The best thing about working from the office for me has got to be the well-built ergonomic office chair as I enjoy long hours of work in comfort. However, the look of a regular black chunky office chair just isn’t the vibe that I want to go for in our home office, despite its great and functional traits. For a work-from-home setup in the living room, the design of your office chair has to be able to blend in with the living and dining spaces too.

You will find me stuck in a dining chair from 8 am in the morning on days when I do work from home. It is not terribly uncomfortable, but it definitely could have been better if I had a dedicated office chair so as to prevent potential pain or aches in the long run.

How to choose the best office chair?

What I look for in an office chair is definitely a spacious height adjustable seat with cushion padding as the main priority, armrests are secondary as I can choose to rest my arms on the desk too. It is fine if my home office chair does not come with a padded backrest since I have the habit of adding my favourite pillow for the lumbar support that I need. I also love swivelling and rolling around in an office chair to shake some of the work stresses away, so castor wheels are good to have.

10 Best Office Chairs

Here are the 10 best office chairs that are stylish and chic, where you will also find comfort working in.

Office chairsPrice
Urban Mood Pete Modern Office Chair$110
Sihoo Ergonomic Executive Chair$150
FortyTwo Dexter Office Chair$153
Nitori N Shield Desk Chair$199
Fanski Executive Office Chair$206
FortyTwo Eallison Study Chair$209
IKEA FJÄLLBERGET Conference Chair$329
IKEA ALEFJÄLL Office Chair$389
Loft Home Wings Bent Plate Study Chair$1,069
Crate & Barrel Libby Desk Chair$1,499

Urban Mood Pete Modern Office Chair, $110

This modern faux leather chair looks timeless and luxurious with its sleek design, while having a nicely padded seat that extends to the backrest. The sleek and seamless design also extends to the armrests where they are cushioned in the same leather material, enabling easy maintenance with just a damp cloth.

With up to 6 colours of black, grey, khaki, cream, olive, and burnt orange, you will be able to pick out an interesting and suitable coloured office chair to go with your home office design. 

Urban Mood Pete modern office chair is available at $110 from Urban Mood.

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Sihoo Ergonomic Executive Chair, $150

If you find that the hot and humid weather in Singapore is a big consideration for the type of office chair that you should be getting, then the Sihoo office executive chair is an excellent choice for you as it is made of a breathable mesh material.

Ergonomically designed in a vibrant red or neutral grey colour way in a modern minimal style, you can adjust the chair in back and forth angles, making it easier to lay back while you take a short break from work.

Sihoo ergonomic executive chair is retailing at $150 from Linear Furnishing.

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FortyTwo Dexter Office Chair, $153

If you find yourself particularly drawn to wooden elements in the furniture like I do, then you will appreciate having the Dexter office chair in your home office. 

Constructed with an elegantly curved plywood frame along with black leather upholstered cushioned seat, the Dexter office chair set on swivel chrome plated legs looks captivating from any angle.

FortyTwo Dexter office chair is available at $153 from FortyTwo. 

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Nitori N Shield Desk Chair, $199

Looking for a fun vintage-style desk chair to complete your study? 

This dark brown desk chair by Nitori is made of N Shield, a high-performance synthetic leather that is scratch resistant and highly durable. As the seat comes with S spring and 4 layered foam, you will be assured of the comfort that you will get. Additionally, this desk chair has a rocking function that you can enjoy while being hard at work.

Nitori N Shield desk chair is retailing at $199 from Nitori.

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Fanski Executive Office Chair, $206

Built with a chic combination of rattan and PU leather materials, the Fanski executive office chair is in the vintage retro, yet modern boho design style. As it comes with padded seats and armrests, you can have the comfort you need while hustling.

Choose from the gorgeous colour selections of yellow, brown, or green for your PU oil wax leather seats.

Fanski executive office chair is available at $206 on Linear Furnishing.

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FortyTwo Eallison Study Chair, $209

The latest trendy material, the white boucle fabric has made its way to a study chair. Otherwise known as loop yarn, boucle fabric features a soft and pleasant touch, while being breathable and durable. 

You get a padded backrest, seat, and armrests on the Eallison study chair, with clever pockets at both sides of the armrests to conveniently stow a name card or two.

FortyTwo Eallison study chair is on sale at $209 from FortyTwo.

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IKEA FJÄLLBERGET Conference Chair, $329

An office chair made of white stained oak veneer and Gunnared beige seat, the FJÄLLBERGET conference chair is the perfect embodiment of a Scandi-chic style. If you are one that prefers darker tones, the chair is also available in black stained ash veneer with dark grey seat too. 

As this chair comes with a 10-year guarantee from IKEA, you can be assured of getting your money’s worth for the long term.

IKEA FJÄLLBERGET conference chair is retailing at $329 from IKEA.

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IKEA ALEFJÄLL Office Chair, $389

Plush comfy padded seat upholstered in breathable and soft full-grain leather, the ALEFJÄLL office chair is ergonomically designed with a well-shaped backrest that features adjustable lumbar support that enables you to adapt the chair to your body easily. 

This office chair is suitable for business use, which means you will have no problem with long hours working in this chair. You can choose from the lovely warm neutral colours of beige or golden brown.

IKEA ALEFJÄLL office chair is available at $389 from IKEA.

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Loft Home Wings Bent Plate Study Chair, $1,069

A study chair with armrests like no other, the design of the Wings study chair by Loft Home is made with Chinese myths and legends of phoenix feathers in mind. The unique yet flexible armrest design adds to the playfulness and gives an illusion of flying since they are shaped like wings.

Loft Home Wings bent plate study chair is retailing at $1,069 from Loft Home.

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Crate & Barrel Libby Desk Chair, $1,499

Uniquely framed in solid nettlewood with an ebony finish, the Libby desk chair comes in a distinctive design of clean lines and crisp angles, along with natural cane on the gently curved back.

On the seat, you can find a slim cushion in linen-blend fabric to give you comfort while keeping the chair ever so chic-looking.

Libby desk chair is available at $1,499 from Crate & Barrel.

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