Starke Luxus Luxury Intelligent Toilet Bowl, $3,999

Remote controllable functions, anti-bacterial surfaces, and water conservation are some of the new features in the latest water closet (WC) technology.

In recent years, toilet bowl technologies have evolved, and today many of the best brands carry smart toilets and bidets that allow users to control various functions, such as adjusting the water temperature, flushing, and even opening and closing the lid using a remote control or smartphone app.

Anti-Bacteria Toilet Bowl

Hygiene is a priority among toilet bowl manufacturers, and new developments include antimicrobial ceramic surfaces, rimless designs, and improved flushing systems. Also available are more products with dual flush systems that allow the user to choose between a full flush or reduced flush to reduce overall water usage, and also products with adjustable position bidets and seat heights.

Toilet Bowl with Odour Removal

One key innovation for toilet bowls is odour extraction which makes the user experience a much more pleasant one. “With the advancement of technology, the latest shower toilets are designed like art pieces, offering natural hygiene with water that is much softer and gentler than toilet paper, and that is also soothingly refreshing.

For example, while maximising the hygiene level in the bathroom, Duravit’s Starck also comes with HygieneGlaze with an antibacterial effectiveness of up to 99.9 percent,” says Jerome Toh, Area Manager for Duravit, Singapore.

Below, the ten best toilet bowls with all the latest technology in 2023.

10 Best Toilet Bowls in Singapore

Toilet BowlPrice
Starke Luxus Luxury Intelligent Toilet Bowl$3,999
Ceramica Globo Lalita€393
Duravit Sensowash Starck f Toilet$10,897
Duravit HygieneFlush, HygieneGlaze$211 to $2,040
Geberit Aquaclean$20,654
TECE Square Flush Plate$999
GROHE PureGuard, HygieneClean$129 to $463
Toto Toilet with ActiLight Technology$19,827
Toto Toilet with Tornado Flush$1,344
Toto Toilet with Cefiontect Glaze$1,1017
Starke Luxus Luxury Intelligent Toilet Bowl, $3,999

Starke Luxus Luxury Intelligent Toilet Bowl, $3,999

Imagine a toilet bowl that glows dimly and opens automatically as you enter the bathroom. As you take your seat, the toilet seat is warm. The bidet gently cleanses your skin with perfectly warm water, and a wave of  warm air chases to dry you off. As you step out of the bathroom, the lid closes automatically, the lights dim. 

Now, that’s a smart toilet bowl. If you’ve ever used a smart toilet bowl, you will probably never see and love your regular HDB Eco toilet bowl the same ever again. 

Designed and made in Germany, the Starke Luxus Luxury Intelligent Toilet Bowl is luxurious, completely made to measure, and fully smart – all for $3,999. Pretty neat, huh?

Starke Luxus Luxury Intelligent Toilet Bowl, $3,999

25 Smart Toilet Bowl Functions

This Starke toilet bowl comes with 25  smart functions, such as auto open/close, heated toilet seat, auto quiet flush, hydrotherapy, adjustable water temperature, adjustable drying wind temperature, night light, kick sensor flushing, and even auto power on/off to save electricity – basically an entire suite of functions that covers your toilet trip end-to-end that’s controlled by an LED display or remote control.

Now, the Starke toilet bowl fits all HDB, condo and landed home toilets. In fact, every toilet bowl is made upon order. So, after you place your order, a staff member will reach out to get the measurements of your toilet, pipes, etc.

Finally, installation of the entire toilet bowl comes at a fixed $300. If $3,999 is too much for you to shell out at once, there’s a wallet-friendly $749 deposit option so you can provision for later payments.

Pssst… use Home and Decor’s Starke promo code, H&D5, for an extra 5% discount upon checkout.

Starke Luxus Luxury Intelligent Toilet Bowl is priced at $3,999 and is available for viewing at Starke Singapore, #02-30 Beauty World Centre. WhatsApp 9073 9848 for appointments.

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Ceramica Globo Lalita, €393

If you’re looking for a minimalist toilet bowl in unusual and vibrant colours to match a colourful bathroom, a good choice is the Lalita range by Italian brand Ceramica Globo. Available in floor mounted and wall hung models, Ceramica Globo’s toilet bowls are available in more than a dozen earthy, matte colours that will complement most modern bathroom interiors. Made with durable ceramic and equipped with CLEANSTORM drainage technology, the Lalita also comes with a soft close toilet seat option.

Pictured above, Ceramica Globo’s Lalita toilet bowl set was nominated for the Salone del Mobile Milano, and does not have a listed price. Similar rimless Ceramica Globo ceramic wall hung toilet bowls cost €393 approximately.

Available at Bathroom Gallery

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Duravit Sensowash Starck f Toilet, $10,897

Iconic yet minimalist, Duravit’s SensoWash Starck f toilet-bidet combo offers customisability to suit five different user profiles. For example, the spray arm of the bidet can be adjusted to the right position and intensity for individual requirements. Operable via remote control, this smart toilet also includes functions such as the water and seat temperature that can be configured using the app.

