How many laundry baskets do you have in your home? I consolidated and found out that I have a total of 7 laundry baskets all around my home with a total of 2 adults and 1 child. 

Laundry baskets are generally spacious and versatile, which serve the purpose as storage baskets to hold other items like children’s toys and sports equipment, on top of the usual laundry regardless if they are clean or dirty. 

As I am particular about separating my clean and dirty laundry into different baskets, I made sure that I get the appropriate laundry baskets, where fresh laundry are placed in a collapsible basket that I can easily put away after keeping the clean clothes in the wardrobe, and the dirty laundry basket permanently lives right in front of the toilet door.

I am looking to get more laundry baskets so that I can properly organise and store a range of various things in the kid’s room and upgrade my laundry baskets that are on the verge of breaking apart.

10 Best Laundry Baskets

Here are the 10 best laundry baskets, stylish and functional that can be used in every part of your home to hold more than just your ordinary laundry.

Laundry basketPrice
Mesh Laundry Basket$3.99
Patterned Foldable Laundry Basket$7.99
Jiji Evony Collapsible Hanging Laundry Basket$8.90
JVD Foldable PP Laundry Basket$15
Living Space Matilda Round Basket$18.90
IKEA PURRPINGLA Laundry Bag$24.90
HipVan Cooper Laundry Hamper with Wheels$26.90
Jiji Jinex Laundry Basket with Towel Rack$27.90
HOUZE Laundry Basket with Pine Wood$28.90
IKEA SALUDING Laundry Basket$49.90

Mesh Laundry Basket, $3.99

Made of mesh and metal wire, this lightweight and portable laundry basket is well-ventilated and folds down into the size of a regular mouse pad that you can easily travel with. 

It is value for money as it can function just as well as any other laundry basket, and it is also why I have 2 of these currently. In my laundry routine, I would use two separate laundry baskets to hold 1 week’s worth of clean laundry, one laundry basket for my baby’s clothes and the other laundry basket is for the rest of the clothes that belong to my partner and I. 

Do note that this mesh laundry basket is unable to take too much weight, as it is held on by a thin and flexible metal wire material. You will be able to find plain-coloured mesh laundry basket that suits your preference too.

Mesh laundry basket is available at $3.99 from Shopee.

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Patterned Foldable Laundry Basket, $7.99

There is everything to love about a modern chic patterned multipurpose laundry basket like this, which will be extra useful for a kid’s room. I have one specifically for dirty baby’s clothes, and another will be good to keep toys away after playtime. 

Aside from using it in a kid’s room, this laundry basket comes in various other modern aesthetically pleasing designs, where you will be able to store a good amount of reusable paper bags, or you can also use it to store any recyclables too. Getting things organised is as easy as it can be when you find multiple ways to make use of what looks like a simple laundry basket.

Patterned foldable laundry basket costs $7.99 from Shopee.

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Jiji Evony Collapsible Hanging Laundry Basket, $8.90

Aside from having a laundry basket in each bedroom, I also have the preference of placing a laundry basket in the service yard to hold non-clothing items such as cushion covers, bedding, and hand towels that are pending for a wash. 

The Evony hanging laundry basket works similarly to the hanging bin that I have at my sink. The collapsible and inconspicuous design is great for utilising the otherwise wasted dead spaces around the washing machine. Along with the laundry basket, you will also get 2 stick-on hooks to hang the basket just next to the washing machine.

Jiji Evony collapsible hanging laundry basket retails at $8.90 from Jiji.

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JVD Foldable PP Laundry Basket, $15

For laundry items that require soaking and prewashing, you will definitely need a pail of sorts. How about a laundry basket that functions as a pail too? I do not have a laundry pail, hence I am using my sink for that purpose.

Like a collapsible basket, the JVD foldable laundry basket is also able to flatten to store away easily when it is not in use. Additionally, it comes with 2 handles that you can carry around the house, and even double it up to hold water for your cleaning needs.

