For my smart home, I got a smart recliner sofa and needed other furniture pieces to work smart and doubly hard as multifunctional pieces. Side tables are great when placed next to sofas, and they can be moved around to double up as nightstand next to your bed, too.

Smart side tables

You don’t have to be a smart home enthusiast to own one of these smart side tables. The smart features that come with these side tables range from USB ports, wireless charging, to integrated bluetooth speaker, lamp, and air purifier. Honestly, these multi-functional smart side tables are a small home or minimalist homeowner’s dream.

11 Best Smart Side Tables

Some of the most well-known smart side tables include Sobro and Koble. However, both of these famous smart side tables run up to $600 or over $1,000 easily. Here, the 11 best smart side tables that are much more affordable and can fit right into your living room and bedrooms.

Smart side tablePriceKey features
Etona Side Table$1292 USB charging ports
Ciconia Sound Table$139.90Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging, in-built 8800 mAh rechargeable battery
Elenan Wireless Charging Bedside Table$199Qi wireless charging
Bluetooth Speaker Iuiga Side Table$269Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging, in-built 2500 mAh rechargeable battery
Sofia Side Table$279Bluetooth speakers, 1 USB charging port, wireless charging
Starkvind Table$319Air purifier
Wyatt Multimedia Side Table$330Wireless charging and USB charging, as well as 4 bluetooth speakers.
Collar Side Table$3492 USB charging ports
Gloia Solid Wood Night Stand$4092 USB charging ports
Diva Smart Side Table$499Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging, 1 USB charging port, in-built night lamp
LG PuriCare™ AeroFurniture$499Air purifier, wireless charging, app-controlled ambient lighting

Etona Side Table, $129

A quick glance at this commonplace-looking wooden side table and you would never imagine it has two USB charging ports located at the back, conveniently positioned to charge your phone and power up a USB night light. This is a bedside table by Nitori, designed with an ideal height for you to place your spectacles, water, and phone while laying in bed.

With its shelves and storage drawer, you can easily stow away your knick knacks and keep your space tidy and organised.

Key features: 2 USB charging ports, 1 storage drawer, and 2 open shelves.

Etona Side Table is retailing at $129 and comes in wooden tones of white, light brown, and middle brown on Nitori.

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Ciconia Sound Table, $139.90

Constructed in light colours of whitewood and grey, the Cionia Sound Table will fit right into your modern Scandinavian home for it comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and a wireless charging surface. 

It is lightweight and very portable at 3.5kg, and is built with 8800 mAh of rechargeable power (up to 20 hours of listening time).

Key features: Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging, in-built 8800 mAh rechargeable battery

Ciconia Sound Table is priced at $139.90 on Montaro.

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Elenan Wireless Charging Bedside Table, $199

Shaped like a standard nightstand, this bedside table comes in a warm, dark walnut wooden tone for a cosy bedroom. The two large drawers are spacious enough to house all of the skincare essentials that you need before bed. 

Let’s not forget the Qi wireless charging spot installed in the middle of the tabletop surface. If you’re concerned about radiation, there is a 5 mm charging sensor that blinks so you’ll know if charging is in progress.

Key features: Qi wireless charging, 2 spacious drawers.

Elenan Wireless Charging Bedside Table is retailing at $199 and comes in burlywood and walnut wood on Addin.

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Bluetooth Speaker Iuiga Side Table, $269

Equipped with a 360° surround sound bluetooth speaker and wireless charger, this Iuiga portable side table runs on a rechargeable 2500 mAh lithium battery. Fully charge up your bluetooth speaker side table, bring it around the house, and you can use it for up to three hours.

The beautifully rounded triangular design comes in black or white, and will sit well in Japandi and modern houses. For the Feng Shui aficionados, this side table will be a cool addition since it doesn’t have any sharp edges. There’s also a removable tray to stow your snacks and drinks safely.

Key features: Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging, in-built 2500 mAh rechargeable battery, and removable tray

Bluetooth Speaker Side Table is retailing at $269, and comes in 2 colours white and black on Iuiga.