Available at Econflo for $10,897 (promo $5,288)

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Duravit HygieneFlush, HygieneGlaze, $211 to $2,040

Duravit offers a range of WCs equipped with HygieneFlush – an innovative flushing technology developed with an extremely powerful flushing flow without splashing, HygieneGlaze – an antibacterial ceramic glaze coating that keeps surfaces clean, and rimless design that enables dynamic and powerful flushing that rinses the entire inner surface of the bowl with efficient use of water. These technologies are available in Duravit’s Viu and White Tulip wall-mounted toilet and bidets.

Available at xtwostore for $211 to $2,040

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Geberit Aquaclean, $20,654

The top selling toilet-bidet combo in Europe, Geberit’s AquaClean Mera is equipped with WhirlSpray shower technology and the rimless WC ceramic appliance with TurboFlush technology. The AquaClean is available in two models – Mera Comfort and Mera Classic. The Classic model features an odour extraction unit and warm air dryer, while the Comfort model includes extra comfort functions such as WC seat ring heating, orientation light in various colours, and a touchless WC lid automatic function.

Available at Econflo Systems for $20,654

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TECE Square Flush Plate, $999

Stylish and luxurious, the TECE square flush plate has clean lines, and a flat, geometric design that is ideal for sleek, modern bathrooms. Available in stainless steel, glass, or chrome with a PVD coating in a variety of colours, this flush plate works especially well in bathrooms with luxury marble and stone surfaces. Its discreet, flush button offers dual-flush systems that deliver powerful flushing.

Available at Fullstop for $999 (promo $849)

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GROHE Ceramics, from $1,599

With GROHE PureGuard, HygieneClean Technology

Some of the newest technologies in Grohe’s WCs include PureGuard, which prevents dirt build-up, and HygieneClean, which prevents bacterial growth on the ceramics. Grohe’s rimless design also makes cleaning easier and prevents bacteria from hiding in hard-to-reach areas.

Some Grohe toilets, such as those from the Cube Ceramic, Essence, and EuroCeramics lines, are also installed with the Triple Vortex flushing system, which provides a silent yet powerful clean.

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Toto Toilet Bowl with ActiLight Technology, $19,827

Hygiene has always been a priority for Japanese WC brand TOTO. Their Actilight WCs come with photocatalytic glaze – a clean light technology that has the ability to naturally decompose waste. Actilight WCs are also equipped with Premist – a fine mist of water that sprays inside the toilet bowl, and a water conserving automatic flushing mechanism.

Available at W Atelier at $19,827

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Toto Toilet with Tornado Flush, $1,344

The Tornado Flush system by TOTO provide 360-degree cleaning by swirling and ejecting waste with every flush inside a rimless toilet bowl. And it does so quietly and by using less water too. Designed so the water flows in a hairpin curve, powerful streams wash even the deep crevices inside the bowl, where most waste accumulates, making it much easier to maintain a clean and sanitary toilet.

Toto Toilet Bowls with Tornado Flush cost approximately $1,344 from Lucky Khoon

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Toto Toilet with Cefiontect Glaze, $1,1017

TOTO’s Cefiontect is an ultrasmooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl to ensure no waste clings to the bowl. Cefiontect’s surface ridges – just one millionth of a millimetre – are much smaller than conventional ceramics, so there are no gaps for waste particles to hide in. Cefiontect is also extremely durable thanks to its special manufacturing process which includes the addition of a glass layer over the conventional glaze layer.

Since the glaze can be applied to most ceramics, you will find many of Toto’s toilet bowls coated with the Cefiontect ceramic glaze.

Available at W Atelier from $1,1017

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Floor vs Wall Mounted Toilet Bowl

When choosing a WC, consider the size of your bathroom and make sure it will fit comfortably without cramping the space. Decide if you want a traditional floor standing toilet or a wall mounted toilet. Jerome prefers wall-hung units because they help save floor space and are easier to clean as you won’t have to deal with mold between the floor and toilet bowl.

Wall Mounted Toilet Bowls: More space saving

“It also allows you to include shelving above the wall behind the WC,” says Jerome. “Depending on the size of the bathroom, a 540mm projection from the wall allows a good comfort level for a user. With limited space, you can also consider a shorter length of 480mm,” he says.

With a wall-hung toilet bowl, it should be complemented with an in-wall cistern or concealed cistern. If the WC is located beside the vanity or washbasin, choose a low height cistern with a top-push flush button. If the bathroom is huge, a tall in-wall cistern with front flush button will be the most ideal,” he adds.

Wall Mounted Toilet Bowl Disadvantages

However, wall-mounted toilets may require additional installation support, and are usually costlier than two-piece traditional floor-standing models, so keep your budget in mind when shopping.

It’s also important to consider your water usage, so look for toilets with a low flush rate and water-saving technology. You should also think about the overall style and design your bathroom and make sure that you pick a WC that fits in with the overall aesthetic of the space.

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