Mongze Mattress Singapore review

Welcome to your guide to knowing when it’s time to change your mattress and the best mattress brands on the market.

The average person spends 26 years of their life sleeping, and conventional wisdom (and hygiene) would dictate that it’s not spent on the same mattress. But when is it time to retire your mattress?

Under normal conditions, mattresses should be replaced every six to eight years. This is a general guideline, but time’s about up for your faithful mattress if one or more of the following apply.

When should I change my mattress?

For starters, your mattress is negatively affecting your sleep, and you find that you sleep better at hotels, friends’ houses, etc.

The state of your physical well-being is another clue, whether it’s an increase in allergies and asthma or regularly waking up with muscle or joint stiffness.

Finally, the actual state of the mattress will give you an inkling. When you change your sheets, you notice it’s saggy or damaged in certain areas or makes more noise than usual (noisy springs are common in old innerspring mattresses).

10 Best Mattress Brands in Singapore

When you’ve determined it’s time for a change, these are 10 arguably best mattress brands in Singapore.

Then, scroll further down and read up about “Sleep Guarantee” for mattresses in Singapore.

Best Mattress BrandsPrice
Origin Mattress$399 – $999
Mongze Mattress$579 – $799
King Living$1,750 – $4,550
King Koil$4,249 – $7,239
NOA$324 – $1,324
Heveya Mattress$2,588 – $7,488
Sonno Mattress$499 – $1,299
Sealy$3,800 – $4,400
Simmons$4,146 – $7,371
Tempur$3,699 – $3,999
Origin Mattress carries two mattress models in Singapore, namely the Origin Hybrid Mattress, and the flagship Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress (pictured above).
Origin Mattress carries two mattress models in Singapore, namely the Origin Hybrid Mattress, and the flagship Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress (pictured above).

1. Origin Mattress, $399 – $999

High up on our list is a relatively new mattress brand that has made its mark on the global mattress industry in a small period of time. Origin Mattress was founded in 2018, and rose to prominence rapidly throughout the pandemic years.

Their mattresses are designed by an award-winning German team alongside a consortium of global doctors for optimal spinal alignment and comfort.

Origin Mattress carries two mattress models in Singapore, namely the basic Origin Hybrid Mattress ($399), and the signature Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress ($999).

The Origin Hybrid Mattress is a 10-inch hybrid of natural latex, cooling gel, memory foam, and pocket springs for breathable temperature regulation in Singapore’s tropical hot climate.
The Origin Hybrid Mattress is a 10-inch hybrid of natural latex, cooling gel, memory foam, and pocket springs for breathable temperature regulation in Singapore’s tropical hot climate.

Origin Hybrid Mattress, $399

Before we dive into the brand’s signature Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress (below), let’s briefly touch on its entry-level mattress called the Origin Hybrid Mattress. At $399, this is a cheap mattress with a cool six-layer mix of natural latex, cooling gel memory foam, pocket springs – all enveloped by a highly breathable airflow Tencel™️ cover.

New parents co-sleeping with babies and light sleepers will enjoy this, since the hybrid mattress comes with Origin Mattress’ Zero Motion Transfer Technology.

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is the brand’s flagship mattress equipped with pressure relief, suitable for pain and back aches.
Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is the brand’s flagship mattress equipped with pressure relief, suitable for pain and back aches.

Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress $999

At $999, the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress is one of the most value-for-money premium mattresses on the market. This 12-inch extra cooling mattress comes with Polar Silk Tencel™️, Graphite Crystal Latex, Cooling Cloud Memory Foam and Natural Wool for better cooling and temperature regulation.

Its ErgoCoil Micro-Precision Springs, 7-Zone ErgoCoil Support Springs, and Origin HexaGrid™ Memory Foam provides extra support and pressure relief for a lightweight and luxurious sleep experience.

Honestly, it’s pretty neat for $999. You get free same day delivery and a 120-night trial, too.

