class and elegance.

WMF’s patented Cromargan finish also ensures your cutlery can withstand daily use while still looking shiny and polished.

The 30-piece WMF Sentic cutlery collection retails for $599.

The Mette pet cafe retails for $129, while the Elias pet house and Astrid pet wardrobe retail for $99 and $89 respectively from Eat Play Woof.
The Mette pet cafe retails for $129, while the Elias pet house and Astrid pet wardrobe retail for $99 and $89 respectively from Eat Play Woof.
Astrid pet wardrobe retail for $99 and $89 respectively from Eat Play Woof.
Astrid pet wardrobe retail for $99 and $89 respectively from Eat Play Woof.

Eat, Play, Woof Pet Furniture, $89 to $129

Feeling guilty for leaving your furry pals alone at home while you’re away at work? Here’s a chance to spoil them silly with these a-dog-rable furnishing ideas to keep them occupied.

Eat, Play, Woof is a local online store offering a range of pet-sized furniture, clothing and toys for your four-pawed family members. Deck out your pet’s personal area with a Mette pet cafe or the Elias pet house, along with an uber swanky Astrid pet wardrobe to complete the ensemble. Made from high quality plywood,
the structures are stain- and splash- resistant and can be customised with your pet’s name too.

The Mette pet cafe retails for $129, while the Elias pet house and Astrid pet wardrobe retail for $99 and $89 respectively from Eat Play Woof.

Unix Stone Standing Desk, $1,199 to $1,899

Everyone loves the sensual feel of a cool marble table top, but what if you want it on your working desk or standing table? Stone table maker Unix offers busy professionals the ideal combination of form and function, with their stone standing desks with adjustable heights.

Available in quartz, sintered stone, granite and terrazzo tabletops, Unix’s work desks feature a compact design, allowing them to fit in a space as small as 1.05m, and come with a built-in touch-sensitive control panel with multiple height presets, which can be placed on either the left or right corners.

Unix stone standing desks retail from $1,199 for a quartz top, to $1,899 for a granite top

Happy Daruma Dolls, $35

Make your wish on a Daruma doll and draw in the eyes once your wish is granted. This Japanese tradition stems from the legend of Bodhidharma, who sat in meditation with eyes closed (refusing to open them until he attained enlightenment) and is commonly used as a form of encouragement.

Local design studio Supermama collaborated with artisans from Adachi, Tokyo to launch a series of Happy Daruma dolls in contemporary colours. There’s also a DIY set to create your own version of a Happy Daruma. Not only do they inspire success, these cute dolls also add vibrance and a touch of Zen to your modern homestead.

Happy Daruma dolls and DIY kit retail from $35, and are available at the Supermama gift shop at the National Musuem

GF+A Heritage Cloud, Emerald Glossy Tiles, $169 per sqm

Maximalists will appreciate the lustrous grains and rich hues of the Heritage cloud and emerald glossy tiles.

Available in 120x280cm slabs, these tiles create a decadent and luxe interior, along with a cosy and warm ambiance.

Available at GF+A, prices for the tiles retail from $169/sqm

Rantoge Clock, $361

Tired of the same clock face designs available? Give your living space a steampunk edge with the Rantoge clock, which features a cut-out version of the digital panel.

Made from aluminium-alloy, stainless steel and brass, this DIY kit comes with everything you need to put your physical digital clock together.

Once completed, you’ll be able to enjoy the soft ticking sounds from the motor as well as the rewarding click-clack noise of the gears manually changing the clock’s digits with each passing minute.

Aside from keeping time, it is also a great device for helping to distract you from the stresses of the day.

Rantoge is available for funding as a project on Kickstarter, with pledges starting from $361.

Devialet Dione de Paris, $4,490

Devialet Dione de Paris, $4,490

Known for shaking up the AV industry when it first launched in 2007, Devialet became an instant hit with its oddly shaped speaker touting excellent sound quality to match its standout looks.

Paying homage to its French roots, Devialet collaborated with Opera de Paris to launch an exclusive version of its all-in-one Dione sound bar.

This special edition of the Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 Dione sound bar comes in a sleek matte gold frame, providing outstanding sound experiences across all home entertainment content.

It can be used without the need for a separate subwoofer, thanks to the 17 neodymium drivers, in a 5.1.2 configuration.

The Devialet Dione de Paris retails for $4,490

Enzo Berti Bowl N°1, $10,765

Italian designer Enzo Berti’s masterful manipulation of marble into an organic-shaped washbasin with multiple folds is nothing short of pure artistry.

Designed for premium Italian bath specialist Kreoo, Bowl N°1 is hewn from a single block, the basin’s design allows light to shine through the marble, creating an ethereal glow.

