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Daiso is absolutely great for finding all sorts of adorable and affordable decorations and utilities for your home. With most items priced at $2.18, this brand is practically a household name, and a go-to for any home and accessory needs.

Unfortunately, not all Daiso outlets were made equal, and some have a wider selection of items than others. In fact, while visiting several outlets across Singapore, I noticed the variety of items sold were inconsistent even across stores of similar sizes.

5 Best Daiso in Singapore

So I’ve compiled a general list of observations from the Daiso stores I’ve visited, from the ones you should go out of your way to visit, to the ones you can skip over entirely. Do take note that these outlets are rated by and for homeware, so stationary, beauty products, and food are not taken into consideration.

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daiso imm entrance

Daiso @ IMM

Best Daiso in Singapore

If you’re planning to go on a Daiso haul, IMM in Jurong East is indisputably the best one to go to. The first Daiso flagship store in Singapore ever, it remains the largest Daiso in Singapore.

Most comprehensive Daiso outlet

It is stocked with everything that all Daiso outlets across Singapore offer, conveniently in a single store! It has 57 sections, which is more than double that of the average Daiso. It even has a Threeppy as large as regular stores, with everything you could possibly need among the labyrinth of shelves.

Though not everything is without its faults. IMM is located a short walk away from Jurong East MRT, so if you’re going car-lite, you might want to plan how to transport your spoils home. Also, if you’re shopping for specific items in mind, the sheer size of this shop may overwhelm you, and it’s likely a challenge to navigate among close to 60 sections.

Nonetheless, should you be getting a new set of everything, this Daiso is perfect for you. Other than the hurdles of transportation, it was relatively easy to find, even in the maze of IMM, and with dozens of other outlet stores around, you can refurbish your home entirely in a single outing.

Daiso @ IMM is located at 2 Jurong East Street 21, #03 – 50 IMM Building, Singapore 609601. Tel: 65669585. Click to here open Daiso @ IMM on Google Maps.

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Daiso @ Square 2

Best Daiso Outlet for Cute Items

If you want a home that exudes coquette aesthetic, this Daiso at Novena is should be the next one you visit. To find the cutest items, you’ll want to skip over the main store and head into Threeppy.

Best Daiso Threeppy

Threeppy items are priced over the standard of $2.18, but if you would just step foot into this outlet, you might find it worth the spend.

items available at threeppy novena
These sweet decor perfectly compliment each other, and there are many more shelves of other items such as stools, bags, mats, and blankets!

This Daiso has so many cute and frivolous things at this store that are perfect for a soft, doll-house type of vibe, coming in all shades of pastel, and especially pink. This outlet even has pearl clothes hangers and warm fuzzy blankets, something I never knew Daiso sold.

All Daisos have aesthetic items but this outlet takes the cake, offering a variety of items I haven’t seen in other outlets. It’s well worth a visit to amplify the vibes of your homeware.

Daiso @ Square 2 is located at 10 Sinaran Drive, #02-10/18 & 25-57, Novena Square 2, Singapore 307506. Tel: 62666102. Click here to open Daiso @ Square 2 on Google Maps.

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marina square daiso

Daiso @ Marina Square

Best for Storage Containers

Deceptively small at first glance, this Daiso has an impressive array of storage boxes. When you enter, head left into Threeppy, where there are storage containers of all sizes and designs. They come in various materials such as felt, wood, plastic, and metal wires.

Most Daisos have a large selection of organisers, but the collection at Marina Square has all the best styles in one place. That means you don’t have to scour the whole shop to decide which container to pick.

The storage boxes here are also come in larger sizes than in other stores, including up to laundry basket sized containers.

Additionally, if you’re looking for small storage containers for makeup or stationary, there is a wall within the main Daiso itself where all types of small containers are on display. It’s functional and easy for cross comparison, and most containers are made of clear plastic for the cute minimalist vibe.

Lacking in kitchen and gardening items

But for anything else other than storage, I’d have to say the selection at this Daiso is rather limited, not to mention a good portion of the outlet’s space was used up for the large storage boxes. Their array of kitchen utensils were lacking, and their gardening section were short of many essential things.

Nonetheless, maybe because this Daiso is smaller than usual, they really have to pick and choose the best things to display, ensuring that the tacky looking containers are not available. This makes choosing which storage box to get even simpler – the cutest ones have already been filtered out.

Daiso Marina Square is located at 6 Raffles Blvd, #03-111, Singapore 039594. Click here to open Daiso Marina Square on Google Maps.

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Daiso & Threeppy @ Clarke Quay Central

Best for Plates and Bowls

The first thing I noticed when I walked in this Clarke Quay Daiso was a huge shelf for colourful ceramic plates and bowls. It was an impressive collection, and extremely noteworthy. So, imagine my surprise when I walked further in to find another two shelves with patterned plates and decorated kitchenware.