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South Korean Mongze Deep Sleep mattress is priced at $799 (Queen) on Daily & Co
South Korean Mongze Deep Sleep mattress is priced at $799 (Queen) on Daily & Co

2. Mongze Mattress, $579 – $799

New to Singapore shores is the South Korean bedding brand, Mongze Mattress. Since their launch in 2023, the brand has made some waves and conversation on forums such as Reddit in Singapore.

Mongze Deep Sleep Mattress

Priced at $579 for a Single, $649 for a Super Single, $799 for a Queen, and $949 for a King-sized mattress, Mongze’s flagship Deep Sleep Mattress is made with a very unique material called AIRNET™. We reached out to the brand to find out more and according to them, AIRNET™ is a 3D mesh structure that offers a balance of firmness, breathability (39.9x more than memory foam!), and support – basically a mix of goodness you get from both traditional latex and memory foam mattresses.

Then it gets pretty swanky: the breathable AIRNET™ material means you can actually wash your entire mattress to remove stains, dust, allergens, contaminants, odours, and sun it (no direct sunlight) to dry!

And word on the streets has it that the AIRNET™ mattresses were used in the 2020 Japan Olympics for athletes. Pretty cool, huh?

The Mongze mattress reportedly supports proper spinal alignment for most sleeping patterns, easing back pains.
The Mongze mattress reportedly supports proper spinal alignment for most sleeping patterns, easing back pains.

Mongze Mattress Showroom

If you were to drop by the Mongze showroom (located in Daily & Co Marina Square) and throw yourself onto the Mongze Deep Sleep Mattress, you should feel snugly cradled by the mattress. Meanwhile, the mattress reportedly supports proper spinal alignment for most sleeping patterns, easing back pains. It should also feel cool throughout the night – perfect for our tropical humid climate.

As with most reputable mattress brands, you get a 120-day free trial and free shipping too!

Mongze’s mattresses are priced between $579 and $999 and are available both online and in-store at Daily & Co, Marina Square.

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3. King Living Sleep+ Mattress, $1,750 – $4,550

King Living’s Sleep+ mattresses are engineered for maximum comfort and can be fully customised to your preferences. Every layer of the Sleep+ mattress stretches and yields to the human body, conforming to each unique body contour.

In addition, it features zoned pocket springs throughout, based on the trusted KingCell Pocket Spring system used in King Living sofas for over 30 years. This creates a ‘hammock’ effect as the Sleep+ responds, reacts, and conforms to offer restful sleep.

King Living Sleep+ Mattresses are also a Sensitive Choice-approved product. To qualify for such, all components in King Living Sleep+ mattresses have been engineered to allow for maximum breathability.

King Living mattress prices range from $1,750 for a Sleep+ Queen-size Mattress 3000, to $4,550 for a Sleep+ King- size Mattress 8000, and are available at the King Living showrooms in Kallang and Alexandra.

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Grand Glamour mattress from King Koil’s plush Hotel Collection

3. King Koil Mattress, $4,249 – $7,239

For a healthy sleep, look no further than King Koil. The only brand endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association (ICA), King Koil has worked with the ICA since 1967 to design mattresses that promote optimal spine support.

King Koil Hotel Mattress $4,249

King Koil’s Hotel Collection delivers that blissful sleep you remember from sleeping in the best hotels. Grand Glamour is a top pick from that collection, a medium comfort level mattress ($4,249 for Queen-size) that features Micro-Gel Plush Comfort technology and is constructed with 100 per cent natural latex.

The mattress also includes a pillow top for added plushness and support. It is perfect for those who like a medium level of firmness with a touch of extra comfort.

King Koil Hotel Signature II mattress

Also from the Hotel collection is the Signature II ($5,079 for Queen-size), a medium-soft comfort level mattress featuring Micro-Gel Plush Comfort, which provides a supportive and comfortable sleeping surface.

Also made with 100 per cent natural latex, it is equipped with Visco Elastic, a type of memory foam that conforms to the body’s shape and provides pressure relief. In addition, the mattress is finished with a pillow top design for ultimate comfort.