With over 13 different types of marble to choose from, you’ll find one to match (or contrast) the look of your powder room easily. If you are looking for that piece of jaw-dropping home statement to leave an indelible impression in the minds of your guests, look no further than this standout finishing touch.

Bowl N°1 retails for $10,765 and is available from Hafary

Home and Decor Shopping Finds: April 2023

The Chains Throw is priced at $2,425 and is available from Frette’s flagship boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Frette #01-10/11

Frette Chains Throw, $2,425

We may be well into the first quarter of the new year, but fret not as there are three more to go before it ends. If work has kept you in a constant state of rush, perhaps it is time to take a breather.

Cosy up on your sofa or armchair with Frette’s Chains throw in Beige Milk, crafted from pure virgin wool and decorated with an enlarged chain motif to add a suave, elegant look to your space. Its warm embrace will have you staying toasty whether you’re catching up on your K-drama or chillaxing with a good read late into the night.

The Chains Throw is priced at $2,425 and is available from Frette’s flagship boutique at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Frette #01-10/11.

LG CordZero A9 Kompressor with Steam Power Mop

Winner of the CES 2023 Innovation Award, LG’s updated model of its popular A9 cordless vacuum now comes with additional steam mopping functionality, providing even more cleaning power for domestic gods and goddesses.

The CordZero A9 Kompressor also comes with the innovative All-in-One Tower docking station, designed to store, recharge and automatically empty the vacuum.

While it has yet to reach our shores for now, this nifty appliance will definitely be high on your ‘to- get’ list if you are tired of constantly switching between the vacuum and mop whenever you’re cleaning the floors.

Pricing and availability of the CordZero A9 Kompressor with Steam Power Mop has yet to be announced at press time.

LG MoodUP Fridge

LG’s MoodUP colour-changing fridges were introduced for discerning homeowners who are no longer content with the conventional black, white or metallic fridges offered on the market.

Thanks to the LED colour-changeable door panels, LG’s innovative kitchen solution gives users the ability to customise the look of their fridge without the cost and hassle of having to physically replace any of its exterior elements.

With over 20 colours to choose from, and over 190,000 colour combinations available for its four-door French-door model, LG is upping the ante by collaborating with colour specialist Pantone to include its colour of the year Viva Magenta to the mix as well.

With the dizzying array at your disposal, the only problem you’ll encounter will be admiring your fridge instead of stocking it.

Pricing and availability of the MoodUP refrigerator range has yet to be announced at press time.

FortyTwo Thyma Lounge Chair, $427

Singapore’s largest online furniture retailer, FortyTwo, recently opened its first brick-and-mortar store, Qoltured by FortyTwo, at Raffles City.

It carries a mixture of large furnishings, interior accessories and homeware essentials. Browse the brand’s specially-curated ‘design meets function’ range of furniture, including the Thyma Lounge Chair.

Made of leathaire, also known as air leather, the revolutionary material adapts to your body temperature and encourages air circulation. Moreover, unlike other faux leather materials, it will not harden, crack or peel to ensure long-lasting durability and easy maintenance.

Thyma Lounge Chair retails for $427.90, and is available in store at Qoltured by FourtyTwo, #03-03, Raffles City Shopping Centre.

About The Scent Home Candles, $18 to $32

Even though it isn’t difficult to make your own scented candles (there are plenty of DIY candlemaking kits online), it takes a seasoned craftsman to know the ideal percentage of essential oil to wax ratio to use in order to ensure an optimum fragrance throw and consistent burn rate.

One such producer is homegrown label About The Scent.

Made in small batches, the brand’s candles are made with organic essential oils and natural soy-wax, and adds just the right amount of fragrance to gently scent up your interior.

Candles from About The Scent are priced from $18 for an 80g jar to $32 for a 220g jar, which offers 40 hours of burn time.

Stoned Marble Homeware, $42 to $487

With its artistic veins and luscious, sensual texture, it’s not hard to see why natural marble is such a coveted yet costly material of choice for homeowners.

If you’re looking for the perfect accompaniments to your freshly laid and bookmatched marble slab floors, head down to Journey East to view the range of delectable marble homewares from Amsterdam-based brand Stoned.

Founded by duo Derkan Atakan and John ter Riet in 2014, Stoned offers platters, vases, cutting boards, bowls and coasters hewn from travertine as well as white, pink and burgundy marble, all sourced from the Aegean coast in Turkey.

Prices for Stoned’s marble products range from $42 for a set of four square white marble coasters, to $487 for a travertine column vase from Journey East, 315 Outram Rd, #03-02 Tan Boon Liat Building.