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Sofia Side Table, $279

If you love yourself some mid-century modern furniture, this classy Sofa side table in a darker wood tone, brass details, and sleek black carbon steel legs will be up your alley. A quick swivel motion on the removable grey lacquered lid unveils a hidden storage compartment where a wireless charging pad is.

You’ll find two bluetooth speakers are neatly tucked at bottom of the storage compartment, and a USB port located next to the power cable at the back.

Key features: Bluetooth speakers, 1 USB charging port, wireless charging, hidden storage compartment.

Sofia Side Table is priced at $279 on Loft Home.

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Starkvind Table, $319

Last year, IKEA launched a series of new air purifiers that looked nothing like the regular chunky home air purifiers. The Starkvind side table is 2-in-1 air purifier and side table – designed to improve air quality, ideal for the pandemic-turned-endemic season that we are in. 

As the air purifier is pretty quiet at a lower fan speed, you can even have the Starkvind table next to your bed to fully maximise the functions of a bedside table that you can have without taking up more space.

Key feature: Air purifier

Starkvind Table is retailing at $319, and comes with stained oak veneer in white or dark brown from Ikea.

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Wyatt Multimedia Side Table, $330

This wireless charging wooden side table comes with tapered wooden legs, and four powerful bluetooth speakers carefully integrated beneath the grey fabric. The Wyatt multimedia side table looks very much like the other smart side tables in this list, and shares similar bluetooth speaker and charging capabilities too.

What’s great is that Wyatt side table comes in two wooden colours: dark walnut and natural oak, and a light and airy light natural oak.

Key features: Wireless charging and USB charging, as well as 4 bluetooth speakers.

Wyatt Multimedia Side Table is priced at $330, and comes in dark walnut and natural oak wooden tones on Urban Mood.

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Collar Side Table, $349.00

For the quirky and whimsical living room, this Collar side table will definitely match your upbeat and eclectic energy. You get to choose from 20 interesting Italian anti-fouling and fireproof fabric shades to match your living room theme.

As the name suggests, the collar side table’s design comes from its eccentric inspiration of vests and blazers. You will find two USB charging ports on the side of the table, and a multi-use white powder-coated tabletop.

Key features: 2 USB charging ports, 21 coloured fabric selections, powder-coated tabletop,

Collar Side Table is selling at $349, and comes in 21 colour selections on Loft Home.

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Gloia Solid Wood Night Stand, $409

Vintage and retro furniture has been making a comeback in these days, and solid wood is a material that never seems to go out of style. Gloia is fully decked in a dark walnut rubberwood with both hidden and open storage options. Its sizeable drawer compartment comes with a slim cubby hole to stow your nightly reads.

There’s also a push-out USB hub with two charging ports located discretely by the side. This is a true blue vintage-modern glam nightstand for a modern home.

Key features: 2 USB charging ports, as well as open and closed storage options.

Gloria Solid Wood Night Stand is retailing at $409 on Cozymatic.

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Diva Smart Side Table, $499 

The Diva smart side table is a charming, functional, and smart side table. Thoughtfully designed with form and function in mind, Diva comes in a warm matte wood finish and tapered rose gold legs. Unlike other smart side tables in this list, this Diva side table comes with an in-built night lamp on top of the usual smart Bluetooth speaker control panel, single USB charging port, and wireless charging pad.

The compact Diva side table will fit into any cozy corner in your living room, study room, and bedroom setup.

Key features: Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging, 1 USB charging port, in-built night lamp

Diva Smart Side Table is priced at $499 on Futuristic Home.

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LG PuriCare AeroFurniture, $499

You can’t miss this vibrant and stylish chic looking side table. It is the latest unique innovation by LG, a contemporary table air purifier with wireless charging and ambient mood lighting that you can control easily via an app. If red is not your favourite colour, you can also opt for the table purifier in yellow or white too.

The LG PuriCare AeroFurniture has a HEPA filter all around that can eliminate bacteria and ultrafine dust particles too. The multi-stage filtration system is a powerhouse as it combines various filters for dust and comes with deodorisation too.

LG PuriCare AeroFurniture is retailing at $499 from LG.

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