King Koil’s Marquis mattress

King Koil Royal Comfort Mattress $7,239

For a sleep fit for a king, the Royal Comfort Collection delivers, especially the Marquis mattress ($7,239 for Queen-size), with its medium comfort level and impressive 13.5-inch height.

The luxurious layering of this mattress begins with its Tencel ticking, a breathable, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic fabric. The Royal Comfort mattresses are also equipped with Micro-Gel Plush Comfort technology and 100 per cent natural latex construction.

In addition, the pillow top design adds an extra layer of premium cushioning. At the same time, Space technology Visco Elastic, a type of memory foam, offers relief to those with pain or discomfort in certain parts of the body.

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4. NOA Mattress, $324 – $1,324

NOA is a Canadian brand offering hybrid mattresses, which means their mattresses feature memory foam and pocket springs. NOA provides a choice between three mattresses for all body types and sleeping positions.

NOA Lite $324 – $624

NOA Lite is the firmest option with a price range of $324-624. Encased with a hand-tufted Tencel knit cover, it features two layers of memory foam; the first is designed for contouring and cooling, while the second thicker layer helps minimise partner disturbance.

Pocket coil support offers support for back and stomach sleepers.

NOA Mattress

NOA Mattress $424 – $824

NOA Mattress is the original best seller, and this award- winning mattress has a plush feel. Prices range from $424- 824 with the same silky Tencel cover, except in this case, they encase three foam layers. Two cooling memory foam layers are topped with a thin layer of latex. Foam-encased pocket coils form the support core of the mattress, and firmness suits most people.

NOA Luxe $724 – $1,324

NOA Luxe has the most features and is priced accordingly from $724-1,324. Extra add-ons include a layer of micro coils support and zoning in the mattress’s core.

In addition, the latex layer in the Luxe has been infused with Bamboo and Charcoal, which increases its ability to cool, draw away moisture, and repel odours.

NOA mattresses come with free shipping and a (more than standard) 15-year warranty.

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Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress I

5. Heveya Mattress, $2,588 – $7,488

Heveya is an organic and sustainable latex bedding company from Bali with a mission to bring ultra-comfortable mattresses that are closely connected with nature. Mattresses are made entirely from organic latex, which is sourced from the rubber tree sap, Hevea Brasiliensis, hence the name Heveya.

The best all-natural mattress that mother nature can give, Heveya organic latex delivers natural elasticity and spinal alignment, bringing unsurpassed support and long-lasting pressure relief all night. As an additional hygiene practice, Heveya mattress comes cased in an organic cotton padded bamboo cover that can be unzipped, removed, and dry cleaned for ultimate freshness, year after year.

Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress I $2,588 to $4,688

Offering three different mattresses, Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress I is its base model, a monolayered mattress featuring a slightly thinner design ideal for children or guest rooms. Prices range from $2,588 to $4,688.

Heveya II with two layers of latex

Heveya Mattress II and III

The brand’s best-selling mattresses are Heveya II and Heveya III, which have 2, and 3 latex layers respectively, and each model comes in soft, medium and firm options.

Prices range from and $2,888-5,688 for the Heveya II, and $3,788-7,488 for Heveya III.

Heveya III with three layers of latex

All mattresses come with a 100-day free trial, dual firmness and size customisation. Heveya is available online and at their flagship store in Tiong Bahru and Tangs Orchard.

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6. Sonno Mattress, $499 – $1,299

Sonno makes it a piece of cake to own a quality mattress with free shipping, a 10-year warranty, and even a buy-now, pay-later program. This online mattress startup ships mattresses directly to your door in a box and gives you a 100-night trial with easy returns if unsatisfied.

Designed in Italy, Sonno offers two mattress choices for differing requirements and price points.

Sonno Original Mattress $699 – $1,299

Sonno Original is the brand’s award-winning three-layer mattress, combining 100 per cent natural Malaysian latex, memory foam, and support foam. Prices range from $699-1,299.

Sonno Lite Mattress $499 – $799

Sonno Lite is a two-layer memory foam mattress with seven inches of premium layers and is affordable from $499-799 from Sonno Singapore.

