On top of the essential kitchen knives and cooking utensils, I genuinely enjoy looking out and shopping for cool new kitchen tools that I can add to enhance the functionality of my kitchen. 

10 Best Kitchen Tools List

From a new homeowner and newbie home cook, here are 10 kitchen tools are among the basic kitchen tools that you probably didn’t think you needed. They ease some of the everyday kitchen tasks, from as simple as helping to lift a hot bowl safely, to a clever dual-purpose soup ladle.

Kitchen toolsPrices
Shopee Egg White Separator$1.44
IUIGA Rice Washing Filter$2.90
Style Degree Soup Ladle 2-in-1 $2.90
Shopee Grip Bowl Tool$3.08
Shopee Wine Vacuum Stopper$4.32
Shopee Handheld Butter Dispenser$11.65
Shopee Cutting Board$12.28
Style Degree Spill Stopper Lid$15.80
Shopee Cutlery Holder with Steriliser$42.12
IUIGA Smart Sensor Water Tap$59.90

Shopee Egg White Separator, $1.44

If you are into baking, you will know that separating eggs for the egg whites to be whipped is one of the most common steps you will see in any recipe. This is where an egg white separator comes in. The egg yolk separator that is in my cutlery drawer is nothing as cute as this with its adorable daisy shape appeal.

Flower-shaped egg yolk separator is retailing at $1.44 from Shopee.

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IUIGA Rice Washing Filter Multifunctional, $2.90

Hands up if you struggle with the rice-washing process too! I grew up seeing my mother wash rice like a pro, with no need for any tool whatsoever, and the rice doesn’t fall off the bowl as mine do. 

I have since admitted defeat and realised that maybe a rice-washing filter will put an end to my struggle, as it comes with both functions to wash and filter rice accordingly.

Multifunctional rice washing filter is retailing at $2.90 from IUIGA.

Style Degree Soup Ladle 2-in-1, $2.90

As the name suggests, this dual-sided soup ladle is perfect for steamboat gatherings as it enables you to strain food and serve soup conveniently. Choose from 3 colours of blue, green, and beige to add a pop of wow to your kitchen.

2-in-1 soup ladle retails at $2.90 from Style Degree.

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Shopee Grip Bowl Tool Multifunctional, $3.08

A simple and easy-to-use tool made of steel, this grip bowl tool is designed with a comfortable handle that you can use to grab your hot bowls and plates, which can be difficult to reach even with gloves on. The grip bowl tool has a horizontal and vertical clamp that enables you to grip all sizes of dinnerware.

Multifunction grip bowl tool is available at $3.08 from Shopee.

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Shopee Wine Vacuum Stopper, $4.32

Our guests tend to bring over wine as a form of a kind gesture, but we always end up with leftover wine that we do not know how to store properly, except to force the cork back into the wine bottle. 

The wine vacuum stopper is an excellent solution as it comes with 0.038Mpa vacuum level to ensure fresh long-term preservation of up to 7 days, turn the dial easily to set the date scale function.

Wine vacuum stopper costs $4.32 from Shopee.

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Shopee Handheld Butter Dispenser, $11.65

Don’t you find that butter is an absolute chore to store and get access to whenever you just want to have some butter in your food? The way butter is sold as a huge chunk wrapped in foil paper is just not the most user friendly way for everyday use. 

This handheld butter dispenser device is designed to hold half a chunk of regular-sized butter that dispenses a slice of butter quickly and easily with just a simple squeeze.

Handheld butter dispenser is available at $11.65 on Shopee.

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Shopee Cutting Board Multifunctional, $12.28

If only I had known about this innovative and cool multifunctional cutting board earlier, then I wouldn’t need to end up with a separate cutting board, knife sharpener, grinder, and washing basket, such a waste of space to store these bulky items. 

The cutting board features 6 functions that can even fold and seamlessly transform into a washing basket to ease the food preparation process.

Multifunctional chopping board retails at $12.28 from Shopee.

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Style Degree Spill Stopper Pot Lid, $15.80

Are you guilty about leaving your boiling pot unattended causing the stove in unwanted puddles of spills too? 

This food-grade silicone spill stopper lid features 5 versatile uses that you can use as a steamer basket, food cover, coaster, and even a pot cover. What I really need this for is to prevent any future spills from happening.

Multifunctional spill stopper lid is available at $15.80 on Style Degree.

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Shopee Cutlery Holder with Steriliser, $42.12

Ever since the arrival of my newborn, I have been extra mindful about the hygiene of our everyday things. As we begin our process of sterilising milk bottles, I also wanted to look into sterilising other daily items like our toothbrush and even cutlery.

This cutlery holder comes with a closed lid that prevents dust from entering, while also allowing excess water to be collected via a bottom tray. Upon closing, the cutlery holder goes into sterilisation automatically, and you can charge it conveniently via a micro-USB port at the side.

Cutlery holder with steriliser is retailing at $42.12 on Shopee. 

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IUIGA Smart Sensor Water Tap, $59.90

Despite NEA’s assurance that Singapore’s tap water is clean and safe to drink without any filtration, you may want to consider installing a smart sensor water tap for added reassurance, which facilitates water-saving efforts at the same time. 

Upon easy installation via a button-type structure, the smart sensor water tap comes with a touchless infrared sensor that enables you to start or stop the tap in just a simple wave motion, great for families with children around hard to reach taps.

Smart sensor water tap is available at $59.90 from IUIGA.

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