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Hands up if you grew up playing with Lego sets. Regardless of age, the best Lego sets stand out for their designs, how playable they are, intricate details and just that ability to “spark joy”, to quote Marie Kondo.

Over the years, Lego has expanded beyond offering Lego sets for kids to introducing builds for adults. Their ranges have also gone beyond their own collections like the Duplo and Creator series to licensed sets from the world’s biggest toy and movie franchises, like Disney and Star Wars. 

Lego sets for adults are also incredibly varied, and cater to every taste, whether you’re a Star Wars fan or an art or architecture lover.

LEGO Valentine’s Day Gift

LEGO is rolling out a novel concept aimed at lovebirds this Valentine’s Day with a medley of sets, for couples seeking a blend of fun and creativity. According to the press release shared by LEGO, the LEGO Date Night in a Box is “a toolkit for romance, peppered with the essence of LEGO’s playful spirit”.

Here’s what’s tucked inside this limited-edition package:

  • A greeting card to scribble sweet nothings.
  • Conversation cards designed “to spark deep, reflective chats”.
  • A sticker pack to sprinkle your evening with LEGO charm.
  • Custom coasters, because what’s a date without your favourite drink?
  • And an exclusive LEGO Heart-shaped Lock polybag.

The LEGO Date Night in a Box will be exclusively available as a gift-with-purchase on the LEGO Official Store on Lazada and Shopee for a limited period from 26 January to 18 February 2024 with a minimum spend of $199 on selected products.

11 Best Lego Sets for Adults

We’ve taken a look at the best Lego sets on sale online right now, and have come up with a list of great buys. In our price check, we found that Amazon is consistently offering the best discounts and prices on Lego sets. Dive in and discover the best Lego sets on sale, piece by piece.

Lego setsPrice
Lego Chinese New Year 2024 Dragon$129.90
Lego Botanical Orchid$79.90
Lego Art Hokusai The Great Wave$159.90
Lego Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car$279.90
Lego Ideas Typewriter$379.90
Lego Darth Vader Helmet$119.90
Lego Harry Potter Hedwig Collector Edition$469.90
Lego BTS Dynamite$159.90
Lego Architecture Himeji Castle$259.90
Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Starship Building Kit$279.90
Lego Art World Map$399.90

Lego Chinese New Year 2024 Dragon, $129.90

Since 2019, LEGO’s long-running Chinese Traditional Festival sets have long been a staple celebrating Chinese New Year, and for 2024, the company has released an incredible Auspicious Dragon (80112) model. The set makes for an incredibly detailed and beautiful display to usher in the Year of the Dragon.

The Auspicious Dragon is a set with 1,171 pieces and is priced at $129.90. LEGO says the set is suitable for ages 10+. Fun fact: 2024 is the year of the Wood Dragon, and could explains the slight-brown tone of this dragon.

The Auspicious Dragon set is essentially built as two main parts – the base (in the photo here) as well as the titular dragon. The base is filled with plenty of delightful oriental-theme details that you’d recognise if you are familiar with Chinese mythologies and old Chinese arts – just look at those curly clouds.

The dragon is built as the second part of the set that you connect to the base via the four ball joints. This is also possibly the most challenging part of the building process, as the dragon’s body are connected via three sets of ball joints and they do require a fair bit of strength and care to snap together.

In most Chinese paintings of dragons, you’ll always notice it clutching to or chasing after a pearl. Sometimes, these pearls could be in flames. It’s really a neat touch by the LEGO designer to include a pearl element here; and it’s pretty well designed too. Whether it’s by design or coincidence, that the pearl is not actually in ‘flames’ is a nice thought – fire isn’t kind to wood after all (reminder: 2024 is the year of the wood dragon).

The Auspicious Dragon Lego Set is retailing for $129.90 at and Amazon.