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7. Sealy Mattress, $3,800 – $4,400

You must have heard of these famous Sealy Posturepedic mattresses.

As its name suggests, the Sealy Posturepedic Enhance Orthopaedic Premium Collection was designed in line with orthopaedic surgeons for people who need extra back and overall bodyweight support.

This mattress contains alternating columns of coils reinforced with titanium for durability.

Available in four sizes, priced from $4,447. Comes with pillow and mattress protector.

Sealy Posturepedic Orthopaedic

Would love to get a crème de la crème Sealy premium collection but find the prices too steep? Go for the mid-tier Sealy Posturepedic Orthopaedic Premium Superior Firm series instead.

Honestly, compared to the premium collection, this superior firm collection boasts all the same benefits and features of the former – albeit priced at a whole $1,000 cheaper.

Available in four sizes, retails from $3,891. Comes with pillow and mattress protector.

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8. Simmons Mattress, $4,146 – $7,371

Founded by Zalmon Gilbert Simmons in 1870 in Atlanta, the American bedding company Simmons’ unique selling point is their e-ION Crystal technology.

You’ll only find this technology in their Simmons BackCare and Beautyrest mattresses – both of which we’ll cover here.

The Simmons e-ION Crystal mattresses contain 14 types of natural mineral stones that collectively emit negative ions and far infrared rays.

If you’re not aware, negative ions are emitted from bodies of water such as the ocean or waterfalls. When you breathe these negative ions in, the help to improve your health, energy, and calms you down – also why you’re always strangely at peace when travelling abroad to beachfront resorts or Japanese waterfalls.

There are two variants of the Simmons BackCare e-ION mattress: the basic BackCare 4 ($4,283), and the cold foam BackCare Luxury ($7,371).

Simmons Beautyrest

The other series that contains Simmons‘ e-ION Crystal technology is the Beautyrest range of mattresses.

Part of the Beautyrest collection is this Ladies Desire mattress designed to provide 20 per cent more support than other mattresses for female bodily contours.

Prices range from $4,146 and up. Includes pillows and mattress protector.

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Tempur Original 21 Mattress memory foam

9. Tempur Mattress, $3,699

Founded in 1992 by Bobby Trussell, Tempur is best known for their original foam material designed by NASA to cushion astronauts from the extreme G-force that they have to withstand.

If you’re in for the original Tempur experience, go for this Tempur Original 21cm pure foam mattress ($3,699). It’s soft, it immediately cushions and envelopes you, and gives you the “hotel-like” sinking bed feeling. At this level of softness, this full foam mattress may not be suitable for those of you with back and neck aches.

However, this mattress can prove to be pretty hot in Singapore’s tropical climate.

Tempur firm mattress

Tempur Firm Supreme Mattress

Still want the Tempur brand, their OG NASA foam, but need a little more support for that ageing back?

Tempur came up with a firmer version of the original foam mattress. Called the Tempur Firm Mattress with CoolTouch ($3,999), this firm mattress gives you four layers of foam of varying density to provide your entire body with much more support.

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NOA mattresses come with 100-day free trials

Mattress Warranty in Singapore

Buying a mattress is usually a significant investment, and these days mattress brands are recognising this and offering a sleep guarantee with the purchase.

What is “Sleep Guarantee” for mattresses?

What this simply means is that you have the opportunity to test the mattress at home within a set length of time, and if it’s not up to expectations, you may return it for a refund. It may seem like a bold claim, but these four brands believe that their mattresses are so good you’ll not want to part with them.

King Living Mattresses: 30 Days warranty, full refund

Much has been written about King Living’s amazing steel frame beds, which come with a 25- year warranty but did you know that the Australian brands Sleep+ mattresses come with a 30-day mattress warranty?

While this warranty is subject to certain conditions, essentially, it allows customers who have slept at least 14 nights in succession on the mattress to a full refund.

Heveya, NOA, Sonno: 100 Days free trial

If you need a longer time to decide, brands like Heveya, NOA and Sonno all come with a 100-day free trial.

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