This is only one of two sections dedicated to crockery in this Daiso outlet

They had all the basic crockery made of plastic and metal, but also a large selection of painted ones with illustrations on them. The choice of colours span from white and grey minimalist to warm pastels and multi-colour floral. There is certainly something for everyone here.

Other than their china, this Daiso outlet was relatively huge, and had a sizeable display of other items as well. It’s worth dropping by for anything else, like toys or stationary, but if you’re looking for kitchenware in particular, this Daiso is a must-visit.

Daiso & Threeppy @ Clarke Quay Central is located at 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #02-31 to 43 Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059817. Tel: 62232612. Click here to open Daiso & Threeppy @ Clarke Quay on Google Maps.

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plaza singapura daiso

Daiso and Threeppy @ Plaza Singapura

Best for Sanrio Character mats

This outlet at Plaza Sing was the only one that was stocked up with Sanrio character mats when I was Daiso-hopping for this article. I was aware that the ones at Orchard were sold out, and I did not see these available in the other stores I visited.

Other than these adorable mats, this Daiso is second to Novena in having the most stylish items in Threeppy. Upon entering, I was greeted by a whole wall of pastel-coloured ceramic plates (my personal favourite was the ice cream cone designed ice cream bowl).

There a also wide array of fancy jewellery boxes, wire-made items that you can match (such as bins or wine glass holders), and a whole shelf of fuzzy home slippers.

The rest of the standard products at this Daiso was average. The DIY wood section was abundant, but the gardening section lacked some larger pots, so the overall selection available at this outlet was nothing outstanding.

Daiso & Threeppy @ Plaza Singapura is located at 68 Orchard Rd, #05-01/02 03 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839. Tel: 68849210. Click here to open Daiso & Threeppy @ Plaza Singapura on Google Maps.

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Daiso Singapore Outlets not worth visiting

Not to say that these Daiso stores aren’t good – they just don’t have anything special that warrants a special visit, unlike the ones above. But if you live close by, all Daiso outlets have standard products that are functional, if a little plain.

orchard daiso

Daiso @ Ion Orchard

This might be a controversial opinion, but this Daiso is not worth visiting (for homeware items). The store was relatively big, but the regular home decorations items all had limited selections, and were often lacking in design.

Located in the central area, I assume this outlet wanted to focus on selling more useful items to the customer demographic, focusing instead on providing a large variety of travel items instead.

Daiso @ Ion Orchard is located at 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-47 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801. Tel: 66347801. Click here to open Daiso @ Ion Orchard on Google Maps.

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Daiso @ Bugis Junction

Much like Daiso Orchard, this outlet lacked in the homeware department, despite being of an average size. There’s a good variety of wooden planks and mason jars in my opinion, but as for other home-related items, the choices remain lackluster.

Daiso @ Bugis Junction is located at 200 Victoria St, #03-01, 27-28 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021. Tel: 62595112. Click here to open Daiso @ Bugis Junction on Google Maps.

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tiong bahru daiso

Daiso @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

This was one of the smallest Daiso outlets I visited, and it had all the basic necessities you’d expect to find at the Daiso. It had a decent range of products for its size, such as multiple shelves for kitchenware, storage containers, and even large gardening pots despite its lack of space.

Most stuff, however, can be found in all other Daiso outlets, so if you don’t live close by, there’s no need to come down for a visit.

The designs for plates, pillows, mats, and most other things, were plain and unappealing, coming only in solid colours, often black or white. Though if you don’t mind how things look, this is a perfectly standard Daiso outlet to visit.

Daiso @ Tiong Bahru Plaza is located at 302 Tiong Bahru Rd, #02-117, Singapore 168732. Tel: 62582760. Click here to open Daiso @ Tiong Bahru Plaza on Google Maps.

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Daiso @ Alexandra Retail Centre

Right next to Labrador Park MRT, this outlet had a decently large collection of everything, especially considering its smaller size. Nonetheless, none of the items on sale were very eye-catching, though I must say they have a wide variety of functional items.

It has a sizeable stock of regular items one might need at home – containers, cutlery and crockery, pillows, mats, hangers, etc. – but falls short in terms of design. It doesn’t seem worth it to make a trip all the way down to this particular outlet, especially since there’s a larger store one nearby at Vivo City.

Daiso @ Alexandra Retail Centre is located at 460 Alexandra Rd, #01-23 ARC (Alexandra Retail Centre, Singapore 119963. Tel: 62543188. Click here to open Daiso @ Alexandra Retail Centre on Google Maps.

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capitol mall daiso

Daiso & Threeppy @ Capitol Piazza

This Daiso has a Threeppy too, but all the items were pretty standard. It’s deep within Capitol Mall, and based on how empty it was even during lunch hour, I would think not many people know it exists.

It’s a good outlet if you like shopping in peace, but if you’re looking variety and best buys, the selection of items here might not meet you expectations.

Daiso & Threeppy @ Capitol Piazza is located at 13 Stamford Rd, B1-22/27 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905. Tel: 63420288. Click here to open Daiso and Threeppy @ Capitol Piazza on Google Maps.

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