JVD foldable pp laundry basket is available at $15 from Shopee.

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Living Space Matilda Round Basket, $18.90

Can you ever have enough storage baskets? It is especially true if the storage basket in question is a versatile and stylish woven round basket that comes with handy handles. 

Matilda basket by Living Space is made of water hyacinth, a natural material that works well to store laundry and will look awesome as a flower basket too. It comes in 3 different sizes that you can use together as a set. 

Living Space Matilda round basket is on sale from $18.90 on Spotlight.

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IKEA PURRPINGLA Laundry Bag, $24.90

I cannot hide the fact that I am a big fan of tote bags, as you can spot a couple of them in my travel bag and diaper changing bag where I store spare clothes, blankets, and diapers.

The PURRPINGLA laundry bag by IKEA is the perfect oversized tote bag to hold and transport your dirty laundry for your scheduled laundry days, especially if you are sharing a laundry machine in a hostel, or you have to get to the self-service laundromat found in most neighbourhoods. 

It comes with both short and long handles that you can carry by your shoulder, just like how you would carry a regular tote bag, the PURRPINGLA laundry bag has a sturdy and freestanding base, along with a plastic coating interior that you can clean it without any fuss.

IKEA PURRPINGLA laundry bag is retailing at $24.90 from IKEA.

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HipVan Cooper Laundry Hamper with Wheels, $26.90

For a larger household, consider implementing a laundry sorting system whereby each family member contributes by placing their laundry in the respective compartments, so as to create a seamless laundry routine. 

The Cooper laundry hamper comes with 6 useful laundry labels – baby clothes, innerwear, hand wash, delicate white, dark and coloured clothing, that the clothes can easily be sorted based on your needs which comes with 2-section per hamper. You will know how heavy a week of dirty laundry is, if you ever do your laundry, hence having wheels will be the most beneficial.

HipVan Cooper laundry hamper with wheels is available at $26.90 from HipVan.

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Jiji Jinex Laundry Basket with Towel Rack, $27.90

Do you have the habit of re-wearing clothes that are worn once, knowing that the piece of clothing is not clean enough to be placed back in the wardrobe? This is a common habit among most people, and having a designated area for this special category of clothes can help in keeping things organised.

Jinex laundry basket features a 2 tier basket system with an additional clothing rack that serves the purpose of hanging up clothes that you wish to wear again. The 2 laundry baskets come with holes for ventilation while having your laundry well sorted and detachable on laundry days.

Jiji Jinex laundry basket with towel rack retails at $27.90 from Jiji.

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HOUZE Laundry Basket with Pine Wood, $28.90

Constructed with a pine wood frame structure that gives stability and ensures that your laundry does not ever spill even with a growing laundry pile. The use of simple and natural materials allows the laundry basket to blend in with any modern interior, from Scandi chic to Japandi.

The laundry basket holds up to 90 litres, which is probably a week of dirty laundry for a regular couple. It fits great next to your wardrobe in the bedroom, and it takes up just a small amount of space when it is folded and tucked away.

HOUZE laundry basket with pine wood is available at $28.90 from HOUZE.

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IKEA SALUDING Laundry Basket, $49.90

A thoughtfully designed laundry basket with a lid that comes with a circular hole to drop your clothes easily, the SALUDING laundry basket is also able to keep any unsightly clutter away from plain sight. The thoughtfulness extends to the use of materials where the laundry baskets are handwoven by skillful craftspeople, with an intricate woven pattern on the lid. 

Made of hardwearing and durable bamboo material, the SALUDING laundry basket is lightweight and adds a layer of much-needed zen to the bedroom. In the SALUDING series, you will be able to find 3 other sizes of bamboo baskets that you can use to store smaller items like fresh bath towels and extra toilet rolls.

IKEA SALUDING laundry basket is retailing at $49.90 from IKEA.

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