In my family we do not have the habit of sleeping with air conditioning at night, we are looking to get additional standing fans for both day and night time to place at the various corners around our house without a good wind flow.

The service yard, bomb shelter, as well as my child’s lower deck bed, are the areas where we will need help with getting more cooling wind going.

Considerations in a standing fan

The things that I will be looking out for in a standing fan will be to have a stable base, so as to reduce the risk of a falling fan. In the open areas where my child is free to access, it is best for the standing fan to come without any blades.

Having a remote control for our standing fan will enable us to pair it with our smart home. A slim and compact standing fan is also essential since we are living in a small home.

10 Best Standing Fans

Here are the 10 best standing fans with bladeless stylish designs, multifunctional air purification, sterilisation, and lamp features, where they come in handy to provide air circulation at places where a ceiling fan cannot get to, or when a ceiling fan installation

Standing fansPrice
Mistral 16″ Stand Fan with Remote MSF1679R$60
Sona Antique Stand Fan SAF 6080$85
Bestar Ion PureAir Leafless Fan F8$135.90
EuropAce 14” Jet Turbine Tatami Fan Wood EJF 7142Y$149
Daewoo F30 Air Circulating Fan and Light$239.90
Xiaomi Mijia Leshow Smart Bladeless Standing Fan$223.68
Vornado 602 Air Circulator$206
Mistral MAC2300R Detachable Air Cooler with Steriliser 25L$248
Mistral Blade Free Fan with Air Purifier MBFAP500$355
EuropAce Dual Wings Air Purifying Bladeless Fan – EBF Z1$449

Mistral 16″ Stand Fan with Remote MSF1679R, $60

Adjustable height, a 7-blades fan design, with a stable base, are just some of the features of the Mistral MSF1679R fan. If you want excellent wind speed, then you cannot go wrong with the conventional circular fan design, especially when there are a total of 7 blades that helps with generating more wind.

The key selling feature for me has to be the external remote control that allows you to control the fan from a distance so that you do not ever have to walk to the fan just to turn it off anymore.

Mistral 16” stand fan with remote MSF1655R is retailing at $60 at Amazon.

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vintage retro brown copper standing fan

Sona Antique Stand Fan SAF 6080, $85

Stay cool and chic with this antique-inspired stand fan by Sona, constructed with a brown copper finish cast metal for vintage and retro vibes. Beyond its stylish appearance, this stand fan is equipped with a handy adjustable height feature, as it is made up of a telescoping neck piece. Other fan features also include a three-speed motor, non-slip base, as well as oscillation capabilities.

Sona antique stand fan SAF 6080 is retailing for $85 at Shopee, Lazada and Amazon.

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Bestar Ion PureAir Leafless Fan F8, $135.90

Does this look like an oversized microphone? This bladeless fan by Bestar may come with a familiar modern sleek design, but it is built with an added tilted function to better direct wind flow accordingly. 

The Bestar leafless fan F8 has controls located on the base, where you can conveniently press with your foot, or you are also able to make use of the remote control too. As the name suggests, the fan also comes with an ioniser function as well.

Bestar ion pureair leafless fan F8 is retailing at $135.90 from Lazada and Shopee.

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EuropAce 14” Jet Turbine Tatami Fan Wood EJF 7142Y, $149

If you find comfort in wooden elements as I do, then you would be glad to know that I found another fan in a wooden pattern design too. A slightly smaller 14” sized fan by EuropAce is perfect to use as both a table fan and a standing fan, as it comes with a height-adjustable design. 

It comes with a jet turbine and 7 fan blades with up to 6-speed settings to ensure effective and strong airflow. As the fan blades are detachable, you will have no problem cleaning the dust away.

EuropAce 14” jet turbine tatami fan wood EJF 7142Y is retailing at $149 from Lazada and Shopee.

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Daewoo F30 Air Circulating Fan and Light, $239.90

An innovative standing fan that integrates the design of a floor lamp, the multifunctional Daewoo F30 is truly impressive. The one-button storm mode features superb air circulation that provides strong and long wind distance and speed. In addition, the Daewoo F30 also comes with sterilisation and purification that benefits all households.