HAY Mousqueton Lamp, $280

Yearning to be in the great outdoors instead of being stuck at home? Why not bring a bit of the outside into your living room instead, with HAY’s Mousqueton portable lamp.

Part of its collection for Spring 2023, this utilitarian table lamp is named after the carabiner in French and serves as a multi-terrain and weather lighting. The pure galvanised metallic top handle also acts as a carabiner, allowing it to be hung from a rope or branch.

Available in three coloured shade options, this battery-powered lamp is rechargeable and comes with a four-step dimmer as well as an LED bulb with an estimated lifespan of 35,000 hours.

The Mousqueton Portable Lamp retails from $280 from Cult Design and Grafunkt

My Story Plate, $39

Meal times with the little one do not have to be tedious and frustrating, take it from fellow mommy Rachel Raeburn, who designed a simple yet effective dining plate to encourage her daughter, Oia Victoria, to finish her meals.

Numbered pods in the plate separate the meal into smaller, less intimidating, portions, while the graphics tell a story to keep the child engaged during meals. The plates come in two designs and can be used for children up to age of six. It’s also eco-friendly, antibacterial and easy to clean.

My Story Plate retails for $39 and is available from

Hermes Dog Accessories

Every dog has its day, and so should yours. your love for your furry pal is as unbounded as your bank account, consider pampering your pooch with these on-point togs and t from French fashion powerhouse Hermes.

Choose from the quilted dog coat or raincoat, treat bag and even a cute oversized rubber chew toy in the shape of the maison’s iconic Mors scarf ring.

Hermes’ pet accessories from  Hermes at  541 Orchard Rd, #01-02A Liat Towers

Any of these will ensure that your four-pawed family member is going to be the most dapper-looking pet on the block.

Prices for Hermes’ pet accessories on application from Hermes at 541 Orchard Rd, #01- 02A Liat Towers.

Lindbyn Mirror with storage, black, $75 from IKEA
Lindbyn Mirror with storage, black, $75 from IKEA
Cubiko Storage Mirror, $179 from Hipvan
Cubiko Storage Mirror, $179 from Hipvan

Trending Bathroom Mirrors, $75 to $179

The mirror is one of the most essential parts of the vanity, and its shape can influence how your bathroom looks and feels. So don’t be too quick to settle for a run-of-mill option if you want to make your personal space feel like an urban retreat.

Ebba Accent Mirror, $149, from Ashley Furniture
Ebba Accent Mirror, $149, from Ashley Furniture
Metal Round Black Accent Mirror, $149 from Ashley Furniture
Metal Round Black Accent Mirror, $149 from Ashley Furniture

Here are four storage bathroom mirrors that offer the right amount of space for reflection as it does style and panache: two bathroom mirrors from IKEA ($75), and HipVan Cubiko storage mirror ($179), and two simpler framed bathroom mirrors from Ashley Furniture ($149).

Emu Terra Director's Chair, $1,886
Emu Terra director’s chair retails for $1,886

Emu Terra Director’s Chair, $1,886

Glam up your home with this generously proportioned Terra director’s chair from Emu. The sturdy folding frame is made from solid, high-thickness extruded aluminium, and is enhanced by the combination of Emu-tex and eco-leather upholstery.

Despite its imposing stature, the chair offers absolute comfort along with a heaping dose of inimitable style and panache. All you have to do now is get used to calling the shots.

Terra director’s chair retails for $1,886 and is available at Marquis.

Sharp Heat Pump Dryer, $1,664 white & $1,719 black

Don’t let unpredictable weather get in the way of your laundry day with Sharp’s KD-HD9S7GW Heat Pump Dryer.

Powered by a new specialty heat pump, this dryer also features an Express 34-Minute Dry Mode that can dry up to 1kg of cotton shirts in as short as 34 minutes with a high-speed spin cycle.

The dryer’s cabinet also comes with a special wave design for greater stability that lowers vibrations and noise levels while in operation.

SHARP KD-HD9S7GW Heat Pump Dryer is priced at $1,719 for the black and $1,664 for the white version respectively, available from Sharp’s Cocoro Life online store.

Dekton Onirika Large Format Tiles

The current trend in tile designs is to go big in terms of size and details. Leading stone specialist Cosentino’s Dekton launched its large-format Dekton Onirika collection to offer homeowners the carbon neutral-option of sintered stone that looks and feels as good as natural marble.

Onirika Trance features warm fine streaks that move between oxides and fade to reddish gold, adding depth and lightness to the interiors.

Cosentino’s City Showroom is located at 5 Straits View, West Tower, #01-16/17, Marina One

A small part of this article was written by ChatGPT, edited by human writers.