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Lego Botanical Orchid

Lego Botanical Orchid, $79.90

Easily the best Lego set from the Botanical collection, this beautifully realistic set will look fantastic as part of your room decor to add a pop of colour and fun, with the movable parts for the stems, blooms, roots, and leaves to style it freely according to your liking.

Lego Botanical Orchid is retailing for $79.90 at Amazon and iShopChangi.

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Lego Art Hokusai The Great Wave

Lego Art Hokusai The Great Wave, $159.90

Art lovers will love piecing together this intricately layered recreation of Hokusai’s famous artwork, titled The Great Wave that will elevate and complement your Japandi-inspired style home. For a truly immersive, zen experience, scan the QR code and listen to a soundtrack tailored for this project.

Lego Art Hokusai The Great is available for $159.90 at Amazon and Shopee.

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Lego Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car

Lego Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car, $279.90

This one’s for Formula 1 fans. Born from a McLaren-Lego partnership, this meticulous model boasts moving parts in V6 engine pistons, precision steering, and more to add a touch of character to your space.

Lego Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car is available for $279.90 at Amazon and Shopee.

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Lego Ideas Typewriter

Lego Ideas Typewriter, $379.90

With an appreciation of vintage typewriters on the rise, this is the perfect item to display in your office. This fantastic replica of an old-fashioned typewriter even realistically click-clacks with each press of the keys, and mimics the paper-feeding motion of a real typewriter.

Lego Ideas Typewriter is retailing for $379.90 from Amazon.

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Lego Darth Vader Helmet

Lego Darth Vader Helmet, $119.90

Is there a figure more iconic than Darth Vader in the Star Wars universe? This is the ultimate ornament for your desk for an extra boost of energy as “The Force is strong with this one”.

Lego Darth Vader Helmet is available for $119.90 at Amazon and Shopee.

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Lego Harry Potter Hedwig Collector Edition

Lego Harry Potter Hedwig Collector Edition, $469.90

This is a touch of magic any Potterhead would be proud to have in their collection. This beautiful set includes iconic pieces from the series like Harry’s wand, a Hogwarts scarf, the Golden Snitch and of course Hedwig.

Lego Harry Potter Hedwig Collector Edition is retailing for $469.90 at Amazon and Shopee.

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Lego BTS Dynamite

Lego BTS Dynamite, $159.90

Army fans will recognise this set as the setting for the Dynamite music video. Recreate your favourite scenes from the video, from the donut shop, ice-cream truck to record store. Best of all, mini-figures of the BTS members are also included.

What sets this LEGO set apart from others is its interactive stage. According to the LEGO Ideas Model Designer, they ensured that the BTS mini-figs could genuinely dance because “dance choreography is so important for BTS.” The stage has a unique “moving” function that enables the band members to dance (rotate, actually), making it a fun and distinctive addition to the set.

Lego BTS Dynamite is available for $159.90 at Amazon and Shopee.

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Lego Architecture Himeji Castle

Lego Architecture Himeji Castle, $259.90

With detailed turrets, walkways and cherry trees, you can remove the castle top to unveil a glimpse of the interior layout, and swap out the foliage on the trees according to the seasons.

Lego Architecture Himeji Castle is available for $259.90 at Amazon.

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Starship Building Kit

Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Starship Building Kit, $279.90

Here’s a set that can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. One of Lego’s most popular Star Wars builds, this Millenium Falcon includes spring-loaded shooters and a lowering ramp and opening cockpit.

Once you’ve mastered this, maybe you’ll want to move on to the ultimate Millennium Falcon collector’s edition consisting of 7,500 pieces. 

Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon Starship Building Kit is available for $279.90 from Amazon.

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Lego Art World Map, $399.90

Forget about your typical world map poster. As the largest LEGO set to date with up to 3 map combinations, the LEGO world map is a great weekend activity for the whole family to build and customise it with brick-built pins to check off each visited country.

Lego Art World Map is retailing for $399.90 at Amazon and Shopee.

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Part of this article was first published in Hardware Zone.