You will hear me saying “Hey Google, turn on the lamp” every night when I try to put my newborn to sleep. Having a smart bedside lamp is absolutely essential for my family’s night time routine now, especially when my hands are always full from carrying my baby. 

The idea behind getting a smart lamp is also to create the ambience you like, as you will also get to control the brightness and set the colour temperature easily from an app. If you love decorating your home, you will know how adding a chic table lamp can also elevate the space instantly.

10 Best Smart Lamps

We have consolidated 10 best smart lamps that are affordable and multifunctional under $100. They provide more than just mood lighting, but also enable wireless charging and come with built-in speakers too.

Smart lampsPrice
IUIGA Cloud Voice Sensitive Lamp$15.90
Outsmart Smart LED Strip$26.90
Emoi Wireless Charging Desk Lamp$31
Emoi Mini Smart Lamp Speaker$36
Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2$46.90
Yoamstiny LED Bedside Lamp with USB Charging$48.99
Ezvalo 4-in-1 Music Bedside Lamp with Charger$60.24
Yeelight Candela Lamp$69.90
Ezvalo 7-in-1 Alarm Clock with Wireless Charger & Night Light$88.33
IKEA BETTORP LED Mobile Lamp with Wireless Charging$99

IUIGA Cloud Voice Sensitive Lamp, $15.90

Adorably shaped like clouds, this cloud lamp is the perfect night light for your child’s room with its built-in sound sensor that turns on upon the detection of voice or sound. Children do not have to fumble around to get to the light switch. 

As it is rechargeable with a 450mAh battery capacity, your child can carry it to the toilet to answer nature’s calls conveniently.

IUIGA Cloud voice sensitive lamp is retailing at $15.90 from IUIGA.

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Outsmart Smart LED Strip, $26.90

If you are on IG or TikTok, then you will probably familiar with how amazing LED light strips are in a bedroom transformation. LED lights are versatile and functional in toilets and kitchens too. I had lots of fun installing LED lights in my little sanctuary, where I pasted it at the back of my wardrobe to create an alternative light source, since regular ceiling lamps are just not serving the vibe that I wanted in my bedroom then.

You can choose from the different lengths of LED strips from 2 meters, 5 meteres, and 10 meters, then sync them on an app for the smart controls we love, you will even get a physical remote control too.

Outsmart smart LED strip is available from $26.90 from Shopee.

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Emoi Wireless Charging Desk Lamp, $31

Wireless charging and a lovely night lamp are all you need right beside your bed. Minimally designed with maximum functionality, you can find the night lamp shaped like a tiny tree giving off a nice warm glow. 

Plug it in and you get to charge your device wirelessly, simple as that.

Emoi wireless charging desk lamp is on sale at $31 from Oculus Living.

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Emoi Mini Smart Lamp Speaker, $36

Big on beats? How about having a smart lamp speaker that allows you to play your favourite tunes in the evening over a nice glass of champagne? 

The Emoi mini smart lamp speaker comes with button controls for easy accessibility. It is also compactly sized maximising its portability, where you can bring it for a romantic outdoor date easily

Emoi mini smart lamp speaker is on sale at $36 from Oculus Living.

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Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2, $46.90

Known for its affordable, chic, and quality products, Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp comes with smart features where you can control the lamp and change the colour temperature or the brightness via the touch buttons, the official app, or even simply by your voice. 

The main highlight feature of the smart bedside lamp for me is its alarm function that mimics the soft and gentle morning sun, waking you up naturally. 

Xiaomi Mijia bedside lamp 2 is retailing at $46.90 from Shopee.

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Yoamstiny LED Bedside Lamp with USB Charging, $48.99

As one of the most biodegradable and sustainable materials, a linen fabric lampshade diffuses and softens the light, creating a warm and comfortable glow. The user-friendly wooden base is built with dimmable touch control functions where you can easily tap anywhere on the surface to adjust the brightness.

Furthermore, you get 2 USB charging ports that you can use, regardless if the lamp is switched on or off.

Yoamstiny LED bedside lamp with USB charging is on sale at $48.99 from Amazon.

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Ezvalo 4-in-1 Music Bedside Lamp with Charger, $60.24

Do you know that using your blue light-emitting devices in the dark requires extra energy and can potentially cause eye damage? 

The Ezvalo bedside lamp helps by providing light, it also comes with reclining features for the phone holder, allowing you to set your phone down at a comfortable viewing angle as you wish. Furthermore, you also get to enjoy the portable Bluetooth speaker and wireless charging features too.

Ezvalo 4-in-1 music bedside lamp with charger is on sale at $60.24 from Ezvalo.

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Yeelight Candela Lamp, $69.90

Nothing beats having a lovely warm glow from a lit candle, but if you have pets or children at home, then perhaps burning a candle is not the best idea. 

However, you can always opt for flameless candles, like the Yeelight Candela lamp which is an excellent candle-shaped table lamp for up to 8 hours of continuous use with a single charge. Pair it seamlessly with more Candela lamps as the BLE technology enables a group control function for a fuss-free setup.

Yeelight Candela lamp is retailing at $69.90 from FortyTwo.

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Ezvalo 7-in-1 Alarm Clock with Wireless Charger & Night Light, $88.33

Call me old school, but tuning in to the radio station the first thing I wake up to catch my favourite DJs’ morning show to start my day has been a routine for me. The 7-in-1 Ezvalo Cassini alarm clock offers more than just FM radio and its portable speaker function, as it also comes with a digital clock display that will be extra helpful when you wake up in the middle of the night. 

The soft glow at the bottom provides you with just the right amount of light you need at night, without it being too glaring. You will also be spoilt by the charging capabilities where you get wireless charging and 2 additional charging ports too.

Ezvalo 7-in-1 alarm clock with wireless charger & night light is on sale at $88.33 from Ezvalo.

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IKEA BETTORP LED Mobile Lamp with Wireless Charging, $99

Beautifully designed with functionality in mind, the IKEA BETTORP LED lamp is portable and provides a pleasant source of light wherever it is required. If you are still unconvinced about LED light bulbs, know that traditional bulbs use 85 percent more energy and they are less durable for long term use.

It comes as a set along with a wireless charging panel with 2 spots for charging, enough to charge the lamp and your smartphone simultaneously.

IKEA BETTORP LED mobile lamp with wireless charging is retailing at $99 from IKEA.

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