The innovative design does not stop there, as the fan is able to rotate in three-dimensional vertical angles up to 90 degrees that go above and beyond the regular horizontal angles. When the fan is upright at 90 degrees, it is at the ideal angle to activate the floor lamp.

The remote control is unlike others, as it has a backlit display that will be helpful for night use, it is just like what you will get with an air conditioner control. You can choose to upgrade to the F30 pro version which is built with upgraded motors, where you can select between black or white coloured fans.

Daewoo air circulating fan and light is on sale from $239.90 on Shopee.

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Vornado 602 Air Circulator, $206

Designed with a signature spiral grill and deep-pitched propeller, the Vornado 602 Air Circulator is able to blow the air up to 75 feet, while keeping the air in the room circulated aerodynamically at the same time. This sturdy fan is easy to assemble without the need for any tools, set it up quickly and get the wind blowing. Make full use of the height-adjustable functions to direct the wind accordingly.

Vornado 602 air circulator is available at $206 from Lazada and $229 from Shopee

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Xiaomi Mijia Leshow Smart Bladeless Standing Fan, $223.68

Meet the slimmest standing fan in this list, the Xiaomi Mijia Leshow smart fan is unlike the rest of the bladeless or tower fans with its unique single slim blade design. Standing slightly taller than the height of a regular dining table, this lightweight bladeless standing fan has a slim side profile of 23 cm, not including the width of the base. 

This smart standing fan can be activated with just a single button on the fan located at the base, and you also use the physical remote or the Mi Home app to control the fan from afar. It is an excellent child-friendly fan as it is bladeless and does not come with a lot of buttons for a child to mess around with.

Xiaomi Mijia Leshow smart bladeless standing fan is retailing at $223.68 from Shopee.

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Mistral MAC2300R Detachable Air Cooler with Steriliser 25L, $248

An air cooler would be a great alternative to look into if your house does not come with air conditioning installed. While it is not as effective as an air conditioner, the Mistral MAC2300R air cooler is able to lower temperature by 6 to 8 degrees C with the help of the 25L water tank for an extra cooling effect.

Most air coolers come with a regular louvre design, but this particular air cooler by Mistral is essentially an oversized box grilled fan that has regular vortex blades. Aside from the cooling properties, it also provides plasma sterilisation and a dust filter to ensure cool and fresh air all around.

With the auto-drying function activated, the cooling pad gets extra airflow to speed up the drying process. When it is not in use, the water tank can be detached and placed over the fan unit to save space.

Mistral MAC2300R detachable air cooler with steriliser 25L is on sale at $248 from Amazon and Shopee.

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Mistral Blade Free Fan with Air Purifier MBFAP500, $355

This chic bladeless fan design by Mistral adds to the modern and tech vibes, which would fit just right in a smart home or even goes well in an office setting. The blade-free design and HEPA filter are the two most important features to keep your child safe and cool. Additionally, you and your family can also benefit from the built-in ioniser and wide oscillation coverage.

The remote control is magnetic and it can be cleverly tucked away at the bottom. It also comes with a low emitting glow that will be useful as a night light, and prevent you from ever knocking into it. 

Mistral blade-free fan with air purifier MBFAP500 is available at $355 from Amazon and $369 from Lazada.

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EuropAce Dual Wings Air Purifying Bladeless Fan – EBF Z1, $364

It is safe to say that we will be having more innovative bladeless fans options available to us in the years to come, as here we have a dual wings version by EuropAce. The idea behind this fan is almost like having the power of 3 standing fans combined in 1, as the fan is built with up to 24 wind speeds in the three-way airflow duct that provides the most powerful airflow ever.

The HEPA filter comes in handy to ensure the well-being of children, when they will be around an environment with fresh and clean air. In addition to the powerful airflow, the EuropAce dual wings bladeless fan EBF Z1 has a first-of-its-kind design with multiple awards and it is also internationally patented.

EuropAce dual wings air purifying bladeless fan EBF Z1 is retailing at $364 from Amazon and $445.40 from Lazada and Shopee

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