With multiple generations living under the same roof, space and storage become prized real estate that everyone fights for.

With the right storage and home organisation solutions, you can easily maximise space for everyone in the family while being neat and tidy.

From kitchen and fridge spaces-savers to drawer tidies and storage boxes for adults and children to cut clutter, here are 11 stylish storage solutions that will not only look good as part of your home decor, but make organising and tidying up a delight.

Amazon Singapore 2 tier clear under sink storage shelf drawer

Under-Sink Organiser, $36.82

Don’t know what to do with the wasted space under your kitchen sink? Get one of these slide-out drawers that give you two tiers of usable space so you can easily reach for items on the back too. As it is made of sturdy acrylic material, it is clear and convenient to see everything you have at a glance.

2 Tier Clear Organizer with Dividers is priced at $36.82 from Amazon Singapore

Posprica Collapsible Storage Bin, $74.63

Constructed with linen and thick cardboard, these storage cubes slot perfectly into an Ikea Kallax shelf, and can be put together quickly or collapsed to fit your changing storage needs.

There are also many colour options, designs and sizes to choose from.

Posprica Collapsible Storage Bin (3 Pieces) is priced at $74.63 from Amazon Singapore

Calife Cable Management Box, $21.99

Wires, cords, power strips and surge protectors are unsightly things we have to deal with in our home offices. But this cable management box keeps them all in one place in a fire-resistant, heat-dispersive container safely away from pets and children alike.

Calife Cable Management Box is priced at $21.99 from Amazon Singapore

Houze Disney Chip & Dale Click Box, $12.90

Besides having an adorable Chip and Dale and kueh patterns printed across them, these clear stackable boxes can be used to house small children’s toys and stationery as well as teach your young ones home organisation skills with item-specific storage.

Houze Disney Chip & Dale Local Kueh Click Box 4L is priced at $12.90 from Amazon Singapore

Muji Deep Storage Case, $14.64

Muji’s stackable storage boxes can come in many sizes and can be used to stash away anything from winter clothing and precious keepsakes to baby and pet toys and products. The translucent plastic also makes it easy to both visually identify the contents within and clean the exterior.

Muji Polypropylene Deep Storage Case is priced at $14.64

Roninkier Clear Lazy-Susan, $37.17

Besides using these lazy susan turntables to organise your beauty space, you can also use them to compartmentalise jars and sauces in the fridge, cabinets, kitchen counters and tabletops to make them more readily accessible.

Roninkier Clear Lazy-Susan Organiser with 3-Dividers is priced at $37.17 from Amazon Singapore

SpaceAid Spice Drawer Organiser with 28 Spice Jars, $75

Rather than having little bottles and packets of spices lying around with difficulty differentiating one from the other, keep them neatly sectioned with these spice jars and labels.

Label when you start using the spices as well so you know when to throw and replace them.

SpaceAid Spice Drawer Organiser with 28 Spice Jars is priced at $75 from Amazon

Umbra Estique Over-the-Door Hook Organiser, $39.80

Mounted on the wall or hung over a door using the attached, over-the-door hooks, these hooks are made with wooden balls to prevent snagging or pulling while offering many points to hang clothing of many kinds.

Umbra Estique Over-the-Door Multi Organiser is priced at $39.80 from Amazon Singapore

Coolbear 360 Rotating Makeup Organiser, $39

These 360-degree rotating makeup organisers went viral on TikTok for being able to display your skincare and beauty items easily and aesthetically while being totally functional and space-saving.

The height of the compartments can be tweaked with adjustable layers to hold anything from facial mists to lipsticks neatly.

Coolbear 360 Rotating Makeup Organiser is priced at $39 from Amazon Singapore

DCA 14 Pcs Clear Plastic Drawer Organiser, $24.99

Watch any home organising shows and you’ll notice that professional home organisers love these clear acrylic drawer organising trays.

These come in various dimensions and can be used in the beauty room, bedroom, kitchen, home office and more.

DCA 14 Pcs Clear Plastic Drawer Organiser is priced at $24.99 from Amazon Singapore

Zober Non-Slip Velvet Hangers, $34.99

The slim silhouette of these velvet hangers allow you to maximise space and hang more clothes in a small wardrobe. The velvet texture grips onto slippery, lightweight clothing such as camisoles and silk tops with ease.

These hangers are also constructed to be lightweight while holding up to a maximum weight of 4.5kg.

Zober Non-Slip Velvet Hangers is priced at $34.99 from Amazon Singapore

Luxear 2 Pack Adhesive Shower Caddy, $30.95

Don’t forget your bathroom. These shower caddy shelves don’t require drilling or glue as it comes with strong-hold nano PU glue.

The open grid design also doesn’t accumulate water that could otherwise foster mosquitoes, mould and mildew growth.

Luxear 2 Pack Adhesive Shower Caddy Basket Shelf with Hooks is priced at $30.95 from Amazon Singapore

This article first appeared in Singapore Women’s Weekly.

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